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Thor Island


Thor Island is a small, uninhabited island in the QLD Gulf. It’s named after Thor, the Norse god of thunder and lightning. The island was first discovered by fishermen in 1889 but it wasn’t until 1915 that it was permanently settled by a group of German immigrants who started farming wheat and cattle on the islands. By 1942, Thor Island had been occupied by Japanese forces as part of their Pacific campaign against Australia.

During this time, the homes of the island’s settlers were destroyed and livestock was stolen. Once World War II had ended, Thor Island returned to mainland Australia where it joined Kybarta Island in Far North Queensland as a part of the Southcoast Regional Council. The communities merged into one following a referendum in 2006 by QLD Parliament on merging two councils from Marnoo Nordon that covered both islands’ landmasses at the time.

Thor is an unincorporated settlement on the south-eastern shores of Australia’s Queensland coast. From its sheltered bay, the extensive north and west coasts are in clear sight across a series of sandy beaches and several offshore islands.

Thor Island has tourism amenities including restaurants, hotel accommodation, visitors centers, and facilities for camping. This national park provides opportunities to view coastal scenes from without (by viewing them via your vessel) as well as within one’s own abode.

The ferry from the mainland town of Moranbah, Queensland to Thor Island is operated by Seqwater and operates three times daily (Mon-Fri) operating since 9 December 2008 and reduced on weekends in high season 2016 see timetable or check with local operators for schedules.

The charged fare listed below are approximate prices as can fluctuate possibly after peak seasons 2017 depending on dockage fees paid at selected smaller seaports such as Proserpine, Coral Bay, and North Rockhampton see check with the operators or a local tour operator.


Thor Island Climate

The climate of Thor Island is generally tropical and warm, with average temperatures ranging from around 27 degrees Celsius in winter to 30 degrees Celsius in summer. The driest months are January and February, while the wettest months are July and August.

In January 1968 a tropical cyclone well offshore from the island centered approximately west-southwest of Cape Melville was observed by weather stations located on the northern tip.

This system had winds gusting up to and moved over at an estimated eye pass position of 10° east longitude within 100 km (60 mi) of Thor Island. Aside from these powerful storms, there have been relatively few reports regarding such events in recent years; however, as part of the monitoring of alpine areas, it would be expected that such was the case.


Thor Island is home to the Aboriginal Korowa people, who have inhabited the island for more than 60,000 years. Today, there are around 100 Korowa people living on Thor Island and neighboring islands. The Korowa People maintain their traditional way of life which includes fishing, gathering fruit and vegetables from the local area, and practicing ceremonial ceremonies.

The Royal Australian Navy operates a small military presence on Thor Island to support defense training activities conducted by defense personnel.

The Australian Defence Force has maintained a small presence on the island since at least 1968, with ongoing defense support to training exercises being conducted via both jet and helicopter transport. The Thor Battalion is made up of approximately 300 members from three squadrons (4D6, 4F374).

Their duties include national security training for Queensland Police Service as well as operational infiltration and reconnaissance operations in conjunction with other land-based agencies such as civil defense units.

The main port facilities on Thor Island are operated by charter boat operators. On the small island, there is no permanent population, with approximately half of all visitors staying overnight (or more) in accommodation facilities such as campsites or cabins.


Thor Island is part of the Mackay Regional Council, in far north Queensland, Australia. As of the 2011 Australian census, Thor Island had a permanent resident population of 8 (a 0.6% increase since 2006). The Battle for Australia was fought here during World War II in September 1942 by Japanese forces along with the 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion.

Government Services

These are provided by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. These include an airstrip maintained by the Royal Australian Air Force at Thor Field.

The educational services of Mackay Central State School is provided on the island, with a contingent of people in residence managing and teaching subjects ranging from English to history.

This includes their own staff (caretakers), as well as visiting teachers such as those from Old Xaverians College and Brisbane Girls Grammar. The school also welcomes students, who use St John ‘s’ College on Riverside Drive, Mackay as their transport home.


Thor Island is a popular destination for visitor activities, including camping, fishing and boating. There are also limited facilities for overnight accommodation, with the majority of visitors spending their time on the island either in day tours or overnight stays. There is no commercial tourism or snack bar on the island.

A ferry service operates from Chinamans Beach, just to the north of Thor Island into Thor Harbour.


The island is only accessible by ferry or helicopter.

Ferry services run from Chinamans Beach on the north of the island, and Thor Harbour on the south side. Helicopter services are also available from Chinamans Beach and Thor Field, which provides access to many tourist destinations in far north Queensland including Eagle Creek National Park and Cape York Peninsula.


Thor Island is known for its fresh seafood which is caught by local fishermen. The island also has a bakery and cafe, as well as a few small grocery stores. A significant portion of the island is ‘off limits’ to visitors thanks to a number of national parks and reserves on Thor Island.


Thor Island, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland, is home to a breeding colony of American Bald Eagles. It is estimated that there are around 1000 eagles living on the island and each year, they raise four to six chicks. The young eagles are taught how to hunt and fish by their parents and when they are ready to leave the island, they fly off to spread their wings and explore the world.


Is Thor Island Accessible By Road?

No, it is only accessible by ferry or helicopter.

Where Can I Find Food And Drink On Thor Island?

There are a few small grocery stores located on the island. There is also a bakery and cafe that serve fresh seafood.

Where Can I Find Toilet Facilities On The Island?

There are public toilets at Arthur’s Cove and Chinamans Beach. There is no other camping area on Thor Island.

Is There Accommodation Available On Thor Island?

No, there are no accommodation facilities on Thor Island. Due to the fragile ecosystem of the island’s surrounding marine and aquatic environment, overnight camping is not allowed.

What Kinds Of Animals Live On Thor Island?

The most commonly spotted wildlife when visiting Thor Island are sealed but sometimes eagles can be seen flying over Arthur’s Cove as well as Great Bay near Donaghue Bridge Provincial Park (east side only).

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