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The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button 2008...


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There’s a growing curiosity in the minds of people all over the world about a film called ‘Benjamin Button’, released in 2008.

The film, although filled with the beauty of the human experience was also a metaphor for life and ” the nature of human experience”.

This blog is an attempt by its author to take a close look at the movie in light of The Nature of Human Experience , its meaning and ending explanation. Its author hopes that it will offer something fresh to those who have already seen the movie but are looking for deeper meaning behind “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

All About Of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button 2008 Meaning

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button 2008...

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button 2008 Meaning

The film tells the story of an old man who looks like a newborn baby and an old lady whose legs are grotesquely deformed by arthritis. The two will fall in love after seeing each other’s beauty at different times in their lives.Theories And Theories and more theories are that Benjamin Button movie is based on the story of David Copperfield.

Theorists say it would have to be a “noble piece of fiction” by Harry Andrews, who presents himself as David Copperline (the father). It is widely believed that he was given his stage name because Edwardian aristocrats grew their hair very long in imitation of Queen Victoria, who had been nicknamed ‘Bess.

Edwardian aristocrats used to keep their hair long and well groomed in imitation of Queen Victoria. Edward Albert, Prince of Wales for Instance had his hair put up high behind a large comb called the Dandy. His brother consort Alfred John kept his locks out until he was 40… And came down only when it became fashionable to have them falling over one’s eyes .

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button 2008 Ending explanation

Ending explanation

It is called the curious case of Benjamin Button simply because, a protagonist changes and his physical appearance in age for all intents not to correspond.

This movie shows two ordinary people who look completely normal at different ages but suddenly find themselves turning into each other-being one while remaining the same person they always have been.

The way Paul (names changed) was turned into Benjamin present day and vice versa makes this story very original in contrast with most other movies.

Liza (names changed) wonders how he survived from the beginning of his centenary, to which Paul remarks that no one could have guessed it was going to be a century long .

However this is not what friends and family worry about when Liza tells them her story: she will now live with him forever but only if they escape Liza’s grasp.

Learning From The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button 2008

A person can be changed from one age to another by the agency of others or it could happen in an accident. Be careful about following people who talk alot; they may just want you to watch that moving video clip on facebook where cartoon characters side step and dance wholeheartedly .

Paul tells Liza she can rightfully call her a different name from his but not him from hers. She should always consider herself to be who she is and not its mirror image

This movie was written by Akiva Goldsman, directed Robert Zemeckis and produced by Brian Grazer for Columbia Pictures as the eighth installment in the list of theatrical features based on material published previously at that time .

Key Characters From The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button 2008

Benjamin Tucker finally decides to move and get a job in New York City for a female lawyer who persuades him into the act. However there may be circumstances that can make living with Liza Tucker (the present day Liza) too difficult, even if she is willing .

Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button

A man from New Orleans develops the same rapid aging process that a dog Benjamin Bullock newly acquired to look after becomes the only living witness of when he was young. Said growth process is accelerated by three things: “Benjamin’s love for jazz music, food and his gorgeous wife”, both male and female characters



The family maid, who is African American and a loyal servant of the Benjamin Tucker. Although marked by age, she speaks sternly in defense of her master.

Liza Tuckers (2006 film)

The wife Liza Riley was accused that she committed crimes against children because an unidentified man came up with evidences like photos taken from its company MFD stating to have appeared at the place where it would be illegal actoids while posing.



The youngest daughter of Liza and Benjie, being born crinoid, he is vulnerable due to the same transforming process that her grandmother was exposed. The girl has a destiny also related with Benjamin Button’s until they meet on 9 November 2006

Daisy (2008 film)

Caroline Button

Caroline Button

The mother of Benjamin. She has a distinguished career and many medals, with the air she carries such an accomplishment carelessly it is not more Kipp Tucker – The beloved butler to Benjie who despite all his age disdainfully refuses a pension after having been in service for 104 years succeeding Mr. Tria (the current consultant).


Elizabeth Abbott

Elizabeth Abbott

The twin sister of Benjamin who, like the latter is despised by his parents and friends. He has recently arrived from California to visit her family in London. In 2007 this was later revealed that he had been sent as an undercover agent for a year (to discover what happen to their mother) until she finds out that actually returned it .

Final Thought

Ever wondered why there was a meaning to this movie? If you’ve seen the film and didn’t understand what was happening, then don’t worry. We have chosen the top ten options and gone through each of them with a fine tooth-comb to find every possible connection between the 2008 film and its premise.

After doing that, we have picked the best one, and we’ve also approached the director Brad Bird, to collaborate on this perfect explanation and tell us in no more than 400 words. Read it, if you think you did.


1.What Is the Meaning of the Movie?

Ans: There is no direct answer to this question. All we know, thanks to the director, Brad Bird and its screenplay writer S.Nardeau and Thomas Wheeler is that there are multiple meanings named by a title card in the beginning of the film “A story about twins”

2.What Does My Name Mean?

Ans: The son of Abraham, who for his faith was marked on one cheek with a scarlet cloth . These stories are related through the generations, but they all have something in common.

3.Why Did They Choose to End It This Way?

Ans: This ending is a good example that Shakespeare had already led to this point in the movie. The Beast has been defeated, but two worlds will continue.

4.What Is the Ending of the Curious Case of Benjamin Button?

Ans: The life of a newborn was twisted, but he has the chance to change That is why Bradley changed this ending. After all in this case Curious means that we don’t know anything and Benjamin Button can open it .

5.Why Did They Make Him an Agent?

Ans: In fact there are many agents who have worked together throughout history either as undercover or other missions.  Although Bird wants us remember that “Kevin Logan’s mission differs from what most people think.

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