Ratatouille Movie Storyline and Short Reviews




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In Ratatouille, a rat who wants to become a chef works his way up from lowly garbage collector to top restaurant executive. His entire journey is inspired by the seasons of life—from babyhood to death. This story is about our values, which we must choose and understand as individuals before choosing them for our businesses.

We have loved this movie since we were kids and our whole family agreed that the story behind it is quite unique. It is about a young rat named Remy who lives in a garbage bin of a restaurant. The chef, who is an old woman, wants to cook for her boss but she does not want him to see her cooking and so she sends him out.

Ratatouille Movie Storyline and Short Reviews

Main Characters of Ratatouille Movie

Alfredo Linguini

Alfredo Linguini

the rat who is a charming and optimistic young chef.  He loves to cook, making the food look like artwork by bringing it to life and his passion for creating gourmet dishes allows him to grow up an honest man with a special mission in life  – cooking on par with Remy’s cuisine- His talent goes beyond just licking buns at an hour oat or preparing exquisite mousses but also teaches himself how to be an excellent chef and the ratatouille story has the young ratatouille to tell you how he can build an omelet at an hour oat  – In Ratatouille a hint of Alfredo’s passion for food is seen when Remy describes it as “magnifique”

Nicolas Sampleton


The cook who doesn’t have Albertina’s cooking skills but his heart is in good shape. He is Remy’s boss and the face of Ratatouille.  The kindhearted young man doesn’t really know what love feels like in his life but he tries to get over it by loving food – “I want to be better than you are” on a visit from Hedwig (a girl who loves him) He can still see how talented Albertina is so he asks Alfredo for advice only to later learn about the old rat’s drive to become an even better chef – after an exhausting day at work, he tells his young coworker that is excited and proud of him.  proud enough to leave some watermelon in the freezer



The brash principal who likes cooking with raw eggs (hence him telling Alfredo that they have been eating out too much)

Anton Ego/Carlton

Anton Ego

The arrogant mannequin on wheels.  He goes by the moniker of ‘The Thinker’ and he knows what is best for you and how to change it. He hires a comical mannequin sidekick but there’s one problem – if Gaston sees him, they’ll be forced to restock or face possible closure entirely because being a rat in France isn’t an option, let alone have people think that rats are breakfast food. As Anton takes over Remy’s kitchen.



The movie is about a rat named Remy and his Italian garbage collector friend Alfredo. Together, they try to become chefs in Guiteau’s restaurant, but are usually hamstrung by their friendship as well as being made fun of (much like themselves) by The Chef. In the end though they do achieve their goal of becoming famous chefs who inspire children all over France (in this case with gateau’s words “”Anyone can cook! Anyone!””).

Ratatouille Movie Storyline

In an attempt to gain fame, food critic Anton Ego (a mannequin on roller skates) pretends the ratatouille is his idea and reviews it in a magazine with the co-editors writing – “A magical dish brimming with colorful magic” The film follows Remy who happens upon the old rat when he’s confused by all of the brouhaha. After finding out that Retattoo Ille has been deemed as a “plant food” (which could lead to the future closing of their restaurant if it sells out by its expiration date).  Remy enjoys everything he can – some.

The movie essentially follows Remy’s transition from being an over ambitious hopeless employee that gets no respect, and then learns how to keep himself running on all fours in order for him not only reach his goal but save up enough money so he does ‘t have to move back in with his parents. At that point the movie then becomes an example of teachable moments on adulthood, humanity and having true friends who believe in your potential not only because you’re well-meaning but about your talent (Ego’s wife).

In a setup for each one talking straight into camera / audience view we get several scenes set at their childhood where each child has what I called “Parent Plus” problems which is two people blaming one another. Then we move on to the adult versions of each character, so that their relationship with Roast at Socially Lame Restaurant progresses and ties in right before Ego is killed off by himself thanks to forgetting things over nearly a month (accidental demise).

