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The Irishman


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The Irishman is a biographical crime film based on the book of the same name by William Moore.

The film follows the story of mobster Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, who is incarcerated in prison and forced to cooperate with law enforcement to provide information on his mobster colleagues.

Today, in this article, we will find out the true meaning of the movie and explain the ending. Stay tuned with us till the end to catch everything.

The Irishman

Meaning of the movie

The movie, based on the book by William Moore, tells a gripping story of Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran (Rober De Niro), a career criminal and one of the most highly respected members of the Chicago organized crime family.

Over a period of more than three decades, Sheeran rose through the ranks until he became headman – or gang boss – in charge of all big-time operations in that city.

However, in 1996, Sheeran was indicted on federal racketeering charges and eventually convicted. Now in prison, he must cooperate with law enforcement in order to provide information on the inner workings of his criminal empire.

The meaning of The Irishman is ultimately about the corrupting influence of power and how it can destroy relationships among people. It’s also a cautionary tale about the consequences that come with betraying one’s sworn comrades – even if those comrades are responsible for doing the same to you in the past.

The ending of The Irishman

In the movie, Frank Sheeran agrees to cooperate with law enforcement and provide them with information about his mobster colleagues. As a result, he is able to pull off one final criminal heist before finishing his prison sentence.

Then, one by one, his mobster colleagues turn on him – first killing his bodyguard and then claiming he was responsible for a number of murders they had been ordered to carry out.

But even after completing this last job, Frank Sheeran knows that there’s still something lurking in the shadows that will eventually catch up with him. In the end, he takes his own life by shooting himself in the head.

Key Characters of The Irishman Frank Sheeran

Frank Sheeran

Frank was the lead character of the movie. His story started when he was just a boy, and his father took him to the infamous Irish slums of Limerick in order to toughen him up.

Frank eventually becomes one of the most successful mafia bosses in New York City, controlling over fifty crime families.

However, Frank’s life starts unraveling when members within his organization start turning against him and eventually betray him, leading to his arrest and eventual execution at the hands of the mob.

This character, The Irishman, represents the all-encompassing nature of corruption and the destructive power it has on society. The movie’s ending confirms that Frank was right to fear the mob – it ultimately proved to be his undoing.

Frank was strong as a key character of the movie. One of the most important characteristics of this character is loyalty.

In its ironclad dedication, Frank remained absolutely loyal to his comrades throughout his career in the Irish mob, even though he grew out of the ‘family’ by pushing them away with unreasonable actions like sending bullets through heads and tangling too many conspiracy theories amongst their internal power-struggles.

The strength behind this heroism was also seen when referring to Rose as if it were a second family. Her commitment to her job, even when it puts her in danger, is a great reminder of the importance of upholding one’s morals and integrity in the face of adversity.

Robert De Niro delivers an Oscar-worthy performance as Frank. He expertly portrays the complex and layered character of this mafia boss, displaying incredible strength, cunning and determination.

His powerful vocal range is perfectly used to convey the subtleties of emotion in scenes such as when he confesses his love for Rose to her brother or when he contemplates suicide after learning that she has been killed.

Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa

Irishman is a movie about Jimmy Hoffa, who was the president of the Teamsters Union. The film follows his life and how he rose to power in the 1950s. It also follows his disappearance in 1975, which remains a mystery to this day.

The ending of Irishman suggests that there may be more to Hoffa’s story than has been revealed so far. However, it’s still unclear what happened to him after he disappeared.

The character was played by the infamous Al Pacino. He also produced the film, which was directed by Martin Scorsese. Al Pacino’s character in this film is very much based on the real-life Jimmy Hoffa.

The character Hoffa is based on a number of real-life people, including:

Jack Rose – Hoffa’s driver and bodyguard. He was convicted of murder after disposing of Hoffa’s corpse.

Tony Provenzano – A powerful mobster who was also involved in the disappearance of Hoffa. Provenzano claimed he had nothing to do with it, but he later went on to testify against other members of the mob trial that followed Hoffa’s disappearance.

Political correctness can sometimes get in the way of a good story, as it has done with Irishman. Although the movie is based on true events, some people feel that it doesn’t accurately reflect some of the darker aspects of Hoffa’s life. This includes accusations of organized crime involvement and corruption within his union.

Russel Bufalino

Russel Bufalino

Bufalino is a mafia don who muscles in on the territory of another mobster, John Gotti. Bufalino is ruthless and has no qualms about killing anyone who gets in his way. The film follows Gotti’s attempt to take down Bufalino, as well as insiders within the mafia who are working against him.

