The Last Legion (2007) Meaning and Ending Explanation




The Last Legion (2007) Meaning and Ending Explanation


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The Last Legion is a 2007 film directed by Matthew Vaughn and starring Christopher Lambert, Rachel Weisz, Maggie Q, and John Sessions. The film was written by Vaughn and Jane Goldman, based on an original story by Goldman and Mike Figgis. The movie is about a Roman legion under attack from invaders from Britain and the Roman government sends their most loyal soldier to defend the legion before time runs out.

The Meaning of the Movie

The Last Legion (2007) Meaning and Ending Explanation

The Last Legion is a 2007 fantasy film directed by Joseph Zito and starring Stephen Baldwin, Jennifer Esposito, Terry Crews, and Michael Madsen. It was released in the United States on August 31, 2007.

The movie follows the exploits of Legatus Flavius Valerius Maximus (Stephen Baldwin), a Roman centurion who discovers that he is the last remaining legionary of Rome’s Sixth Cohort after their unit is wiped out in an ambush.

After being rejected by his commanding officer for being too old to fight in battle, he takes matters into his own hands when he saves a young boy from drowning at sea and ends up forming an unlikely alliance with another Roman soldier named Caecilius (Terry Crews). Together they set off to find survivors from other units and discover what happened to their comrades.

The two men are also joined by two French soldiers (Michael Madsen) who were rescued from a warlord’s army; one of them is able to speak English because he grew up in America while the other has no idea how to speak it or write it but can still understand it.

The Message of the Movie

The Last Legion is about the importance of loyalty and friendship. It tells the story of a Roman centurion who, after his unit is wiped out in an ambush, sets off to find survivors and eventually finds himself joined by two French soldiers who help him fight against the British invaders. The centurion’s loyalty to his friends and comrades ultimately saves them all from certain death.

In the film, an army of Romans fights against an army of undead in ancient Rome. The two armies are led by Marcus and Varus who have been turned into vampires due to their use of forbidden magic during battle. The legionnaire Crixus (Corey Haim) leads a small band of rebels to stop the vampire Varus from destroying the city of Rome.

They fight alongside humans who were bitten by the vampires but survived due to not being transformed into blood-sucking monsters like their leaders. Crixus hopes that his companions will change with him, but this proves not to be true when he is eventually killed while fighting one such human soldier, Gaius Octavius (Adrian Paul).

Ending Explanation

After defeating their enemy, they are betrayed by one of their own friends who betrays them to be killed by King Alaric. Their friend is later found dead with no sign of torture or marks on his body as if he was murdered which makes them suspect foul play.

They have an ally named Proculus who leads them to believe that they will be able to survive if they follow him into hiding at his secret underground temple where they can stay safe from Roman soldiers until the time comes for them to fight back against their enemies once again.

The ending explanation for The Last Legion (2007) movie is: “Marcus, Titus and Lucius must choose between saving Rome or preserving their lives.” This ending shows how loyal these three men were and how they put their lives on the line for what was right in order to protect Rome from being taken over by King Alaric’s forces.

The Main Idea of the Movie

In this movie we can see how all men of the legion are slaves and trained for years to fight as gladiators. But at last they escape from the arena and meet their former master who kills them. We also see how one of the gladiators meets a woman who helps him regain his memories that he lost when he was captured in Rome during an uprising against Emperor Nero’s army during AD 68. He goes back to Rome where he kills his former master and becomes emperor himself but not before making sure all those who were once slaves become free.

Hidden Meaning of the Movie

The Last Legion is a film directed by Mark Atkins, starring Michael Caine and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The movie was released in 2007 and has received mixed reviews from critics. This movie revolves around the Roman Army’s quest to locate the lost legionnaires of Legio IX Hispana during the reign of Emperor Trajan (98-117 AD).

According to Wikipedia, “After Trajan became emperor in 98 AD, he ordered his military commanders to find all of the legions that had been destroyed or dispersed after Caesar’s civil war. He believed that finding them would give him a greater sense of security.”

As mentioned earlier, this film is based on historical events and there are no hidden meanings here except perhaps for symbolism about loyalty and sacrifice; like how many times have we seen someone die for their country or people?

Was the Ending Satisfying?

The ending of the movie was satisfying, in that all of the gladiators who had been captured and taken to Rome were finally free. However, some viewers may have wanted more closure on what happened to King Alaric and his army after they were defeated by Legio IX Hispana.


Arn – The Kingdom At Road’s End is a 2008 South African historical drama film directed by Rory Kennedy and Martin Katz based on the book by Nicoline van der Walt. The plot follows two schoolchildren stranded on the Veld during the trek of Boer settlers into the former ZAR. The film received a nomination at the 2009 African Film Festival in Durban and won the 2009 Best Screenplay and Best Actress respectively at the 2009 Mufaro Film Festival.


Did Arn the Knight Templar Exist?

There are no records of his existence, however some historians believe that he may have existed. There are stories about him being buried at St. Augustine’s Abbey in Canterbury and how he rode a horse from Palestine to England when it came through on its way back home. It is believed that this journey took three years because the horse would eat grass for several months during its journey. This story has given rise to speculation as to whether Arn may have really existed or not, because such a long trip would be impossible without modern technology.

What Happens to Arn?

He first appeared in the movie when he was brought back from Mexico with an old stone tablet that had his name on it. In the end, after seeing it, Steve tells him about how he will not be able to see his wife again. This leads him to decide to go out into the desert for a long time so that no one can find him ever again. However, this doesn’t happen because there are some people who try their best to find him but fail.

Is Arn a True Story?

There is no one answer to this question as there are many different versions of the story. Some believe that Arn is a true story while others believe it to be fictitious.

How Does Arn the Knight Templar End?

In the end, Arn the Knight Templar is never found and his fate remains a mystery.

What Is the Meaning of the Name Arn?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it could mean different things to different people. Some believe that the name Arn may be originating from the Arabic word “ar-na” which means “the noble one.” Alternatively, some believe that the name Arn is derived from a Celtic term meaning “destroyer of strongholds.”

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