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The Guilty (2021) Meaning And Ending Explanation

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When he gets an emergency phone call from an abducted lady, a degraded police officer posted to a call dispatch desk feels divided. The video takes place at a 911 dispatch contact center over the course of a single morning.

Joe Baylor (Gyllenhaal) is a call center operator who attempts to help a caller who is in great danger—but he quickly realizes that nothing is as it seems, and confronting the truth is the only way out. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the movie.

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The Guilty (2021) FAQs

Is the Guilty 2021 Based on a True Story?

Möller was motivated to make the video by a genuine 911 emergency call and the true-crime podcast Serial. So, although the narrative and characters are made up, both Den Skyldige and its replica, The Guilty, are based on true aspects from real murders.

Is the Guilty 2021 a Remake?

The film, a remake of the 2018 Danish film of the same name, stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Christina Vidal, with Ethan Hawke, Riley Keough, Eli Goree, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Paul Dano, and Peter Sarsgaard providing voices. On September 24, 2021, the film was released in limited distribution, followed by a digital release on Netflix on October 1.

Is the Guilty a Good Movie 2021?

Is the Guilty a Good Movie 2021

It’s a competent thriller with a strong lead performance from Gyllenhaal, some entertaining (though rather predictable) plot twists, and not much else. So, if you’re seeking for something intriguing to watch on Netflix while feeling free to check your phone every now and again, this film should fill that need.

What Happens in the Guilty 2021?

The Guilty is a 2021 adaptation of the Danish murder thriller Den Skyldige, filmed largely in one location. The narrative revolves on a degraded cop who works late hours at the 911 call center while awaiting a judicial judgement. When he receives a call from a lady reporting that she is being kidnapped, he takes every attempt to rescue her.

Is Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jake Gyllenhaal Related?

The sweetest sibling connection. Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal were born three years apart and have both pursued professional careers while preserving their close friendship. Maggie and Jake were born in 1977 and 1980, respectively, to Donnie Darko co-stars Stephen Gyllenhaal and Naomi Foner.

Whats the Story Behind the Guilty?

The Guilty is a remake of the 2018 Danish film Den Skyldige (which translates to The Guilty), which was based on real events. A abducted lady talked to a 911 operator in code while sitting next to her captor during the real 20-minute conversation that inspired the original film.

Is the Guilty Boring?

There is a predictable twist at the end of The Guilty, but aside from that it’s a fairly engaging thriller with strong lead performance by Gyllenhaal. So, while there isn’t much spice or excitement on offer, fans of courtroom dramas and suspenseful thrillers should be entertained.

What Did Joe Baylor Do in the Guilty?

What Did Joe Baylor Do in the Guilty

Joe Baylor is a degraded and overworked cop who takes on a late night call from a woman who claims she’s being kidnapped. When he arrives at the scene, he finds that she’s been released. The only thing left to investigate is whether or not this was actually an abduction or if the woman made it up for some reason.

Is Jake Gyllenhaal the Guilty a Remake?

The Guilty is an American version of the Danish movie Den Skyldige, that was Denmark’s authorized submission for Best International Film at the 2019 Oscars. The Guilty, produced by Antoine Fuqua and featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, is one of those tense, single-location thrillers.

Why Is the Guilty 2021 Rated R?

The tense, unsettling remake contains a lot of foul language and frightening themes. The Guilty (2021) depicts a disturbed 911 operator as she attempts to save an abducted lady. Expect severe language and audio violence throughout.

Is the Guilty Movie a True Story?

Is the Guilty Movie a True Story

Is The Guilty based on actual events? … The Guilty is a remake of the 2018 Danish film Den Skyldige (which translates as The Guilty) and is based on real events. Gustav Möller, the original film’s director, said that it was inspired by a genuine 911 call he heard on YouTube.

Is Dial 100 a Remake?

Dial 100 is a Hindi-language suspense drama film written and directed by Rensil D’Silva and directed by Sony Pictures Films India, Siddharth P. Malhotra, and Sapna Malhotra. Manoj Bajpayee, Neena Gupta, and Sakshi Tanwar play the key parts in the film, which was partially based on the Danish film The Guilty.

What Did Emily Do to Oliver?

Joe discovers Emily is to blame for Oliver’s injuries when speaking with her on the phone, when she states that Oliver had snakes in his stomach that she wanted to get rid of. Emily had previously been in a mental treatment clinic, according to The Guilty.

Does Joe Find Emily in the Guilty?

Does Joe Find Emily in the Guilty

He was too terrified to contact the police since they may not believe him given his background. Emily has now fled and is on her way to jump from a bridge when Joe calls and talks her out of it. Joe, who is upset and at the end of his rope, is eventually given some good news: Emily’s newborn son is alive.

Does Joe Save Emily in the Guilty?

Joe ultimately comes up about what he done in the past as Emily is about to jump from the bridge. But, as it turns out, she survived, opting to come down from the overpass after all. Joe literally saved her life.

Is the Guilty a Sequel to End of Watch?

The hiring of Gyllenhaal harkens back to another LAPD thriller with a camera gimmick, End of Watch, and this seems almost like a spiritual successor as it looks into the mind of the guys who wield the badge and pistol.

How Does the Guilty End?

How Does the Guilty Ending

Joe ends the Guilty by accomplishing what he set out to accomplish: freeing everyone from their own demons, including himself. The nature of Emily’s actions isn’t what drives this twist so terrifying, but Joe’s determination to help Emily because it’s too late to help himself.


The Guilty (2021) is a psychological thriller film. It is about a man who becomes obsessed with finding out the real identity of a woman he saw on TV, and begins to make his way into her life. The film is based on the play by David Mamet, who also wrote the screenplay for this movie. Some critics have said that it was too similar to films like “Fatal Attraction” and “Mulholland Drive”.

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