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Shannon Island is a place that has been the subject of many myths and legends. It is said to be one of the most haunted islands in the world, and it is also said that it is home to some of the most powerful witches in the world. Whether or not these legends are true, one thing is for sure – Shannon Island is definitely an interesting place to visit.

With its unique geography, wild coastlines, and rugged interior, Shannon Island is a paradise for explorers and nature-lovers alike. If you are interested in visiting Shannon Island, read on for tips on how to make the most of your trip!

Shannon Island


The first record of Shannon Island dates back to the year 1520, when Spanish explorer Alonzo de Villalobos spotted it while sailing along the eastern coast of North America. At that time, the island was unnamed and its only inhabitants were a small group of Native American tribes.

Over the next several centuries, however, Shannon Island gradually began to gain popularity among explorers and traders due to its unique natural resources – namely its rich fishing grounds and abundant supply of fresh water. As a result, by the early 1800s there were already dozens of settlements on Shannon Island, including a busy seaport and a small community of farmers. Over the following decades, however, Shannon Island slowly became abandoned – its residents moved away to build new lives among the sprawling cities and bustling towns in nearby Nova Scotia.

The end of Shannon Islanders’ long history on this island came during World War II when five German U-boats torpedoed several fishing vessels in 1941 , causing widespread panic throughout Canada’s Eastern coastline (the so-called “Blitz Attack”).

Over time (and with no relation whatsoever between neighboring islands), another name began popularly being used by Canadians to refer to their beloved island: “Sandy Island”.

Today, the name Sandy is still more commonly used by Nova Scotians and residents of other maritime provinces to refer to the island (e.g.: “he stayed on ‘Darby’s Beach’, which was a couple of miles from our house”), but in sheer interest, we figured it’d be fun for you guys here at if this website had its own unique official title as well!



Sandy Island has a humid continental climate (Köppen Dfb) that is moderated by the ocean. Summers are warm and damp, while winters are cold but dry. Precipitation is moderate year-round, with a little more in winter. Temperatures are moderated by the Labrador Current. The highest temperature ever recorded in Canada was on January 22, 2003 at 32 degrees (that’s Celsius!), while the lowest is -43F .

The Sandys Islands were previously connected to Chignecto Island until a major storm from 1837 destroyed all traces of Foot Ferry; formerly used for crossings between Sydenham and Shannon Islands before being replaced with a greater height suspension bridge across “Darsie Lake”.



The Shannon Islanders were an Inuit people. Today, there are only a few elderly people remaining on the island and they continue to live traditional lifestyles with assistance from the Province of Nova Scotia. The culture is rich in folklore and stories passed down through the generations. There is also a strong Gaelic heritage that is reflected in both spoken and written language today.

Geology and Flora & Fauna

Geology and Flora & Fauna

Sandy Island is situated off the southern end of Nova Scotia. It measures approximately 15 km from east to west, nearly 10 miles in overall length, stretches about 4-5 miles between its easternmost and westernmost points (the two islands that separate it), which are linked by a causeway 1.2 kilometers long during low water conditions only). Because of this structure as well as few residences around Shannon Bay on the mainland there is no terrain similar to locally produced sand dunes or big beaches anywhere in central Canada other than Long Beach Newfoundland; both made famous for their large sand dunes. The islands contain nice forests, as well at lake beaches where you can sunbathe and enjoy a beautiful view of the water.

Government services

Government services

The main service that Sandy Island residents have to rely on is the mail delivered by Halifax-Dartmouth Bulk Mail. There are no grocery stores or pharmacies located in the island but there are a few small businesses like a gas station and convenience store. The only medical care available is from an air ambulance which has been known to land on Sandy Island for medical emergencies.

There is currently no public transportation running through Shannon Bay so visitors must either use a personal vehicle, boat, or take advantage of organized tour services for transportation between central Nova Scotia and Shannon Islands if they wish to visit this unique and lovely place.



There is currently very little tourism infrastructure or services available on Sandy Island. However, visitors are encouraged to visit the island during spring and summer for stunning views of the sun setting over Shannon Bay as well as opportunities to spot different types of birds and other wildlife living in the lush forests around the island.


Shannon Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, just east of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is a popular tourist destination for kayakers and nature lovers alike. The island has a circumference of 1.5 kilometres and is home to a natural lake that is fed by the river.


What Is The History Of Shannon Island?

Shannon Island has a long and fascinating history, which is largely unknown to the general public. It was first explored by Jacques Cartier in 1535, but it wasn’t until 1793 that James Cook sailed past the island on his way to explore North America. Over the course of centuries, numerous legends and myths have arisen around Shannon Island – some of which are still believed today.

Is Shannon Island Haunted?

There are many stories about ghosts living on Shannon Island – most notably, that it is home to some of the most powerful witches in the world. Does this mean that it is haunted or not? As you discover more about Shannon Island, learn all you can about its cultural history and find out why there are so many legends surrounding the island.

At What Time Of Year Does Shannon Island Close For Winter?

The weather conditions on Shannon Island during autumn/winter (September-June) tend to be rather cold by local standards – temperatures do drop below -25°C at certain times throughout this period without fail! If a visit to look around one of these chilly months appeals, then make sure to visit during spring/summer months (June-August) as these are generally the warmest and sunniest times of year.

How Do I Get To Shannon Island?

There is no public transportation or taxis available to reach this destination; however, once you arrive there, most types of vehicles are allowed on the island – rental cars being one category that does require a permit from Maritime Boundary Commission authorities in Canada. Or choose how you will be travelling: by car, ferry or plane [ Airplane ].

5 . What Is The Distance From Shannon Island To Montreal?

The distance between Shannon Island and Montreal is approximately 1,100 kilometres.

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