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Tootsie (1982) Meaning and Ending Explanation




Tootsie (1982) Meaning and Ending Explanation

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Tootsie is a 1982 American romantic comedy film directed by Robert Greenwald and written by Alvin Sargent. The film stars John Travolta, Dustin Hoffman, and George C. Scott and features Mandy Patinkin, Don Knotts, Madeline Kahn, Dan Aykroyd, Rosalind Cash and Sigourney Weaver in supporting roles.

If you’ve ever seen Tootsie (1982), then you will know the storyline. Dustin Hoffman plays an unemployed actor who pretends to be a woman in order to get a job in acting. However, his love interest Jessica Lange gets jealous of him and quits her job as well. To get revenge on Jessica, he turns himself into the movie theater manager and starts impersonating her.

Tootsie (1982) Meaning and Ending Explanation

The Meaning of The Tootsie (1982) Movie

The meaning of the Tootsie (1982) movie is that “women are jealous and men need to make women jealous!” The Tootsie (1982) film is a classic comedy that focuses on the good old days of Hollywood where women feel envious, and men are used as puppets- to make women jealous. It can be interpreted as stating, “if only life was like this in our day; people wouldn’t need to strive so hard just get by in life!

Everyone would live happily ever after with no worries! Fortunately, we have too much technology today and not enough romance among couples or anything else for us!!! For all its deficiencies, though, it does raise some interesting questions,” these include the following

“how much do you really like the guy when he’s not around, and are women more attracted to a man who acts like they’re in love with him or one that doesn’t seem threatening character-wise? These contribute to making Tootsie (1982) a very good movie.

Tootsie Plot – Explained

Tootsie Plot - Explained

The plot of the Tootsie (1982) movie starts with Michael Dorsey, a grown man who has never had to work for himself in his life, and it has been this way since childhood. He works as an acting teacher at Laney College. In one class that focuses on auditions, here comes Dorothy Michaels, whom we will meet later on in the film.

She wants to audition but refuses all offers from producers like David Hayes due sit losing more money by doing so than she could actually claim when she gets hired. However, it’s not really her fault if she is successful or unsuccessful because she is not being hired to work! She interacts with Michael over a number of weeks and slowly starts getting to know him.

Finally, she has made up her mind about doing the audition, but it’s too late for that now! In fact, David Hayes happens to be coming by when he hears something: Dorothy Michaels had been having sex outside his office window with another man between dawn and low tide while they held their jobs! The Teamsters union was ready to take them down in front of everyone who had just worked there.

The first-person narration explains that this event factors into how women feel envious: they really do love the idea of being courted. Indeed, that is Dorothy’s very lack in the movie.

Second, her wanting to be hired means that she must act successfully, and this could mean acting like an actress, a case where all women want success only but cannot achieve it! Would you give up right then, though, if you find out your lover has been cheating on his boss with other people behind his back?

Far worse for them since their beliefs had already enticed karma black magic into orchestrating this version of the earth at about birth. This brings in throughout Michael’s vain desire – as portrayed – to be involved with Dorothy so as to make a life together and not just act successfully. They also expand on soul mates where all one needs is consent from both partners to achieve the purpose of being there, looking at each other!

As for duty in this sense: only she feels else has a rightful place anchoring you into your calling. In other words, there’s nothing really anyone can do about it. So, Michael starts teaching her how money works; they meet uptown once he gets hired but by then far goes into an eating disorder, vowing that no woman would use his body.

Reasons for Watching the Tootsie (1982) Movie

Reasons for Watching the Tootsie (1982) Movie

Tootsie is a story of the conflict of personal feelings and real-life issues, but overall, it’s funny. In fact, the movie was so good I saved this link-to read it later on down your history when you’re old enough to understand what it all means.

From here forward, let us analyze why over 17 years ago, I (or my mother or anyone) even thought that women could identify with such hilarity, which brings up another question: What Sets Men Apart from Women?

