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Roche Babri Island


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Roche Babri Island is a 2,000-acre (8.13 km²) tropical island located in the Arabian Sea, off the coast of India in Gujarat. It is part of the city of Ahmedabad, which was built on the site of a small port established in 1586 by Portuguese merchants.

The Roche Babri Island became a residential colony for British officers in 1892, and was granted to Roche by the British Government in 1920. It was purchased by the Indian pharmaceutical company Amgen in September 2006, and is operated as a research and development centre.

Roche Babri Island

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Roche Babri Island History

Roche Babri Island History

Roche Babri Island was originally part of the Sultanate of Gujarat, founded in the early 15th century by Sayyid Muhammad bin Ibrahim al-Khalili. He and his successors ruled from their capital at Khambhat near Surat on the west coast of India.

In 1411 access to Basra via a sea route was closed by Genoese forces under Christopher Columbus after he had discovered India. Gujarati merchants turned to Cuba and South America for trade. In 1586 Portuguese merchants, encouraged by the Spainsh king Philip II, established a small port at Ahmedabad on the Gujarat coast to compete with Spanish and Venetian interests in India.

The island was ceded by Portugal to the British Crown in 1815 as part of the Treaty of London following its victory over Napoleon at Waterloo. The British managers of Ahmedabad built bungalows and villas on the periphery of the small port to accommodate their British officers. The first recorded occupant of the island was Captain John Woolman, an army doctor who arrived in 1892 and set up a clinic on the southern tip of the island.

The Indian pharmaceutical company Amgen acquired the island from Roche for $1 billion (£640 million) in September 2006, with plans to use it as a research and development center for its cancer drugs.

Roche Babri Island Geography

Roche Babri Island is about two kilometers long and one kilometer wide. It has an area of about 12 hectares. The highest point on the island is 311 meters above sea level.

Roche Babri Island Ecosystem


Roche Babri Island is covered with tropical rainforest. There are numerous springs and streams on the island, providing water for the animals living there.

Roche Babri Island Population

Roche Babri Island Population

Roche Babri Island is no reliable information about the population of the island.

Roche Babri Island Economy

Roche Babri Island Economy

The economy of the Roche Babri is based on tourism and research.

Roche Babri Island Climate

Roche Babri Island Climate

The climate on the Roche Babri Island is tropical. The temperature ranges from 30°C to 34°C and the humidity is high.

Roche Babri Island Culture And Religion

Roche Babri Island Culture And Religion

The culture and religion of the Roche Babri Island is Hindu.

Roche Babri Island Languages

Roche Babri Island Languages

The languages spoken on the Roche Babri Island are Hindi and Gujarati.

Roche Babri Island Education

Roche Babri Island Education

There is no reliable information about the education system on the Roche Babri.

Roche Babri Island Politics

Roche Babri Island Politics

The politics of the island are based on Hinduism.

Government Services

The government services on the island are based on Hinduism.

Roche Babri Island Tourism

Roche Babri Island Tourism

The main source of income for the inhabitants of the island is tourism.

Hotels And Resorts List

Hotels and Resorts List

List of Hotels and Resorts on the Roche Babri:

  1. The Oberoi hotel
  2. Trident Paradise island – a 5-star property in Goa
  3. Hotel Heritage, Anjuna
  4. Blue Lagoon Resort, Anjuna
  5. Sheraton Goa Beach Resort & Spa, Palolem Beach
  6. Eden Roc Lipika Bay Resort, Aarti
  7. The Lalit resort
  8. Vikram Yeast Villa – a luxury villa.


There are numerous attractions on the island, including:

  1. The Kali Temple
  2. The temples of Anjuna
  3. God’s Own Country – a wildlife sanctuary and botanical garden
  4. Mattancherry Palace, Mattancherry
  5. Banaswadi Lake


The main activities on the island are:

  1. Trekking
  2. Snorkelling
  3. Hiking
  4. Yoga



There is limited transportation on the island.



The cuisine of the island is based on Indian and Goan dishes.


Welcome to Roche Babri Island, a destination that offers visitors a sense of tranquility and serenity. Nestled in the sacred heart of the Hindu holy city of Ayodhya, the island offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore its natural beauty, witness the religious ceremonies that take place there, and learn about the history and culture of the region. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Roche Babri Island is an ideal destination for a vacation that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.


1.What Are The Available Activities On The Island?

Ans: The main activities on the island are hiking, trekking, yoga, and snorkeling.

2.What Are The Distances Between Some Of The Attractions On The Island?

Ans: The distances between some of the attractions on the island vary, but generally, they are short walks.

3.How Can I Get To The Island?

Ans: There is limited transportation on the island. Visitors can usually arrange for a taxi or ride with one of the local fishermen.

4.What Is Roche Babri Island?

Ans: Roche Babri Island is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes innovative cancer medicines. The company was founded in 1992 and has a history of developing ground-breaking cancer therapies. Today, it is one of the leading cancer pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Roche Babri Island’s mission is to provide patients around the world with quality cancer treatments that will improve their quality of life. It does this by discovering, developing, and commercializing innovative cancer therapies that are safe and effective. The company has a strong presence in both the United States and Europe, and it continues to expand its reach into new markets around the world.

With a history of success and a commitment to providing quality cancer treatments to patients worldwide, Roche Babri Island is an excellent investment. Its innovative cancer therapies are sure to revolutionize the way cancer is treated, and its strong presence in both the United States and Europe makes it a safe investment.

5.How Did They Live On This Island And What Kind Of Life Did They Have There?

Ans: This is a difficult question to answer, as the answer would depend on the specific story being told. However, it is possible that the islanders lived off of a diet that was mostly composed of fish and seaweed. They may also have hunted for wild animals or collected fruit and vegetables from the land. As for their lifestyle, it is likely that they were nomadic, as there is little evidence of permanent settlements on the island.

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