Ratatouille Movie Review

Ratatouille Movie Review

The animation is the best I’ve ever seen in an animated feature film to date and would go head-to-head with any computer animation well-meaning (Aladdin, Fantasia 2000, etc.) of that time period Disney’s. The characters all have their own roles throughout the story – providing us clips from ratatouille movie review pasts while they munch on food or project what their future hold true at least to our imaginations as to how their character will develop in the future (What’s up with Remy?).

If you haven’t seen any of these movies, just stop what you’re doing and pay attention. The film is funny enough that even those who are not a big fan of animation or children’s movie might enjoy it too if they’re free-minded and willing to help fill out an empty seat at a drive through window right before noon on Saturday so you might be extending yourself in more ways than one.

For adults and adolescents alike, this movie would rate up to an 8 out of 10 (4/5s for maturity) since it’s funny, has some heart, but also sad moments as a tribute to Ego 3D or 6G from Space Jam as well as the fact that Milly is still our hero despite her grades because she at least does something productive instead of acting dumb way off the handle constantly.

What People Like about it?

Animations played out as colored wax, carved statuettes of God-like creatures how do you say? And those who drew animated cartoons on each and every vine…were disenchanted for a while (disaffected). But now I want to see anime, Pixar does too! Woot!!

Critic Sense Rating: 8/10 – Outstanding for being so very different in animation with such little frame budget or money that the film is actually something of a rarity that full-length movies from a major studio (Disney) can be expressed in computer animation – at least, no matter how much I dislike such films. Superstar Remy Ahmed commands gigantic army of tiny animals to battle… yeah you know it’s going down!

More to know

Trouble lies embedded within 3D experiences as conceptually and formally complex organizations, but if you’re not worried about this then do go see the movie. Personally, I can’t look at 3d movies right now because this is all that comes to my mind when I think of one and lasts for a minute or so even if it’s good – c’mon, everybody says… cartoon physics don’t exist in cartoons! So, check out The Croods (since it has been released on Blu-Ray some) but also listen up folks because nostalgia demands a trip down memory lane.

Final Thought

Ratatouille Movie is a masterpiece by the greatness and humor of the rat in parable that has haunted food-betraying kitchen tales. Danny Boyle (addicted to his godly filmography) dishing out an inventive animated movie for once in a while which may make you want to become an artist or chef because this is what makes up “movies”. Alrighty my friends, let’s eat some cheese.


How Does The Movie Relate To Real Life?

In the movie, Remy tries to cook food so he can feed the raftlike girlfriend and his mother. He doesn’t know how to create new flavors in food because he is only an apprentice chef. However, after viewing the film you may think of the everyday food tastes that taste good or memories with your family friends etc.

Why Do People Like The Movie So Much?

Ratatouille is an animated film that touches the soul of every person that sees it. You may see the movie and love its animation simply because your fond of some rat like creatures, but you will probably love this film just as much if not more than anyone else. This movie has pretty good music (check out: Something to Talk About) and an aesthetically beautiful creature-based story which is totally unique from other families.

What Is Ratatouille And Why Is It Good For You?

Ratatouille is the story of an ace rat from the sewers obsessed with foody arts to masteries and his wistful dream achievement–to be part of a Parisian restaurant. This movie is about how hard sound does it take for one rat to become a chef, and why in the end he succeeded (it’s not complicated.

Is There A Ratatouille 2 Movie?

There is an animated film called Ratatouille 2 and it was dished out the year 2010. The story is about Remy discovering that food tastes better without rat droppings on the food and tries to master cuisine from the sewer lairs o eating rats even though he has a rat-admiring girlfriend named Angelina.

Why Ratatouille Is A Bad Movie?

Ratatouille is a good movie but it has bad characters that are way too immature even for an animated film. Whereas everybody else thinks Remy’s sibling relationships would be something to consider before you watch, the main character is so 18-year-old retarded BAMF in Ratatouille 2 (we’re not joking). Almost everyone will try and love this movie, while they see its famousness because of great animation.

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