Spirited Away Storyline and Short Review



Spirited Away Storyline and Short Review


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Spirited Away is a Japanese animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The plot revolves around a young girl named Chihiro who gets trapped in a world of spirits, creatures and gods that come to life at night.

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Spirited Away Storyline and Short Review

Main characters of Spirited Away



A spirited away girl who is trapped in a sewer system when she’s needed most. She has to rely on her family, friends and the spirits of spirits to help her survive. Chihiro makes many sacrifices throughout this movie which end up comforts her later on in life as well as the people that she cares about like Haku and Yubaba.



The caretaker of the bath house “Toto ” where Chihiro works at. He is a kid who has lived under Yubaba’s thumb for most of his life, only able to see sunlight through a window four times each year and then realizes that he doesn’t need her assistance and can go out in the world without her getting him or others involved in any problems.



The ruler over bath house “Toto”, she rules with great fear based on greed being shown all the time. At the end of her life she tells Chihiro and Baylay to give up to go out into the world and see that they can face it on their own instead of being totally dependent upon others for help.


A spirit who was a master chef once, but left his food uneaten he comes back as spirits feeding off humans every night keeping people under her control. He explains at one point that she is not a good being but instead an evil being feeding off the souls of wisemen who died before him.

Chihiro’s family

Papa and Mama – Chihiro’s parents, no one can beat them in cooking , so they are hired to work at the bathhouse “Toto”. They feel very guilt for their daughter wanting to leave her home because that was what kept her safe all these years.

Spirited Away (2001) Storyline

The film starts out with a road trip from Tokyo to Chihiro’s new home, her father is ill and they have nobody to look after them. It is the rainy season so it was not such a great option to be driving in heavy rain. However, when we finally arrive at their destination, there are no signs of human life or even any lights on.

They get stuck in mud outside an abandoned fun fair which turns into fantasy world where they all get kidnapped and they have to work alongside various strange creatures/ghosts. We don’t find out until later what the real issue is, but it ends up being resolved by the end of three days The Last Arender: A Real-Time Drama Series Recap Movies 2015 vudalaw Review.



This is a big disappointment. Not only the filmmakers made one error after another, but there was nothing that could be done about it. First of all, why should this happen at the end? The sequels are not really part of the Avatar universe and were released as two separate installments (1 & 2) through different production companies because they weren’t lined up movie/original creators who worked on franchises before to do them justice – which would have meant to give them a proper budget.

So the actors did the best they could but it was not enough to make any of these films enjoyable, to say at least that ‘Avatar’ meets expectations (which it didn’t). The only way this movie will be relevant again is through video games and there are 5 more sequels lined up for that purpose.

Spirited Away (2001) Review

There is a lot going on here and it becomes very confusing in different ways. One needs to keep track of who, when and where certain characters lived – which doesn’t help much with the storyline as everyone seems to be introduced completely randomly.

There are some moments before this film that are unjustified cuts but once we enter the world of Sled Dogs (subsequently called ‘Ashes’ by Trip) there was no way out because all roads led to this world and met many different characters. Then there is Sato (Japanese word for aunt) herself that finally shows up but what good does that do?

Going along with the logic of ‘Ashes’ you would think she will actually help our heroes, yet after introducing her by so-called flashback sequences in various parts of previous stories we find out she knows very little about whoever it was the audience became interested in during their original story.

All she says is how “they” were brutally murdered in a barn, yet this information doesn’t cause any trouble to the denizens of Sled Dogs and it was just brushed aside (one would think something more important is coming).

Every time I didn’t understand something that occurred during one part of ‘Ashes’ we are then forced into some sort but befuddled situation that could have resolved itself if only they hadn’t.

Our analysis of Spirited Away

  1. Spirited Away is a great anime movie that is sure to please fans of animation. It has a lot of action and adventure, making it perfect for those who love watching movies with a lot of excitement.
  2. The story is well-developed and the characters are likable. Fans of manga and anime will enjoy this movie immensely because it follows the same general plot lines as many other popular titles.
  3. The animation is beautiful and the scenes are well-done, making it easy to get lost in the world of Chihiro.
  4. Chihiro is one of the most intelligent and interesting characters in this movie. She has a strong personality, yet does not realize how much she can do for herself until later in the film when she realizes that if you are determined enough to try something, often it will work out-even if it looks stupid at first glance.

Final Thought

Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (2001) is a work of magic that you shouldn’t miss. He creates a world which is spectacular and makes you feel that you are progressing with the character throughout the film, he creates a sense of space portrayed through time, distance and scale.

There are numerous moments where the characters just exist and nothing significant happens during those scenes, which is genius


How Do You Find Out About New Anime Series?

There are a few ways to find out about new anime series. One way is to search for them on Google or other online search engines. Another way is to visit sites like ANN, which stands for Anime News Network. This site aggregates news and reviews about anime series and other Japanese pop culture items. Another way to find out about new anime series is to follow social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. These sites often post updates about upcoming anime releases and other related content.

Why Is Spirited Away So Famous?

Spirited Away is famous because of its high quality. It is a very good anime, making it perfect for anyone who loves action-packed movies with strong characters and stories. Many people have become fans of this particular film over the years simply due to the fact that they loved watching Chihiro during their childhoods while many other viewers used to watch Miyazaki’s work although now some may not be familiar with his name or work.

What Is Spirited Away Even About?

Spirited Away is about a group of young people in Tokyo, Japan. It begins when Chihiro coaches a girl named Sen no Rikyu to get her junior high school (Kodomo Gakuin) acceptance letter for band and ends with the success or defeat of that very task until it explodes on the viewer’s head out of nowhere like in an alien ship crossing over into earthlings’ space-closet universe.

Is Spirited Away Too Scary?

Most fans of this anime believe the movie is relatively scary. There are many horror films that can be quotable in regards to its great art, but most people would agree that Spirited Away isn’t as disturbing or grotesque than other movies.

Whats The Meaning Of Spirited Away?

There is a lot of literature and media that has been developed from this one film, including video games where it became the most well-known. Many fans would not have watched it if they didn’t already know about other works regarding itself – for instance: Yorozuya no Shashin (Yorozuya’s Movie), which was more like an after-school special based on Saito himself, who played his role as Chi.

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