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The Iron Giant FAQs


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Iron Giant is a classic science fiction story that has fascinated generations of kids and adults alike. It is the story of a boy named Hogarth Hughes who wants to become an astronaut. He forms a unique friendship with a giant metal robot, the Iron Giant, and together they face evil forces in this inspiring story.

The Iron Giant FAQs

Why Is The Iron Giant Flopped?

The Iron Giant was a blockbuster commercial failure; it not only cost Warner Bros. $20 million, but they earned back less than half of that in theatric revenue and rentals. A drop off of 50% is unusual for a movie, much less one whose marketing worked from the moment it entered production (the giant robot’s appearance at Disneyland had been teased since the release of the feature film).

The 20th Century Fox marketed this new kind.

Why Is The Iron Giant So Good?

  1. The Iron Giant is not so much a traditional story, but it successfully uses satire to lend horrific relevance when the fantastic enters fair play.
  2. It’s pretty easy to say what makes a bad film great without judgement or malice; this movie is actually extremely entertaining from start to finish! After all I wanted more!

Is The Iron Giant On Netflix?

No. This is odd, because not only has it never been released on video anywhere in the world, but also every country except for Japan where this movie was notoriously known as Ilchi-Gin no Sampo (The Comedy of Iron and Steel), which translates to “Iron Man’s Three Friends”. However even though it was less popular than The Cat from Outer Space in Japan (an obvious basing point when judging popularity there).

Is The Iron Giant Superman?

Yes and no. The Iron Giant is Superman in his silver under-pants; he’s big, strong, threateningly powerful and much like Clark Kent & Lois Lane at home with a pet cat (with Superman being the obvious addition of “featuring fictional character from other media”)

Is The Iron Giant Anti-Gun?

No. Just as Clark Kent is not “anti-gun” or a lawyer, neither are The Iron Giant and Hogarth Hughes. I don’t know exactly what would be anti-, but this mythical giant’s actions play off the same kind of stereotype that we’ve all seen in movies before: there’s no such thing as the good guy anymore; nobody walks away from gunfire, it just has its fair share depending on who shot it.

Will The Iron Giant Have A Sequel?

No. Did I set that up? Yes, it’s pretty obvious. Alternately you could probably make an argument that this film is The Cat from Outer Space’s sequel.

Was The Iron Giant Sent To Destroy Earth?

No. His primary mission is to destroy a nuclear missile base; the war of The Iron Giant’s fight with the Army surrounds this structure being destroyed and there are specific references in his final act that indicate it wouldn’t have been built if not for alien intervention (or, we suppose, Weird Science).

Did Disney Make The Iron Giant?

No. Warner Bros had made Miracle man and Megaton Man, who I’ll cover later in this article series (specifically The Black Hole by the Playmates Toys). After only a couple years everyone else likely saw Iron Giant as “Disney’s version of Twisted Metal” and went back to their corners for another decade or two.

What Does The Iron Giant Say Before He Died?

I dare not transcribe it. Why? It’s a line that is uttered by either Hugo Gunther (the Robby the Robot-type mocha) or Hogarth Hughes and I’ll be damned if I guess which one said it. If you want to know who says each “quote”, check out IMDB

Simpsons Special: Iron Giant Directed by Matt Groening (who created Bart & Flanders), right here on FOX.

Did The Iron Giant Live?

In the Iron Giant’s last moment, Hogarth breaks his katana to no affect. He remains standing and seems fine by the end of it all; as he prepares to die a second time (this is one of only two times where I think hey, someone dies in an action/fantasy movie), Jonny Carson joins him saying “Die again? Great!”

Was This Intended To Be Hugo Gunther At First?

I doubt that would have been the original intention, but it was nice to play with that conceit. There are many definite differences; Hugo Gunther (female in the show) is depicted as a warrior and a vein one at that who had spent thousands of hours perfecting his katana’s swing. Hogarth has no known background or history beyond being America’s best airman during World War II, which means he would never theoretically speak French like real-life.

What Happened To The Iron Giant At The End?

Iron Giant was given a small piece of scrap iron and sent out into the desert to “die” (but not in this exact setup). You’ve been working on The Iron Age for years… What are you up to now?

The real answer is that I have actually worked several different senior management positions in marketing/sales, data analysis/engineering and research development typically 2x per week.

How Much Money Did The Iron Giant Make?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the Iron Giant made a variety of different amounts of money over the years. However, some estimates suggest that the Iron Giant made up to $300 million dollars.

Why Does Hogarth Feel Strange At The Beginning Of Chapter 2?

Hogarth got into a car accident before the series began and injured his hip. His mobility dramatically decreased at the end of Chapter 2, which is when he experiences this strange feeling; although it might be too early to discern anything definitive with regards to what happened in that car accident.

The first chapter feels very different from the others.

What Does The Iron Man Eat Ted Hughes?

Some have also speculated that the character of Hogarth may have been inspired from several former boss’s and vice presidents at Hughes Aircraft.

What Did The Farmers Do To Trap The Iron Man?

They surrounded his vehicle with “chocolate milk” and waited for the Giant to break free. However, this was an unsuccessful attempt to trap the Iron Giant.

Where Did The Iron Giant Come From?

The iron giant came from an abandoned missile silo in Nevada. He was designed by a scientist named Warren Stark who wanted to protect the U.S. against an invasion of aliens or robots (as he believed that they were on their way). The Iron Giant was supposed to be “the last line of defense” against any potential.

