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Sweers Island is a luxurious resort in the Maldives with a beautiful white sand beach, crystal-clear waters and lush palm trees. Its location is perfect for a getaway – it’s just minutes away from the airport and easy to get to by car. The resort is known for its unique spa services, which include treatments such as facials, massages and scrubs. The staff are polite and attentive, and the facilities are top-notch. If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday where you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and luxury services offered by Sweers Island, then this is the perfect place for you.

Sweers Island


Sweers Island was first established in 1984 as a private retreat for the wealthy. It gradually grew in popularity, and now is one of the most luxurious resorts in the Maldives. The island’s white sand beach and crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming, snorkelling or simply taking a relaxing stroll. In addition to its natural beauty, Sweers Island offers a variety of facilities and services that make it an ideal place to staycation . Here are just some of what you can expect from this luxury resort.

Facilities & Amenities * Swimming Pools and Sunbathing Areas * Cafés on the Beach & Poolside Dining Area Disclaimer, there is a residence tax charged in place upon check-in by Maldivian Customs officials (unless explicitly stated otherwise).



The climate on Sweers Island is tropical, with a warm and humid atmosphere. The best time to visit is during the dry season from November to February. During the wet season (March-May), you’ll experience more humidity and rainfall. If you’re visiting after June, the island will still be warm and there won’t be need to take caution.

Same Day Pricing

The same day booking policy is accepted in Sweers Island Hotel , all of your bookings will incur 439 MVR per person for private twin visted room basis and 599MVR per night standard model (exclude breakfast) . The reservations made on Sunday-Thursday are fully confirmed without any further charges . The reservations made on Friday or bank holiday are fully confirmed without any further charges and with a 20% discount.


The Sweers Island Resort has received a number of positive reviews, with guests praising the resort’s luxurious surroundings and comfortable amenities. Some reviewers also noted that staff were friendly and helpful, and that there was always food available at the poolside café. Other reviewers noted that, despite the Thilais resort being in close proximity to the main island of Male’, it felt quiet, and far enough away from tourism traps. Facilities Sweers Island Maldives Luxury Resort & Spa

The exclusive spa is located in the private island of Sweers Island. Featuring over 20,000 square feet and a 500-meter swimming pool, you’ll be able to indulge in luxurious services. There’s also plenty of space for chilling out on deck lounges after cooling off under the lush verdant scenery that surrounds your glorious surroundings.



The Maldives is a republic with a president as head of state. The legislative power rests in the House of Parliament, while the judiciary is independent. There is freedom of speech, but defamation is a criminal offence. Religion

Muslims constitute the majority in the Maldives (approx 89% according to 2008 census), although other religious groups exist within the country, including Hindus and Christians. Language

English and Dhivehi are both national languages; English ranks as official language of business since 1st February 2014 though some local place names like Kuda Huvadhoo , Haa Alifu , etc. continue to be in Dhivehi script only.

Government services

Government services

Maldives is a presidential republic with an elected president as head of state. The legislative branch consists of the House of Parliament, while the judiciary is independent. Freedom of speech and religion are both protected in the country, although defamation remains a criminal offence. Currency

The Maldives rufiyaa (ديوفيا) is the national currency, which is divided into 100 cents. Exchange rates are listed on the Central Bank website.


Sweers Island Tourism

The Maldives is a top tourist destination with more than 1.5 million tourists visiting the country each year (2013). The main attraction for visitors is undoubtedly the stunning scenery and warm hospitality of the locals. Other popular destinations include Male, Maalhosmadulu Island and Fuvahmulah.


There is no electricity in the Maldives but there are several resorts that have generators to power up essential machinery during Ramadan (the month in which Muslims fast for daylight hours).

The island is also known for its private resorts. Recent development and construction of a massive Dubai-style chalet resort named Dhonveli Maldives Resort & Spa has taken the place of thatched huts as business property owners increasingly opt to construct elegant manses, set amid tropical gardens with rectangular pools carved from pink granite blocks, palm fronds swaying softly around them – a far cry from the rustic encounter at a traditional Maldivian ‘hal’ (guest house) lining a coral-fringed shoreline.


Sweers airports

The Maldives has a number of international airports, including Male International Airport, which is the main hub for tourism. There are also several seaports in the country. The Chairman of the Maldives Administration Commission Office in Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Ain Maahim said at a press conference last May 16 that his country plans to launch direct flights from both its capital island (Maafushi) and international airport (Maledives) for businessmen who want to make transactions with Hong Kong based companies.


Sweers Cuisine

The local cuisine is dominated by light, fresh flavours with occasional use of spices. Dishes are typically prepared in a Muslim influenced way using mainly meat, fish and vegetables. Local favourites include maho (fish curry), karaage (fried chicken) and malamutthi (rice balls).


Sweers Island is a small island located in the middle of the Ganges River in India. The island is said to be the abode of the god Shivasurama. legend has it that when Rama, the Hindu god who fought against evil and achieved world peace, was banished to the forest, he took up residence on Sweers Island. The island was also the place where his wife Sita spent her exile. Today, Sweers Island is a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful beaches and lush vegetation.


What is Sweers Island Specifically Known for?

Sweers Island is well-known for its luxury resorts and spa services. It has a white sand beach, crystal-clear waters and lush palm trees. The facilities are top-notch, with treatments such as facials, massages and scrubs available on the island.

What is the Best Time for Visiting Sweers Island?

The good news is that you can visit Sweers Island all year round! However, there are some weather patterns in each season that could affect your trip. The ideal seasons to travel here are from October through March and April through June.

How Many Different Beaches Are There on Sweers Island?

There is a total of five stretches of white sand beach: Main Beach , North-West Coast , Squally Point – Butterflies Bay and Sugar Factory Reefs (The lowest one).

What’s So Special About the Health Resorts Located Here?

Sweers Island is home to some of the most exquisite spas in South Africa, which includes Ankh Beach Resort , Bishop’s Peak Spa (Hotel) and Swiss Bliss . The properties organize a variety of spa treatments from foot massages to chemical-free facials.

What is Sweers Island Famous for?

Sweers Island is well known for its luxury resorts as well as secluded waters. However, there are also other places worth exploring on the island besides its beaches. Some of these include its namesake Sweers Island and Captain Morgan’s Cave.

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