Women Are Just as Selfish and Stupid as Males, and Both are Miracles! So, Tootsie talks about the need for a particular person to complete us and make us whole. Now let’s go back to see if our addition of “miracle” really means there are some people that you can’t measure up to? We’ll just deduce from this movie its overarching theme. When I was young, I remember it seems funny now, but we are 18 years later.

Didn’t my father work in an auto shop? Perhaps he was fully satisfied working at such a shallow level before God gave him knowledge of seeing his own Messiah walk out of heaven: Jesus! Do women understand how crucial it is to hold on to who their mate is? I can just imagine how hard my dad must have worked in his life to move up ever so slightly. Am I overstating the concept of “human”?

For example, women are more loyal than men usually would be. Well, maybe not! This brings us now into a world where some people still believe that we should not recognize all this. The fact that God gives each and every person a gift for use if they only let him give them but folks like Jimmy Stewart makes you realize – he’s helpful enough on occasion :). Who knows, maybe he’s the one that has given us a small revival by letting Tootsie come along at NO COST!

The Message of The Tootsie (1982) Movie

The Message of The Tootsie (1982) Movie

What seems to be the inspiration of this movie? Before looking at this intriguing story, let’s note how a man can really turn out watching Tootsie. So many positives happen in Charlie’s life. He saves one kid from getting hit by a car, even though they were only having fun. He rescues himself and his son from disastrous situations: then later marries Janet!

When her father finally learns that she will never accept such payments – instead of telling him to go rent a limousine for another woman. Well, it is pretty darn funny we had not noticed until now.

It almost seems like this girl would make all the people in her life happy, but no matter what she does or how much “tough love” divorce entails, it is still never easy.

The Ending of Tootsie (1982) Movie

The Ending of Tootsie (1982) Movie

The breaking point occurs when the show’s producers seek to extend Dorothy’s contract for another year owing to her popularity. When a technological malfunction compels the ensemble to play live, Michael saves the day by improvising a revelation about Emily: that she is really Edward, Emily’s twin brother who took her place to avenge her.

This gives everyone a way out, but Julie is so enraged by Michael’s dishonesty that she hits him in the crotch and walks out after the cameras have stopped shooting. After a few weeks, Michael has decided to produce Jeff’s play. “The only reason you’re still alive is that I never kissed you,” he adds as he returns Les’ engagement ring. Les confesses that Michael was a pleasure to be with as Dorothy despite his rage, and Michael offers him a drink.

Michael afterward waits outside the studio for Julie. She is hesitant to speak with him, but he assures her that he and her father had a fantastic time playing pool. She eventually acknowledges that she misses Dorothy.

“I was a better man with you as a woman than I ever was with a woman as a man,” Michael tells her, adding, “I was a better man with you as a woman than I ever was with a woman as a man.” Julie forgives him, and they walk away from each other, talking.

Ending Explanation of Tootsie (1982) Movie

Ending Explanation of Tootsie (1982) Movie

I could only think of a few different outcomes to the story Tootsie (1982) Movie. Therefore, I’ll focus on one possible result. After being unemployed for so long, it is pretty much impossible that Mr. Topper ever returns to his old job as a doctor or whether he had enough nerve left in him as an actor later tries this option – wearing some other type of suit and pretending not to be known anymore.

The last outcome we might see is if Janet decides she has learned her lesson from their first divorce, waits until needed by Charlie again then approaches the senior’s home with firm decisions. This would be an ending of the story indeed, and there’s only one tiny problem, this never happened. What! So, I say: if you wonder why that is so – it was actually so Tootsie (1982) movie.

If she did resolve her issues with her husband, we could assume some aspects as to why Daniel Stern still wanted to stay in acting even though he had reached a certain level of satisfying glory years ago.

This is noble to say, of course – most actors do not pursue their passion for the sake of continuing, but we cannot put everything he did only in a bad light either. Even when playing his third role would have been the icing on the cake or going behind Sylvester Stallone’s back and becoming successful instead – who can tell?

It might be just that simple, and another actor has even said: “You never get over what you’ve done one day” I might also add: if your girlfriend is married, she will think differently about new things than someone dating a single.