This amazing character Bufalino was played by the infamous Joe Pesci. Although Irishman is a well-made film, some people feel that it doesn’t accurately reflect the darker aspects of Hoffa’s life.

It concerns organized crime involvement and corruption within his union, as well as accusations of murder. Although Bufalino is an amazing character, he was only played by Joe Pesci – one of the most famous mafia actors in history.

The ending of Bufalino suggests that there may be more to this story than has been revealed so far. However, it’s still unclear what happened to him after he disappeared.

Angelo Bruno

Angelo Bruno

Angelo Bruno is a powerful mobster who wants to take over New York’s garment industry. He clashes with another Mafia don, John Gotti, and the two men are desperate to put each other out of business.

Bruno is killed in a shooting incident which leaves many questions unanswered. It’s possible that he was targeted by Gotti because of his competition, but it’s also possible that something else transpired leading up to his death.

The character Bruno was played by Hervey Keitel. Keitel did a great job in bringing this menacing mobster to life on the big screen. His performance was a major factor in making The Irishman a critical success. However, it’s still unanswered what happened to him after he disappeared.

Peggy Sheeran

Peggy Sheeran

Peggy Sheeran is a singer-songwriter who has gained considerable popularity over the past few years. Her music blends together traditional Irish sounds with modern pop sensibilities.

Sheeran’s song “Don’t” features vocals from Hoffa’s son, Paulie Gualtieri. The song is loosely based on events that took place during Hoffa’s time as head of the Teamsters union.

The character Peggy Sheeran was played by Anna Paquin. While Paquin did an adequate job in portraying the singer, her character wasn’t particularly developed, and she didn’t bring much to the table other than her singing abilities. This made it difficult for viewers to invest in her story arc.

Important events of The Irishman

The game of the gangsters

The Irishman is a well-crafted crime drama that takes place over a period of several years. The film follows the ruthless rivalry between two powerful Mafia bosses – Angelo Bruno and John Gotti.

Bruno is killed in a shooting incident, but it’s still unclear what happened to him after he disappeared.

Gotti subsequently becomes the head of the Mafia underworld until he too is eventually killed in prison. The real story of the movie starts when Hoffa’s son, Paulie Gualtieri, comes to pursue his father’s killer. He uncovers a dark conspiracy involving the mafia and the government – and he must use all his cunning to survive.

Then, in a spectacular climax, he squares off against John Gotti himself in a final showdown that will determine the fate of New York City.

The backstory of Frank Sheeran

Frank Sheeran was the main character of the movie The Irishman. Sheeran was a hitman who started working for the mafia in 1950s Chicago. In 1976, he was arrested after robbing a bank with

an accomplice.

He was sentenced to life in prison but escaped from prison several times before his capture and re-incarceration in 1984. The final scenes of the film show Sheeran meeting up with his old Mafia associate John Gotti and Killing him.

Frank working for Hoffa

The Irishman is about Frank shooting and killing Hoffa, who was the head of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. It’s implied that Frank killed Hoffa because he was afraid that he would expose him as a criminal, which would ruin his chances of getting promoted in the organization.

The movie ends with Frank proving his innocence and being awarded custody of his son.

The Irishman- Ending Explained

The Irishman is a story about an aging mobster, Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro), who is looking to retire but clashes with fellow mobsters over control of the Boston underworld. As tensions mount, Frank’s loyalty to his old boss and friend Jimmy Burke comes into question.

When Burke is kidnapped by another gangster, Costello goes undercover as one of Burke’s hitmen in order to get him back. Frank eventually tracks Costello down, but he’s killed in the process. The movie ends with a montage of Frank’s younger years and his friendship with Jimmy Burke.


The Irishman is an interesting movie with a complex, intriguing plot. It has multiple layers of meaning that can be interpreted in many ways, but the end result remains intriguing and engaging. Whether or not you believe all of its interpretations remains up to your interpretation, but regardless this is a well-made film with a high level of entertainment value.

So, if you haven’t seen The Irishman yet, put it on your list and see for yourself what all the hype is about.


1.What Is The Meaning Of The Movie Irishman?

Ans. The meaning of the movie Irishman is largely unknown, but it may be based on historical events or references to Celtic mythology.

2.What Is The Ending Of Irishman?

Ans. The ending of Irishman has not been revealed, but it likely involves Frank using his powers to revive his wife and daughter from death.

3.Where Can I Find More Information About The Movie’s Plot And Symbolism?

Ans. For more information about the movie’s plot and symbolism, please consult the IMDb plot summary and The Guardian’s review. If you do so, please be aware that these sources contain spoilers.

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