Talakaicha Island



Talakaicha Island


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The beauty of the Talakaicha Island is sure to leave you spellbound. This tiny island is situated in the Bay of Bengal, around 70km off the coast of Visakhapatnam, India. It is a great place to take your time and relax, especially after a tiring day at office. The island is filled with forests, lakes and high hills, giving it an alluring look. This pristine beauty belies the fact that it has been disturbed by man in the past. The best thing about this area is that there are some very lovely resorts too, which are good for day-trips and overnight stays.With the Indian climate changing drastically, it is important for us to adapt and learn to live with these changes well.

Talakaicha Island



Nearly all of the sea beaches in Kalingapatnam are inhabited by very rich marine diversity which is one of its kind. The most important reason for this richness as well because Takatalakshmipet volcanic eruptions that took place 450 – 150 million years ago along with a series of earthquakes or seafloor plate movements created peninsulas, high islands and submerged remnants here around Talakaicha Island .

It was formerly called as “Nallalamman Kovil” and is home to an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Naraayan. The first inscription about the temple was found in 1729 AD, but archaeologists believe that it might have been built even earlier. According to legend, Saint Agaththiyar(who lived probably around the fourth or fifth century C.E.) used this place as a retreat after he had vanquished a demon here. You can still spot remnants of the installation where Saint Agaththiyar sat.

With regards to natural resources, Talakaicha Island has good quantity and quality of marine life. It also has a number of thermal springs that are used in traditional medicine by locals. In addition, this place is rich in fresh water fish habitats with varieties such as grouper, snake mackerel, thresher shark and butterfish etc., apart from being known.


Being in its coastal part, the average temp. of this place is about 28 – 32 degree Celsius and relies on monsoons for rainfall. 61% humidity prevails here as well during summer rains period which makes it great to visit (Summer lasts from April till November). Just 2 km away lies Srikakulam town called ‘God’s own township” enjoys almost perfect weather conditions due or lack of high risk to diseases like dengue , malaria etc. Further the place is lesser affected by crowding, traffic congestion , pollution etc. which makes it perfect for bird watching and more serene vacation to enjoy peace in thoughts with nature and lifestyle of an ideal tourist destination amidst so much of stress.



‘Sanak’ and ‘Kadap’ are the local language spoken in this part of Andhra Pradesh. Vaishnavism is a major religion followed in region which provides 2 temples located close to Talakaickeni Beach. Katavu Temple, built by Agathiyar at the place where Saint Agaththyar sat for 3 days witnessing divine visions after victory over king Ammala Mallan marched toward western direction from east side , is built at a little distance of about 6 km from Talakaicha beach and Krishna Swami Temple, with the same orthodox beliefs, located right opposite to Katavu temple has maximum worshippers here.Attending Nandi Bull Abhishekam is guaranteed by several temples in this region during Janmasthana (Main festivals) up to ‘October’ every year.

The Holy Pond near Katavulu Temple which come into existence after Sage Narada descended to earth here and performed penance for release of Goddess Usha from Lord Shiva’s hand, is believed to be holy by Vaishnavites as well.

Apart from religious tourism, one can find plenty of things Cultural related while travelling through this part like traditional dances and music shows put up during Janmasthaana festivals like ‘Gurupurnima’ at Katavulu Temple first day in a fortnight |



‘Talakaickeni beach’, located about 7 km from Rajahmundry city is a part of West Godavari District. Andhra Pradesh Tourism spots and other campaigns are managed by ‘District Tourism Department, Visakhapatnam’. Many white sand beaches including the aquatic forest have been added with lot of facilities indicative to global tourism destinations in this area which attracts tourist here during Janmasthana (Main festivals) up to October Shriengunam Venkata Raju Temple, located inside one of the National Parks (Flamboyant Visakhapatnam) is a legend in its own. It’s a small temple surrounded by dense forests like Geetha Giri Hills from all sides and water bodies indicating God Shiva are adjoining this holy shrine. ‘Sriranganadeshwara’ or Garuda Sthalayini sung by Ku-K. Private Tourist Cabs and Travels are preferred on Rajahmundry – Uddandarayunipalem route with minimum budget.

Similarly ‘Bhavanapalli Thermal Power Station’ is a prestigious Tourism spot, where many Central Government officers from Sappai Velugu Krishna Rao Temple visit during their official tours. This reputed place offers splendor at the globe level for Tourists for the first-time in this country.


The nearest airport is Andhra Pradesh State Civil Airport, Rajamahendravaram which is around from town. Commercial airways hub near here – Visakhapatnam Air Port which attracts the most of common and regional private travels to major cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. As having a large volume of water flowing through it (2300 liters per second) Godavari River has always attracted people towards this land to develop all sorts of industries and to power the local area. This region owes this era of progress primarily due to its proximity with one such corporation – Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank Ltd, located in Devinagaram Village within 10 km range that operates an appropriate bank franchise institution business under RBI, J&K alongside being a bright Centrally Sponsored Development Programme for Unity Infrastructure Project is implemented here since 2007 initiating development thereon by working jointly.


In this region you can savor fresh items of local foods cooked with traditional touch as they are majorly patronized mainly during festival days like Onam, Navarathri and every commonly celebrated months. It is rich in diversity of flavors due to variety & richness of fruits found around here especially within the summer season (September-April) that results into Varieties Traditional Hill tribe cuisines predominantly which have gained popularity across the nation by those vernacular migrants of Andhra Pradesh now being outside of Vermilion fort.



Gir National Park is the biggest for a variety of unique species in and around South India. Added to that you can find jungle & forest which are home to various wild animals like Kudumukh Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandipur Conservation Area, Kosam forests etc.. Also listed under these are Dudhodaya Rariefari Reservation Tiger Reserve Office (Monagiri), Hemavathi reservations with 1688 pairs being found here producing easy. Roerich Sanctorum, Srisailam Blessings by Swami Vivekananda Maurya Kings rock art – The Hindu Dhakeshwari Temple at Mallakudi are religious places of note here as well.


In the South India its listed as one of extremely lush and green forests here in a versatile splendor with regions adding to that, majority sustaining ecology is provided below you being at significant locations labeled by distinct local geographical labels like “hill” & “valley”.

History also plays vital parts resulting into natural orthodox structures born during Royal Age (1150 AD) which are erected all around through ages adding to highlights of tourism within the South act as well.

Trains are available to the main cities in Andhra Pradesh like Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. The nearest railway station is Puranik APSRTC Bus Depot (Bypass) which has buses and shared Autos plying towards nearby places regularly along NH16 called Guntur–Chennai Express Highway via Rajahmundry, Ongole – Kurnool road route or Rayal.


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