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Pullen Island


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Pullen Island is a small, uninhabited island located off the coast of Newfoundland in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The island is known for its bird populations, its rocky coast, and its isolation.

It has been designated as a bird sanctuary by the government of Newfoundland and Labrador, and is home to a variety of seabirds, including puffins, murres, and gulls.

The island is also home to a population of Acadian white-tailed deer, which have been introduced there by humans.

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Pullen Island



Pullen Island was first discovered by Europeans in the early 17th century, and was named after Thomas Pullen, a British naval officer.

The island remained uninhabited until the late 1800s, when fishermen began to venture there for subsistence purposes. In 1938, a cabin was built on the island as part of an effort by Newfoundland ranger Harvey Riddell to attract more tourists to the province.

The island remained relatively unchanged until 1971, when a local man built a small cabin with permission from Newfoundland and Labrador. However, an earthquake in 1976 caused major damage to the building due to shifting rocks under it.



The climate on Pullen Island is cold and temperate. The island experiences a significant amount of rainfall, which helps to sustain the vegetation that exists there.

In 2017, Conservation Minister David Vyborny announced plans to designate the island as a birds of conservation concern and also announce a “pest management plan” for the murres on Pullen Island.

The announcement was seen by local media as something that could have an impact beyond its relatively small population.

Pullen Island has only been opened briefly from habitation over time in order to allow scientists to study bird populations there, who would otherwise depend on birds from other colonies across the northeast Atlantic.

This work questions how so few individuals can survive in such a small area away from mainland populations, and raises questions about the impacts of fishing activity along with land-use decisions that restrict bird numbers elsewhere.



Today there is no permanent population on Pullen Island, and it has been used for research purposes only. As such, the culture of the island is largely unknown.

However, it is possible that aspects of maritime culture may be perpetuated by those who visit frequently enough to maintain some traditions. The island is visited by a few small boat owners including stays from people who live in Fall Brook.

The aforementioned fisheries workers on the mainland crew at least one of the larger fishing boats that leave for other areas during summer to catch different species, and return with fish early enough to look down on Pullen Island as they head back out through Markland Passage in their absence.



Pullen Island is not a part of any municipality, and so its governance and management falls under the auspices of Conservation Canada.

The “Outer Boardwalk” sits slightly outside of the island’s borders, marking its furthest point from mainland Nova Scotia. Outside of this unofficial boardwalk is a small park and parking area that reflects aspects of water culture with tidiness and picnic tables set up alongside rocks used in tidal traffic.

The Outer Boardwalk also contains some wooden walk-ways over shallow waters between homes on adjacent islands (though these have not been maintained for as long).

Government Services

Government Services

There is no postal service on Pullen Island, and the only access to mainland Nova Scotia is through a small harbour at its easternmost point.

RN Drilling Limited provides some services for island residents including an emergency hotline and limited mail service which would provide limited access to email or phone calls from mainland Nova Scotia.

Services such as these are not available 24-7 in case of emergencies, necessitating alerts sent out by residents about what needs attention on the island.


Pullen Island Tourism

There is no specific tourism industry on Pullen Island, but visitors are typically those who spontaneously decide to take a drive by and stop for a picnic.

It can be difficult to find parking on the island, especially during busy summer weekends when people from mainland Nova Scotia come for day trips.

Accessible only by boat on certain days, it can be difficult to plan a trip that allows residents or visitors time in the water.


Pullen Island Wildlife tiger

While there is not much wildlife currently present on Pullen Island, the island’s location near some protected land means its shoreline serves as tiger shark habitat (among others) and may support local species such as dolphins for years to come.

The barrier islands at times serve fish-rearing habitat for marine turtles and mammals such as harbour seals and pinnipeds.


Pullen Island Transport

There is no road directly to Pullen Island. Instead, it can be reached by boat only from its easternmost point at Rich Point.

This means that if an island resident needs to leave the island for any reason whatsoever (apart from certain emergencies which require immediate attention) and access a vehicle on land in order for them to return, they have little choice but to charter a private water craft or venture out through some dangerous high tide waters used as surf beaches.

Aside from the possibility of the road being closed during periods of high weather, there is no reason anyone would need to leave Pullen Island for anything except one more fully-stocked meal on a given evening or time with loved ones and family members.


Pullen Island is a small island located in the St. Lawrence River between Montreal and Quebec City, Canada.

The island is a popular tourist destination because it offers beautiful views of both the river and the cityscape. The island is also well known for its deer, which are common to see throughout the year.


1.What Is Pullen Island’s Population Like?

Ans: There are no official estimates, but it is estimated that the island’s population ranges from 25 to 50 people.

2.Who Owns Pullen Island?

Ans: The island belongs to the provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador, which has designated it as a nature reserve and bird sanctuary.

There are occasional visits by researchers or tourists, but most visitors come for nature hikes or deer-hunting opportunities.

3.How Does One Get To Pullen Island?

Ans: There is a ferry that runs between the island and the mainland, but it only operates once or twice per week during high season (in June – August).

The journey takes around 40-60 minutes. Visiting on another day can therefore be quite cumbersome unless you have time to spare! There is no air travel available as of 2015 so all visitors must come by boat from either Montreal or Quebec City.

4.How Many People Live On The Island?

Ans: Initially there were no inhabitants, only a caretaker was seen during visits to the island in 1980’s and 1990’s.

Since then, some families settled on Pullen Island for nature-based tourism such as hunting and fishing , but have also repopulated it with deer from various parts of Newfoundland like Springdale (west coast) because they prefer not to roam through the rugged terrain of the island.

5.Is It Safe To Visit Pullen Island?

Ans: Pullen Island required a significant level of security before being opened to visitors, including 24-hour watches and frequent checkpoints on roads accessing and leaving the island (elevated fences are also installed along many areas).

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