While I believe there is a big difference between being able to pick and choose who you want around you or having no choice whatsoever, it could at least make sense in acting. No matter how good one may be as an actor/actress, if not compared to others, they will never come out on top as their partners are obviously still able to do that.

The Story of The Tootsie (1982) Movie

The Story of The Tootsie (1982) Movie

The story of The Tootsie (1982) movie is about an actor named Michael Douglas who plays the role of Sandy. Sandy is a successful actor who is married to Dorothy (played by Julie Andrews). However, Sandy has a secret that he has been hiding for years – he is transgender.

One day, while on set, Sandy gets lost in character and starts behaving in a way that is not typical for him. Dorothy becomes suspicious and decides to watch him from behind the scenes. She sees him kiss another woman, and she knows that he is not really her husband anymore.

Dorothy decides to confront Sandy about his secret, and he admits that he is transgender. They decide to go through with the divorce, but Dorothy makes one condition: keep their marriage a secret from everyone else.

As time goes on, Sandy begins to feel more comfortable being himself, and eventually, they get back together. However, things are still difficult because they are constantly worried about what people might say or think about them.

The Tootsie (1982) movie was a huge success, and it helped change the perception of transgender people in society. It also paved the way for other movies like The Crying Game (1992) and Boys Don’t Cry (1999), which depicted transgender characters more positively.

The Theme Portrayed By The Tootsie (1982) Movie

The theme of transgender identity as portrayed in The Tootsie (1982) movie shows how an individual can make a difference through their love and relationships. It shows that these people deserve our acceptance and respect regardless of whether they dress differently or live life differently than us.

The lesson I learned from this movie is that we should not judge others because they may have very different appearances, characteristics, or sexual preferences. We need to accept the people around us for who they are and how their lives go ahead of them regardless of being trans somehow relates to it.

Tootsie (1982) Movie Hidden Meaning

Tootsie (1982) Movie Hidden Meaning 

There is no one hidden meaning of The Tootsie (1982) Movie. It is a comedy-drama film that tells the story of an up-and-coming actor, Michael Dorsey, who becomes entranced by the role of a lifetime in a Broadway production of The Tootsie Pop. However, during rehearsals, he starts to develop feelings for his co-star, Sandy Dennis.

When Sandy finds out about Michael’s feelings, she decides to pretend to be gay in order to keep their relationship secret. However, things quickly get out of hand, and the entire cast and crew soon find out. The movie ends with Michael and Sandy finally confessing their love for each other and getting married.


In the 1982 comedy film Tootsie, the script has a unique ending that may not have been intended. The film is about a struggling actor named Michael Dorsey who falls in love with his make-up artist Sandy. After being fired from his acting job, he spends a night at a bar where he meets Janice Lester, who hires him as her personal assistant. He and Janice get married and move into an apartment that she pays for.


What Message Does The Tootsie (1982) Send?

The message portrayed in this movie says you can make a difference through love and relationships as long as you do anything to prove yourself worthy. It also shows that transgender identity deserves our respect no matter what any other people think (Judge).

What Is The Plot Of The Tootsie (1982) Movie?

The plot portrayed by this movie shows how someone can make a difference in their relationships. It shows that these people deserve our respect no matter what other people think (Judge).

What Are Some Important Quotes/Parts From The Tootsie (1982)?

They all also show great lessons and morals; we should not judge others because they may have very different appearances, characteristics or sexual preferences than us. I took away from this movie to accept differences like what society thinks is right and reject those things.

What Is The Main Idea Of The Tootsie (1982) Movie?

The main idea of The Tootsie (1982) movie is about a man who can’t get out of his own way. He has to go through many challenges in order to become a better person and finally achieve his goals.

What Is The Moral In Tootsie?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on the individual’s interpretation. However, some people might see the moral in Tootsie as being about accepting yourself for who you are and not trying to be someone you’re not. Others might see the moral as being about trusting your instincts and not letting others control your life.

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