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The sequel to the Godfather films was released in 1974 and it was done by Francis Ford Coppola. The particular story line in the 2nd part followed the master of Don Vito Corleone, and his son Michael.

This was a continuation of the Godfather films and it went deeper into the mafia family. It goes along swimmingly with its predecessors. If you have not seen “The Godfather Part II 1974 Story Line” or have not watched it, you have come to the right place.

All About Of The Godfather Part II 1974 Story line

The Godfather Part II 1974

The Godfather Part II 1974 Story line

I must first showcase the plot and a few quotes from the film. “After his sudden death in office, crusading governor Mike Corleone sees Don Vito’s continued rule as an impediment to what he regards as his rightful place at New York City Hall (“I wuz here before you!”). He decides that the prominent families will be better served under Michael.

Vito also has a stake in several Mafia family-controlled businesses, including the Buffalo wineries and it is through this that he eventually encounters Tom Hagen’s cousin Jack Woltz. Vito wants Woltz to run his mining conglomerate (even though they are rivals) and uses Dorothy as an intermediator between them.


In the beginning of “The Godfather Part II 1974 Story line”, Don Vito Corleone broods over his daughter’s suicide. He does not know who to turn to for advice and guidance so he calls a meeting in Sicily with:

Tom Hagen, Fredo, Clemenza Sicilian general Santino (Santoos) Tessio Sonny Black Michael Corleone Jimmy Conway Tip Forselli and young Connie Falco Buffalo Jim McClain because he is upset that his son has just been voted out as its chairman.

A few hours later, Don Vito Corleone receives a phone call from Mike’s wife Livia telling him that Sonny had in the hospital and asks if anything needs to be done now.

Rising Action

Rising Action

Don Vito Corleone asks his trusted consigliere Tom Hagen to handle the situation which has just broken out between him and Buffalo Supervisor McClain. He tells him that both Mike, Luca Brasi, Sonny must be with this in mind (4:00)


Powerless for once against Godfather’s orders he makes an all family meeting at home on how to proceed regarding the current situation. Denouement

Tom Hagen arrives at the family’s mansion to tell them about Don Corleone made an agreement with McClain- that if Mike was able to run against him, then he will not any more problems. Vito tells Tom it is time for the meeting now and so they go back into his office where everyone would be seated in front of him (6:30



Mr. Corleone saddles up his horse and, in a blaze of glory rides all the way to Buffalo and meets Jack Woltz for an explanation about there upcoming sealing business with him.

When nobody seemed interested, he then shows them that he has been elected Governor which shocks everyone including Tom Hagen Fredo Michael was still alive; but the door flies open as Vito enters leading a group of guardsmen having just killed Sonny.

“The Godfather Part II 1974 Story Line” continues when Sonny comes down with pneumonia. He learns that he will not be fit to inherit the Corleone interests and position because Mike wanted him out of his way (Sonny had murdered Apollonia). After sleeping for a few days, recovers. Don Vito Corleone discusses meeting with another family who have historically them from afar but is apprehensive.

Falling Action


The story continues with Corleone family business but Vito has changed and he is a man who will not tolerate his brother’s corrupt behavior. Sonny suspicious of Tom and Don gathering the other families to plot against him decides it best to flee. He however forgets that something can be missed in Sicily for so long, as we are about two weeks before Thanksgiving 1974 (which we see around Christmas) .

Scene 1

<poem> In the summer of 1930 in Mykonos, Greece. A man arrives at an old crumbling building that he has inherited from his mother who used to own a large part before taking care of her dying uncles. It is raining outside and as it turns out, this is significant because the movie begins with us watching Montage where we see Sicily (present/past) .


The Chicago Mob is controlled by the Mafia, but despite sharing a common enemy in organized crime there are many factions that try to use it for their own purpose.

Referencing the onset of prohibition during the 1920s with which all mobsters participated in various ways (often violently) whether through legal means or not; this would lead on to its rapid decline later falling into obscurity due to laws passed against alcohol no longer being used as an illegal substance.

Furthermore, we later find out that this is not the only Mafia family they have had to deal with in Chicago; more specifically Vito’s old rival Oso Blanco seeking revenge against him for reuniting the families back together . This just gives us an idea of how fragile you could be over your territory and there would always a people who will want power within it but yet refuse to play “square” or even chival.

The Godfather Part II 1974 Short reviews

This is a substantially shorter plot for this story. The Godfather himself does not appear during the climax and only appears at the very end. The film contains a speech by Sonny at the end, contrasting with his one-line confession scene in Part I.

“The Godfather Part III (1990) Story line summary Suspense and Heat grow as the death of Vito Corleone has not been satisfactorily explained. Vito is reported alive but with amnesia, which means that his father’s enemies will want to know where he is until the mystery surrounding his disappearance can be solved or at least worse they may think it possible a new godfather has taken over The Company.

Final Thought

The Godfather Part II tells the story of Michael Corleone, who rises to power by organising his own family. Like his father, he is a ruthless mobster and has an insatiable appetite for control. In 1975, he must battle the most powerful foes he has ever faced as he desperately tries to hold on to his empire.


1.What Is the Best Scene in the Godfather Part Ii?

Ans: The best scene in Part II is probably the Don’s Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a family gathering and everybody wants something, to be reminded it will all end soon enough,” American Film Reference

2.How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sonny?

Ans: Well… surprisingly well…. Let us not forget that The Godfather Part II has never won anything in its time but this movie thinks it can count on many clips of Coppola-helmed films winning

3.What Is the Best Film You Watched Last Week?

Ans: You can find the best films of each week here-

Now, you’re ready to start your own list and give this a go – let us know what you think below?

4.Why Do I Remember This Movie So Well?

Ans: Secondly I believe it is due to its superb soundtrack where amazing compositions by Nino Rota are remixed and built into effective scenes within the film -form.

5.What Is the Best Movie Soundtrack(S) Of All Time?

Ans: It is difficult to choose , but I would have to say The Godfather Part II link:</ref> Movie sounds the same, has a protagonist you care about and tells it in really entertaining way that makes no sense.

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