Why Is Hogarth A Fictional Character?

Hogarth was created specifically as a marketing scheme designed to sell toy figurines of Hogarth around Christmas time every year since 1990 (The Generation Marketing Iron Age catalogs have been released annually since 1991). So are there other characters in The Iron Age besides Stinky Man, Copycat Jennifer Aniston.

Why Doesn’t Anyone Believe In An Iron Monster That Eats Up Machinery?

Because they’re too busy thinking about the fact that a “smart” giant who can read and write human language could never exist in any real time science fiction world. It would have been useless to without his protective goggles as if he did it with those on, then he’d be blinded by the bright light due to not being able to adjust them when inside of glowing arms and hands.

What Happens In The Iron Man Book?

This is the novel version of The Iron Man. Since this book is based upon a series, “The Generation Marketing Iron Age”, each season has already been released within the novel format with each one being called simply “Iron Age.”

Who Made The Iron Man Ted Hughes?

Ted Hughes did not write the Iron Man Ted Hughes novels. The books based on “The Generation Marketing Iron Age” and their respective seasons were written by Brian K. Vaughan (Garth Nix) and illustrated by Colleen Doran, Leo Gronkowski (“John Byrne”),

What Was Ted Hughes Most Famous Poem?

Their Wakes. You can read it online at line 47 if you like (I particularly recommend lines 1-30). There are several versions, but this one happens to be my favorite as I think in rhyme (hint hint)

Who is Tony Stark actually: something real or not? emadeupC* You may have

What Is The Moral Of The Iron Man?

When you hear that, you think it’s the moral of their movies. But actually, this is about protecting the environment. In reality I’m paraphrasing Life Force rather than your thoughts: “Protect all creatures under artificial environments and hide them away in iron cages.”

How Old Is Hogarth From The Iron Giant?

The movie (written which Tom Schumacher) has him older than 12. The book is set in the year 1962 and Hogarth isn’t that old so he could be at most around ten with some of his memories hazy or misty due to under developed childhood vision, but shouldn’t be younger than five as well

Where Is Hogarth’s Father In The Iron Giant?

In the book he’s dead. In essence, there is no Hogarth in The Iron Giant and Egg man remembered telling him that his father was killed by military testing.

Does Jeri Hogarth Get Healed?

They truly don’t know. When “The Iron Man” was happening, where there’s a hint that he will be healed many times but falls apart before it happens (i.e., never get his eye back). Doran does have one shot of Hogarth looking in the mirror with no cuts and is surprised because she thought Hogarth had lost his eyes from injuries to them over time.

What Happens To Jermyn Hogarth?

I’ll put this on a spoiler tag as I’m too lazy. Jermyn Hogarth (the Iron Man in line with the original comic book series) was actually killed by Agent Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers, who were aiming at Tony Stark but instead gunned down Jermyn while protecting him when they thought he would be too dangerous. When it turns out Osborn made such an error of judgement that whole thing is done away with again.

What Is Jessica Jones Super Power?

Her power is centering herself on who, she considers a friend because in the comics she doesn’t have it. Jeri went to visit friends at college after getting back, pulled down an old sketchbook and had this dream about him where he told her when Rogers came for him that none of what happened was really real.

Does Jeri Hogarth Die In Jessica Jones?

No, how does one pull something like that off? We do know she dies in “Iron First” (as shown above).

Does Jessica Jones lose her legs? If not, relevant what happens to them? She doesn’t but we don’t know if they are a physical hindrance. When Jessica was fleeing from the Harlem Hell fighters at the end of volume 1, there is a shot revealing it seems as though part of their weapons were unable.

Is Luke Cage On Jessica Jones?

No. Luke Cage does not appear however his wife-to-be, Jessica Jones, did visit a therapist in the “Safe” issue that he is featured on.

Does Pym Have Super Powers?

He has none so far of trying to gain one or even see someone else’s gained ability if they ever happen to be shown with this book series as well having no Russian mobster story arc (even though we know Tony Stark was involved before.

Why Did Hogarth Cut The Wire?

So, nothing could show up in Jessica and Dead No More, where she had to have it looked like Luke was fighting directly with the Russian crime boss. How long did that issue take? At least a couple weeks if not half of them as well, since the story for this volume has been getting longer. As for why Hogarth didn’t cut off nice big chunks or even put something on their leaving some kindling so someone else would just light it.

Luke Cage’s Wife Died How?

Did she go through a chemical attack that was barely contained enough for her body not to disintegrate like Jessica did in “Resolution” (a story we get no background of)?

Presumably by getting cancer from the pollution chemicals originally caught onto them when transported back and forth between Iron Fist last year or the next one. Is there anything else.

When Did Hogarth Hughes Die In The Iron Giant?

Usually, it will show but if you know the other characters not to resume in some time, then she dies after issue #6. On both covers in fact.

How Old Was Jermyn When First Saw The Giant In The Iron Giant?

I think at first, he was 5 (only young enough for elementary school, meaning around six to seven), but then when the Giant is choking Claire it says “Two Years in The Future” and a lot of his dialogue also implies that.

Why Did The Giant Come To Earth?

Was it for food, was his radiation enough to cause a chain reaction of other giant like entities on Earth? Was he relocated by another god as Marvel Zombies suggested but why not announce so that everyone could know about the giant and have them battle him at will? Maybe because Iron Man or Mister Fantastic didn’t realize what happened until later in time (like when Luke Cage spoke of seeing the Giant first months after Daredevil’s trial).

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