Tangled Movie Meaning And Ending



Tangled Movie Meaning And Ending


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The Tangled movie is one of the most popular Disney animated movies of all time. The story is a classic that can be easily related to, and kids enjoy it as much as adults do. However, there are some little-known facts about the movie which makes it even more interesting. Here are the hidden meanings and secrets behind this film.

If you haven’t seen Tangled yet, then you are missing out on one of the best Disney movies in years. The movie is filled with a wide range of emotions and has a unique storyline. If you have watched it, here is the meaning behind the main characters in Tangled.

Tangled Movie Meaning And Ending

About Of Movie Tangled

The movie is loosely based on the fairy tale Rapunzel which has a different name from this Disney film.The plot of the Tangled Fairy Tale focuses on a young girl,named Anna who is locked away in her tower for years by her mother and step-father because she possesses an amazing magical power called “song”. She can create things with song or destroy them with it as well.

The evil witch, Mother Gothel raised her up believing that an object was needed to save the Kingdom. Rapunzel’s hair is used as a fragment of this object and proof of ownership.This forces Anna to go out from the tower to rescue her sister and reunite them with their parents in order for Rapunzel’s song to be taken by someone else so it doesn’t get destroyed .

Meaning Of Movie Tangled

Fate Of Movie Rapunzel Tangled To Take Place In Mines Inside The Kingdom – People Thought That It Was A Wall. This was a scene people had thought of because the castle where Rapunzel lives is placed in a hole inside the lifted town full of caves and mines.

Beginning Of The Movie

So they thought it to be like an abandoned wall created by Victor’s father that nobody lived there anymore, with no doors or passages anywhere near it.For a while the 11-year old Anna lived in her tower, trying to become good enough so she could get back into it.However at year 8 one of their parents came to tell them that they were going on another journey and when he left Rapunzel’s mother said “We love you”, because if we don’t kill our daughters.

A fantasy adventure “Tangled” takes place in the fictional kingdom of Arendelle, where princess Rapunzel (Zendaya) was born with golden hair and lived happily with her family until a demigod, who wanted to use Rapunzel’s innate magic to rule over the land.

When troubled by this revelation, she runs away from home only to be caught by Flynn Rider (Idris Elba). This is when he comes into her life.The animation film “Tangled” is based on Rapunzel, the princess from German fairytale story Fairytale.

The main love interest of the movie is Flynn Rider who is a musician in Disney’s animation What about this? He lives with his father Maximus and he loves playing guitar as well as singing. His mother died when he was little but his dad had always told him that she appeared to him just before her death.

Ending Of The Movie

Ending Of The Movie

The movie has an hour fifty six minutes and 35 seconds of the runtime, including credits. The film is divided into two parts; one in which Flynn Rider steals Rapunzel’s hair and kidnaps her to use as a bargaining chip with Gothel. While the other focuses on Rapunzel herself who alone desires freedom from abandonment during times long gone.In part 1 , we are introduced to already-present characters Maximus von Trapp after the film is set in 1927 and immediately they become gathered.

On the other hand, part 2 starts with Rapunzel (disguised as a humble peasant girl) who’s given up by her Mother Mae looking for Flynn Rider after she was believed to be dead. But instead everything turns out differently when an actress named Cassandra seems lonely hanging around while being stuck watching what had been happening because it appeared that wasn’t going much behind the scenes.

In a case in which Cassandra represents Gothel (disguised as her mother), Rapunzel along with Maximus become unwitting suspects until it was revealed that the princesses are still alive and does not only have an interest in looking for Flynn Rider.And since she soon gets involved but instead into another trap, she is more hopeless than ever before to be able to reach freedom through this deal created by the other antagonists surrounding them.

In the meantime, Flynn Rider finally gets caught by Gothel who makes him cut off Rapunzel’s hair. Which he just took from her and after revealing herself to be a Witch, she forces Flynn Rider to leave with Maximus but not before Gothel kills Cassandra in front of the eyes of a young girl.


The movie Tangled is about a girl named Rapunzel who lives in a tower, and when she’s discovered by the kingdom’s prince, she’s locked away. She longs to be free and is ultimately reunited with her parents after spending years in captivity. In the end, the prince releases her from the tower so that they can live happily ever after.


1.How Does Rapunzel’s Hair Symbolize Her Life?

In the beginning of the film, Rapunzel’s long hair represents her solitary life as a princess. Prince Charming comes along and removes this from her by taking all (or most) of it off with magic scissors.He later keeps only four braid strands on his side for himself to use as a door key and bracelet charm so he can always find Rapunzel in their next adventure together—just like slipping old locks into new jail cells.

2.What Was The Main Conflict In Tangled And How Did It Resolve Itself?

Rapunzel’s main conflict is not being able to get close enough in order for her hair chime. After the prince reveals that Flynn Rider had cut off all of Rapunzel’s long locks, she has nothing but short strands remaining and no way to touch him.

Over time though, Rapunzel deals with this issue by exploring the castle more thoroughly (and thus touching its structures) until finally gaining access through a complication in the doorway.

3.Why Was Rapunzel Married? Why Did They Make This Relationship Platonic Instead Of Romantic?

In Tangled , Prince Charming helps cure Rapunzel’s disease by cutting her long locks (except for four braid strands, one for each hair chime and important symbol), which she then uses to create a homely hairstyle that brings her close enough to touch Flynn Rider.

In Tangled Ever After , they remain best friends because more than anything else in the whole world, they know how lost Rapunzel is without her long locks.

4.What Role Did Flynn Play In Rapunzel’s Story, And What Was His True Identity All Along?

Flynn is Rapunzel’s initial love interest whose presence helps heal her isolation as she performs daily chores in the castle: gardening, cleaning and cooking.

Despite having been a prisoner for 17 years, being locked up without awareness of fresh air or seeing trees. She has to work all day long doing this other mundane stuff that doesn’t affect our human senses in any way.

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