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Sunday Island


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Sunday Island is the perfect place for a lazy day spent with family and friends. The white sand beach, crystal-clear water, and lush green trees make it a paradise for tourists and locals alike. There is plenty to do in the island, with attractions like an aquarium, botanical gardens, golf course, restaurants, and shopping. However, most people come to Sunday Island to relax and enjoy the sun. Whether swimming in the serene waters or taking a walk around the beautiful forest, there is always something to do on this vibrant island.

Sunday Island


Sunday Island was first settled in the early 1800s by Danish settlers. The island rapidly became a popular tourist destination, with visitors from all over the world making it their home away from home. In 1992, Sunday Islanders voted to become an independent country and since then have enjoyed a smooth transition into full sovereignty.

Climate and Attractions

The climate on Sunday Island is quite tropical, with warm temperatures all year round and consistent trade winds blowing throughout the island. The attractions range from sandy white beaches to lush green forests complete with beautiful waterfalls and iguanas! The most important thing to do on this idyllic island is simply relax. Sitting by a waterfall enjoying the solitude, being in nature no matter what time of day you are on Sunday Island, and interacting with locals at their market places are all things worth taking advantage of while visiting.

History Sunday Island was originally settled back in the 1800s by Danish fishermen from Vesterbrogade and Norrebro Strandvej 21 (Daneholmen). However it took until 1932 when the first inhabitants turned up for permanent housing after a school made its way out from Copenhagen to the island. Since then the population has grown steadily, from approximately eight in 1932 up to around 150-200 today – growing with every passing year.


Sunday Island’s culture revolves around its natural beauty and the way in which the island has been able to preserve its traditional Danish values. There is an almost mystical quality to life on this small but lively island, where people enjoy spending time outdoors pursuits such as fishing or swimming with dolphins.

Traditional Sunday Island food consists of local fruits and vegetables, bread made out of cassava flour, fish cooked over a wood fire, sweets made from sugar cane or palm oil and cold drinks like pineapple or lime juice mixed with coconut milk. Every single female on Sunday Island is a descendant of the original Danish settlers. Hunting became an important part of life where families would sail to and from other islands catching their daily protein through hunting – primarily small sharks but also bird, porpoise and turtle species nicknamed “the fishes” by islanders.

Every Saturday night there were traditional dinners with family members in one house while in another you could find as many villagers having feasts with friends or just chilling out during conversations about fishing, sport etc.


This small but vibrant community is governed by a two-member Village Council. The current president of the council is Laila Lund, while the vice president is Mette Frederiksen. Sunday Island has its own municipal police force and postal service that operate separate from mainland Denmark. Regional Hospital: Sygeprævent.

Government services

Electricity, water and sewage are supplied by the Danish National Grid. The telephone service is provided by TeliaSonera.


Sunday Island has its own hospital, Sygeprævent, which is operated by the regional health authority Sundsregionen. Ås Telecenter is a long-distance telephone service center operated by TeliaSonera.


Sunday Island is a popular tourist destination due to the unique culture and natural environment. The island consists of 4 villages which are connected by a number of roads:

Sunday Island is one of the earliest Danish settlements and has retained much its original village layout. Most properties in Sunday breakfast are privately owned. The culture on Sunday Island revolves around family and traditions, both naval-military related or fishing/hunting from captain to chief fisherman as well as some cultural events not common in Denmark like Maritime Trooping Ceremony (‘korsfæstning’) where upon a military official visits houses along with boat bring trophies back home afterwards for display during celebration (Danish Melodi Grand Prix etc.).

The only city on the island is Hirtshals. Its main building is situated in what used to be a fishing village called East Holling, which developed from an old industrial harbor after 1845 when cargo ships started visiting town (“Holling Syd”). The most popular activity within ‘East Hollin’ are sightseeing, photographing and riding one of several ATVs that can be rented locally. However some locals point out large infrastructure projects; shopping mall ‘Dagens Nøgle’ and new retirement community ‘Oriental Dream Park ’ that have emerged recently, along with the dramatic rise in real-estate prices.

There is still little interest by natives of renting flats outside (city) center as most locals prefer to live inside city centre; this intense focus on limited amount of public area has caused a severe lack for spotting potential spots for café bars or restaurants within ‘East Hollin’ ecosystem which may ultimately drive out other enterprises thereby causing long term negative effects on surrounding population and cause higher rentel costs per house/apartment than West Yields due to residing closer te the harbor.



The nearest airport is Hirtshals Airport.

The only railway station on the island is at Bindal near Hirtshals. There are no buses that run to and from the mainland, though some services do connect with ferries or car hire companies.


Sunday Island is a small but stunning island located in the Lakshadweep Archipelago. The island is well known for its crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and lush greenery. It offers a tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for a day of relaxation and exploration. Whether you are looking to lounge on the beach, take a walk in the forest, or dive in the crystal-clear waters, there is something for everyone on Sunday Island.


How Does The Public Transport Work On Sunday Island?

There is no public transportation available on Sunday Island. You will need to rely on either a taxi, car rental, or ferry service to get around the island.

What Are Some Of The Must-See Attractions On Sunday Island?

Some of the must-see attractions inSunday Islandsinclude: The crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches, the forest with its ancient trees and gorgeous flowers, and of course, the delicious food that can be found all overthe island .

What Are Some Of The Activities That One Can Do On Sunday Island?

There is lots to do onSunday Island, and these include getting up early in the morning (dependingon where you stay) for a wonderful beach combing experience amongst an array of shells and other marine animals found along great stretches at low tide; taking delightful walks through beautiful forests teeming with birds and insects such as crows, larks or magpies; strolling around family-friendly villages or stopping by at farmer markets where fresh fish caught recently daily greets visitors ; enjoying spectacular sunset views as you sit at seaside locations or venture into the ocean; fishing in the sea and watching dolphins play around, not to mention other water activities only a stone’s throw away from lovely beaches.

What Is Special About Sunday Island?

Well apartfrom having countless tourists all eyes on this beautiful island each year Sunday is famous for its refreshment of mind, body and soul – no signs of fatigue or tension can be felt here as there are various places on this small yet immense island where one would want to just sit down relax enough even forget that he/she exists .

What Should Visitors Bring With Them To Sunday Island?

A good pair of walking shoes is a must, as there are plenty of short and easy walks one can partake in; sun screen and/or hats are also advised as the island does get mighty hot during the day; food for on-the-go – there aren’t many places to buy groceries but some basic provisions can be bought at various stores that stay open late into evening or near any beach ; personal medication if required ; drinking water – bringing enough of this precious commodity is advisable especially since much of what comes off the ground.

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