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St. Joseph Island


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The island of St. Joseph Island is located in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The island is about 455 km long and 185 km wide, with a population of about 4,000 people. The island is made up of sugarcane, banana, citrus and coconut plantations and small businesses that provide goods and services to the local residents and tourists.

St. Joseph Island History

St. Joseph Island

The island of St. Joseph was first settled in the 16th century by the French. The island became a part of Mexico in 1821 after the Mexican-American War, and it was officially incorporated as a municipality in 1889. The population of the island grew rapidly after World War II, when US military personnel were stationed on the island to support research projects related to atomic weapons development.


St. Joseph is an important tourist destination for tourists from Puerto Rico, the US and Europe. St. Joseph is a popular vacation site among residents of nearby islands such as Guadalupe and Vieques who come to spend their weekends on beaches or by the sea while shopping at local stores that sell fruits, arts and crafts along with traditional food including tilapia (fish).



The climate on St. Joseph is moderated by the warm Gulf Stream waters and a relatively high altitude of about 60 meters above sea level. The average temperature in January is around 18 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature in July is around 30 degrees Celsius . The average annual rainfall is approximately 619 mm. – Customs Regulations

The US imposes a reporting requirement that all motor vehicles entering the United States (US) must report their trip to and departure from Mexico, which consists of more than 48 contiguous states in addition to St. Joseph Island.


vibrant nightlife

The cultural traditions of St. Joseph include music, dance and art. Fans of Caribbean Carnival can find a lot to enjoy in the island’s vibrant nightlife. The island is also known for its seafood, which can be sampled at local restaurants or specialty markets such as Rosario’s market. Each year, the local artisans and artists organize a festival. – Postal Code Stamps

St Joseph is known for its unusual postal code system that consists of four-digit codes selected from a set of 10 options. The post offices on St. Joachim serve Añasco, Alfaro/Caicosí , Caonabo /Toboso (SSI), Canovanas just north to Vieques Island as well as the former Guantánamo-Baracoa, Guaniguanico (SSI), Higüey and Las Tunas.

The Cacéman postal code serves the communities of Concepción Vieago (SSI) as well as Castro Pelones to the island’s north and Caraquez which lies east of St Joseph on Guadalupe Island only accessible by ferry from Puerto Rico.



The people of St. Joseph are politically active and have been involved in many of the island’s political eruptions, including support for the Cuban Revolution. The prevailing liberal Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) has ruled since independence in 1874 with occasional interruptions due to military coups or elections that have been generally free and fair. – Population

As of 2018, the population on St. Joseph is approximately 9,000 inhabitants . Geography

St. Joseph is located on the continental United States within 50 miles of Puerto Rico and in 50 miles of Florida. It measures approximately 30 square miles: with an area that offers a balance between forest, beach, wetlands and coastal strand as well as agricultural areas.

Government services

Government services

St. Joseph is serviced by the United States Postal Service and has a Municipal Court with four magistrates who are assisted by an attorney. The police department has five officers, three sergeants and one lieutenant. Emergency services are provided through the Puerto Rico Police Department which responds to all calls throughout the island including St. Joseph .



Public schools on St. Joseph are supplied by the Puerto Rico Department of Education with secondary school having its own building for some high school and elementary education combined into one educational unit known as “Bosale”, paralleling a system used in many countries around the world.

There is also an agreement between North Eastern University’s Management School, UPR-Munoz Rivera Campus and Universidad Metropolitana (UPM) President to offer a dual-degree programs amongst the three institutions.



St. Joseph is well known for its natural beauty and undeveloped beachfront which attracts tourists from all over the island as well as those visiting Puerto Rico for the first time. It has a variety of accommodations available to meet everyone’s needs including camping, villas, condos and apartments of various sizes.

No matter what you’re looking for – beaches, fishing, sightseeing and shopping – St. Joseph has something to offer!



Theonly public transportationavailable to travel around St. Joseph is the “Coaster”, a small bus that runs between various points on the island, including St. Joseph’s main downtown area and the beach destinations of Lares and Mayagüez .

There is also a small three-wheeled bambuas (carts) that cross city streets to provide transportation for the elderly and handicapped. The harbor of St Joseph draws many fishermen, water lovers and others who seek relaxation in its calm waters.


fresh local

The cuisine of St. Joseph is characterized by the use of fresh local ingredients and a variety of international flavors. Visitors can find everything from simple sandwich shops to high-end restaurants that offer fine dining experiences.

St. Joseph sports enthusiasts can play a variety of games year round and at multiple sites around town, including the St. Joseph High School football field, which has been remodeled since its construction in 1952. There are also two gyms founded by local basketball enthusiast Jairo Rosado to provide free basketball coaching lessons five nights per week for anyone interested in learning more about this wonderful sport!



The St. Joseph Island is shaped like a whale’s blow and has many secluded inlets to its coast line, making it perfect for traveling by kayak or sailboat .

It also features protected land from development with “no build zones”, meaning that you are able to explore long-time resident watering places frequented by locals including the Abana Deer Green Valley Reserve , just north of mile marker 8 on main st., and the Cabezón Wetlands , just west of the same section of highway.

The wetlands store thousands of gallons per month from local system rivers, streams and storm water systems through underground spring-fed borer holes that are accessible only by boat at low tide, making one feel like they were on another planet.


St. Joseph island is a small, uninhabited island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, about 160 km northeast of Anticosti Island. The island is a Wildlife Sanctuary and is part of the Gaspé Peninsula Biosphere Reserve.


1.What Is The Population Of St. Joseph Island?

Ans: There are 4,000 residents on the island.

2.Is There Any Accommodation Available On St. Joseph Island?

Ans: No accommodation is available on the island, but there are campsites and guesthouses in Gaspé town nearby.

3.How Do I Get To St. Joseph Island?

Ans: The best way to get to Saint-Joseph Island is by air as there is no ferry service. Air transportation from here (from the mainland) to Gaspé Island takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes with a direct bus service available on week days only during daylight hours.

4.What Are The Weather Conditions Like?

Ans: The average year-round temperature is about 18°C, and the heat in summer can be unbearable. There are frequent strong ground winds blowing from Saint Lawrence River into St Joseph Island that often force fog to cover up most of its terrain.

5.How Does One Get To Gaspé, Qc?

Ans: There are speedboats and hydrofoils available for charter. One can also book regular daily ferries from the main island to St-Joseph Island (at low tide).

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