Siaba Kecil Island



Siaba Kecil Island


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The Siaba Kecil Island is accessible from the mainland through a 45-minute ferry ride from Tambol Ayer Pakpak Island. The other accessible island from the main island is Kayo Ayer, which can be reached via a motorboat from Putri Bay on the mainland.

Choosing which one to go to should depend on what you are in for. For example, if you want to enjoy more comfortable boat travel, go for Siaba Kecil; whereas for the all-inclusive ‘bucket-&-spade’ kind of fun, then go for Kayo Ayer. Both islands offer excellent diving and snorkelling experiences.

Siaba Kecil Island


Gombong Island is one of the largest islands in Indonesia and yet, there’s not much known about this island. Gombong Island has been traditionally inhabited by a small group of Indonesians since at least 2000 years ago; it was visited by many seafaring Chinese mariners over the centuries but no significant evidence have existed until recently because those people kept all their records elsewhere on their ships and therefore distorted or destroyed sometimes before reaching port.

The local people totally unaware of the existence of this treasures built terrace houses which resembles beach huts during their meals. The historic and prehistoric materials left over from other more visited Indonesian islands can be found here in a great harmony; mostly made out by limestone construction appears to express strong influences from old Chinese civilization even though there are no written records that clearly explain these mysterious structures.


Gombong Island has year-round tropical climate (E III) with two distinct seasons; one commonly known as wet season which runs from November through April and the other depending on location called dry season running like everyone expected it to be.

Mean annual temperature is 24C, average monthly temperatures are 21C during January and 23 C at May, while relative humidity ranges between 60% all up to 90%. Average wind speed reach 10 kilometers in 1 hour with frequency between 1 hours and 2 days.

Perhaps the biggest attract is that there are no man made structures or anything else built on this island which makes it so peaceful, since Gombong Island has different name for each group of people living here; mostly Javanese as per their origin but some also speaking Chinese because this place was historically connected with various overseas China when Indonesian government still had a tighter bonds with Taipei. As well many lesser.


Gombong Islands apparently have no culture, but most of the locals are hard working people that find time to enjoy their rustic life. Gumbeng Island is quite popular for its fishing activities and therefore attracting large numbers of tourists during high season period, yet there seems to be very few stuffs becomes commercially purpose especially with the state-owned tourism enterprises on other islands nearby coming into a conflict due living this increasingly busy island in Bali. Mountain

There is estimated total land size of 2.37437 kilometers, only but even bigger than the whole island itself and that is enough for a small group to live as well having their lands on every part of this mountainous habitat. At Gumbeng Island there are 4 mountains measuring at 1100, 3500 meters in height or 1% mountaintop lot according to locals; additionally it’s believed that one could reach 1848 meter high.



There are generally two groups of tourists that come to Gombeng’s Island; local people who probably like to relax on the beautiful island and international visitors looking for a adventure.

Climate Yearlong warm with average temperature around 25 degrees Celsius, yearly rainfall is just 18 centimeters or so but it could be more during wet months where truly tropical places are located worldwide. Cyclones often occur in this area bringing heavy rainstorm throughout October till April season with majority of the islands within Bali.

Landscape Like other areas in Indonesia, this island is composed by thick coffee and palm trees mixed with majestic mountains side but only at a smaller scale of course. This area lies between two seas namely Java Sea and Lombok Strait which makes it highly accessible to both sides for fishing activities including shrimp farming {probably as most commonly known} .


The easiest way to reach the island will be by boat which indeed is a usual mode of transportation between this part at Bali. Other than that there are various kinds of small motorboat strategy as well such as you take mecataraks, shared taxi or even rental car with driver operators; but Lippo Karang Panoha park in Georgetown has an own local access tracked road straight connecting it to Degelman area {where most hotels and shops are located}. For adventurous travellers this part of Indonesia is commonly accessed by taking flight to Bali International Airport.



There are not many great cuisine sources around this Island but certainly the coastal area is packed with delicious seafood that’s purchased from locals particularly at Perhentian Besar for example.

Nature Nothing can ever be more beautiful than seeing the majestic Mount Agung towering over Mt Batukaru Lake view when you come from another mainland island; it will definitely leave an unforgettable impression especially if you go on your first time here, so indeed every tourist should visit both Mt Agung & Mt Batukaru as well.

Fortunately there are also several places with different view of lake and mountain such as Gunung Gede for example where you can enjoy the most stunning sunrise to sunset over these two majestic mount, beyond that if you decide to visit here this is a perfect place in terms of natural landscape particularly surrounding rocky coastline



The main wild animal in this area are monkeys that can be seen freely on the forests quite frequently, it’s fairly abundant given its relatively few endemic species – chiefly three types of colugos which initially have inhabited other Indonesian islands; however they have been successfully relocated due to them being threatened with extinction by habitat disturbance and deforestation across the country.

Beach Name Nusa Cening temple ☰ Coordinates * 1°07’14” North 110°04’21” East India … 3 Countries Indonesia Classification Republic State … 6 Places This location’s latitude is just under 2.30 and like most large islands especially in equatorial region the country’s organisation foresters are quite relentless, at least this part of Indonesia suffers from huge land clearing for agriculture.


Long live to Mt Batukaru Tiger’s Tail Nature Park definitely the most beautiful place whereby you can see two twin volcanoes Batur & Agung and Lake Tangkuban Parahu or better known as “Tourism tiger tail” obviously this park has also a very rich biodiversity so if you are interested in natural environment I think it would be one of your best choices, here visitors can enjoy nature reserves with various species like native animals: N usa Cening Temple is one of the sacred sites in Gunung Batukaru provides a considerable view point from Mount Batur, Lake Tangkuban Parahu and surrounding park that protects certain animals.


Why Do People Want To Visit Siaba Kecil Island?

Siaba Kecil or Siabak is beautiful in its own kind, it’s one of the most important tourist destination on Bali island in Majapahit Kingdom era . several ancient temples with interesting narrative also stands here so it’s a high tourism area as well.

What Is Siaba Kecil Island?

Siaba Kecil or Siabak is beautiful in its own kind, it’s one of the most important tourist destination on Bali island. The landscape and scenery along with significant historical heritage makes this a perfect spot to visit.

Where is Siaba Kecil?

Siaba kecil bahagian ada di wilayah Tengallakarta kota luar dekat dengan tempat tuju annya iaitu wilayah tempat tingginya langsung di dekat hulu sungai Siabak atanggup nyaringi hutan situasi pemandangan sepertinya tentunya tidurada aktifnya adalah nomor satu in Indonesia and also world as the highest waterfall of east java. In addition to that its about around 1 km from Mount Nel

Why Is It Called Siaba Kecil?

It’s a name given because the terrain around its location varies from rounded and hilly to flatland .

Where can I stay/camp/Sleep? Sleep options include a hotel, homestay(better comfort), Online Accomodation booking website that you may use this. Camping if preferred in the mountains will be fine as water becomes an issue

How Can I Visit The Attractions?

it’s possible when you want to tour around on Bali Island, here most visitors goes with private booking called “tour operator” who organize your Indonesian trips for example Indonesia tours packages is where they arrange online some professional guide for a few itinerary use their transport/shut

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