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Sanak Island


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Located in the Gulf of Oman, Sanak Island is known for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. It is also a popular spot for eco-tourism, as there are many places to explore including a lagoon, an artificial reef, and a seabird sanctuary. With an annual population of less than 1,000 people, Sanak Island is a paradise for nature lovers.

Sanak Island


Sanak Island is one of the Gulf of Oman’s many uninhabited islands. It first came into contact with humans in the 8th century when Arab sailors discovered it and named it “al-Sana”. The island saw little activity until the 1890s, when a group of investors from Bahrain set up a small port on Sanak. However, this settlement was abandoned within two years because of strong winds and harsh weather conditions.

In 1944, an RAF squadron based on Muscat island bombed Sanak island as part of Operation Pedestal – part of the British campaign against Axis -held Iran and the Persian Gulf region.

The island was a British military base from 1949 to 1971 as part of RAF Bahrain operated by 3 Squadron, based at Hamala Airfield on Kalba Island; it became home to an assortment of US Navy Fixed-Wing Flights up until 6 May 1994 when those were made redundant in favor for the current Omani National Guard pilots flying Pave Hawks out of Al Mirqab airbase (also on Sanak) – more recent activity includes deployments system managed helicopters which support various operations ashore (eg Exercise Roving Sands 2003).


Sanak Island has a tropical climate, with average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and humidity of 85%. The island sees intense rainfall during the monsoon season. The island is also known as a breeding ground for seabirds and other sea creatures which includes dolphin.

A very common sight seen on Sanak Island are the Dolphin Sharks (usually single specimen)”Oceanic Whitetip Shark”or “Carcharhinus longimanus”, Pelecithic Haliphron atripinnis, the Great Barracuda or Batfish (All Solanidae-family) found all over the world in many different oceans, Harpacticoida rugosa or Smooth Dogfish (” Triakis melindrichos”), Gurnard (” Sparus aurantium”), Halibut, Chinfat (“Grammatostoma grapsatum”= “Cherax portusiense”) or Blackfish (Soleidae) are also common in the waters around Sanak.

There is a very small beach available for visitors on the west side of the island and there were two picnic area with shelters which can be reserved from 12:00 noon to 11:59PM daily.


The culture on Sanak island is mainly based on the Omani traditions, with small influences from the British and American colonizers. The main religion practised by most of the people is Islam. There are also a number of Christian churches in Oman which have been established since the early 1800s. One such church is located in Sanak town, and it serves as home to a small community of Christians who live there year-round.


The island is administered by the Sanak Municipality, one of the seven municipal councils of Muscat Governorate. The municipality was established in 1970 and covers an area of 23 square kilometers. As of 2009, the population of the municipality was 23,593 people.

The island is notable for being home to a large number of sheiks (nearly 1,000), most notably those who reside at Haydal Manazir and Haydal Bani Hashim villages. There are also a number of small businesses which cater to tourists on Sanak Island , as well as a few hotels, restaurants and beach-side bars.

Government services

The island is served by a hospital, which is located in the town of Sanak. There are also several police stations on the island, as well as various government offices. The Muhsin Beach on the western side of the island is a widely used tourist site.



The island is popular for its beaches, which are great for swimming and sunbathing. There are a number of small hotels and vacation rentals available on the island, as well as several restaurants and shops that cater to tourists. The main tourist attractions on the island include the Muhsin Beach, Haydal Bani Hashim village, Haydal Manazir village and the Ghufra Fort.


Sanak island is served by a number of small buses that travel between the island and the mainland. There are also boats which ferry passengers between Sanak Island and Al Khor, as well as other nearby islands.


Sanak Island is a tiny island located in the Arabian Sea. It is the smallest and flattest island in the UAE, measuring only 2.5 km2 in area. Ostensibly, Sanak Island is there to serve as a bird refuge and conservation area. However, it is also known for its stunning beaches and crystal clear waters. Visitors can take a boat ride to the island or fly there via helicopter.


How Much Does It Cost To Get To Sanak Island?

Getting to Sanak Island is relatively cheap. There are many methods of transport available, including ferry, aircraft, and boat. Prices for the different modes of transport vary depending on the time of year and whether or not there is a surcharge. The average price for a ferry ride from Dubai is AED 50 per person. Flights into Sanak island generally range from around AED 350-750 per persondepending on the season and type of flight (inbound or outbound).

What Are The Main Attractions On Sanak Island?

Sanak Island has several beautiful beaches and natural dunes. There is also a wildlife area where you can view birds such as flamingos, pink flamingoes, cranes and pelicans. Other natural areas include kayaking in the lagoon or exploring an artificial reef created by Marina San Khashaba Marine Services (MSK).

What Is The Temperature Like On Sanak Island?

The temperature ranges from 23-27 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Sanak Island is one of the many sandy beaches located off the coast of Dubai. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun, with crystal clear waters that make for great swimming and snorkelling. There are also several small islands dotting the coastline where you can find plenty of wildlife, including dolphins, turtles and seabirds.

Is There A Shuttle Service Available To And From Sanak Island?

There is no public transportation on the island, so you will need to rent a car or arrange for someone else to transport you.

What Are The Main Expenses Associated With Visiting Sanak Island?

The main expense is transportation, as there is no public transportation on the island.

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