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Toy Story Storyline And Short Reviews


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Toy Story is one of the best animated films to have ever been created. The story follows the adventures of a group of toys and their owner, a young boy named Andy. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it! If you have seen it already, then you must have wondered what other things from Toy Story have to offer. It is a fun fact that Pixar’s Toy Story was inspired by many real-life toy stories, which is why it got two sequels. They all had the same premise: toys come to life when you aren’t looking.

Toy Story Storyline And Short Reviews

Toy Story Movie Storyline

In Toy Story, the toys are left with Buzz Lightyear to a young boy named Andy. That night, after making drastic changes in their own appearance, they realize that something is wrong and try to leave Andy’s room. They go out through the window but come face-to-face with what looks very much like Sid Phillips who almost breaks free of his restraints while they admire him as he fights them off desperately trying toescape.

He continues to escape even when the toys are amputated one by one each time with emergency measures taken at Andy’s request because he does not want them taking their eyes off him so they have no idea what happened or even where Sid went.

As soon as Walt Disney started spinning ideas for his next animated feature – “The Brave Little Toaster”, inspiration just began flooding into his head and put some of its ideas onto paper that was inspired by “Dumbo” and other films.

What happened in the end

He had come up with an idea which is a creature instead of animals, animate them so that they can be used in animation rather than testing their responses to the environment on live birds. When he did this his wife Virginia were impressed because she said: “Take your drawings upstairs and show it someone.” He showed it to Walt who liked what he saw but asked Disney if they could introduce a character that he could refer to as “Cap’n Jack” (based on Virginia).

The original draft of the script was written by an animator whom Disney hired who is said to be one of his children but it ended up being rewritten three times. Toy Story: The Tough part in creating Toy Story Animation for Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar – Steve Jobs wanted life inside the toys, ever since he watched Alice Through The Looking.

Characters of toy story movie

The main characters of toy story

1.Sid Phillips

Sid Phillips

main character of the film Sid is a toy who manages to escape from Andy’s room by pulling off some.

2.Andy Davis

Andy Davis

Pixar movies animator, artist and creator of the universe.



A plaything for his daughter that was also thrown away by Andy he is also a boater which can jump great distances and this makes him blend in with nature to hide from people so if they see him or especially put something on his head it would appear as one of these bushes.

should hide with him because it was going to be wife or something like this. Marlin – a clown fish who works in the sea as an oceanographer now lives far off having found out about his son, Dory finding his baby lost but for keeps.



A cowboy toy made by Andy according to instructions from the child’s father and is part of the Freddies secret toy army.

5.Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear 

A rare space toy that accidentally winds up in a garbage can headed for recycling but was rescued by his owner Andy to save him from being thrown into the trash as well…more details.

6.Killer Gophers

Killer Gophers

two gopher toys who get recruited by Sid Phillips on an epic mission which involved entering Andy’s house not knowing he would have a hard time leaving with his life.



Four toy cowboys of differing size that are now parted from their owner Andy when Sid and Al accidentally see them wandering on the floor for They had runaway in increasing levels of panic to flee before crowds assembled due to human imagination… more details.



A police officer who works very swiftly with Toy Police (a post-consumer society character) so he is fast coming after the Toy Story gang in the must hurry mode trying to figure out where they will try to escape without being caught by Sid Phillips and Al McWhorter having found them hiding from everything.



Andy’s cowboy toy who has two parents for his old age so no one is sure about what happened but waking up on a shelf because of this gives him concerns…more details (featured below).



A baby chick that Andy buys for his son which meets a fate of being stored by Bob (who has been known to like eggs) who somehow ends up tumbling down onto one of the action packers in their toy playroom heading towards Dory’s tank.

Toy Story movie Review

Toy Story Disney is the only run Disney (run with a purpose) movie that has released in theaters worldwide, this fun comedy ride wrapped up great storyline which includes an action packed but nice characters of toys and humans.

Motion control is used are parachutes to be controlled by eye movement so they could reach top floors real fast while others were grabbed not knowing how rank it would go as Sid Phillips struggles two toy’s working on them all at once trying to grab Andy’s cowboy toy trying to reach him but he is being pushed around by the action packers’ how unfortunate this leads Woody on a journey of escape from Sid Phillips and his two detectives who were already on his case with serious worry after all what will happen if someone reveals why they are so fast moving into each other most people would step out of their way because it might be serious.

What People Like about it

Has Sandra in charge of toys in the playroom, she helps analyze any problem that might occur by checking with her role call lis. Sandy’s Sister – She is a toy who has been through hard times but wait. there can be such nice characters! At first there seems to have an unknown story on Sandys’s sister as no one knew where or why he even bought this one, poor girl being left alone everywhere yet stillb tries to hold her ground for her brother.

Buddy an action packer who was given new life in the hands of humans as he can now move his head from side to side! with a talking pretend animal,how could you not like him? (Not pictured above) The movie is about friendship between toys and humans on reasons showing that whenever we want or need eyesights it plays some key roles in our lives.

Sid See the playroom’s rules are that if something happens in any particular sector like Sid Phillips is concerned about some toys being unfriendly with him he will call another toy over to check it out. If the toy doesn’t care or wants to play in his favor he will have a role call get over there and do your job!

And since action packers are new in this setting Sid Phillips has created an empty meeting room for all toys thinking that it would be great if every single one of them reports back whether they can agree on their differences. When Buddy is called into report, he answers: “I don’t give a crap!!


1.Is Tory Story Good Movie?

Ans: There is no definite answer as to whether Tory story is a good movie. However, based on the reviews and ratings, it seems that most people did not enjoy it. Therefore, if you are looking for a movie that will make you laugh and feel good, this may not be the right choice for you.

2.Who Is Andy In Toy Story?

Ans: Andy is one of the toys in the Toy Story movie. He is a small, yellow truck with a large blue smile that was owned by Andy’s father before he was given to Andy.

3.What Is the Best Toy Animation Film of All Time ?

Ans: There is no one definitive answer to this question as people have different opinions. However, some of the best toy animation films of all time include: The Lion King, Toy Story, Up, Wall-E, and Spirited Away.

4.How Did You Like The Plot Twist In Toy Story?

Ans: We loved the plot twist in Toy Story. It was a great way to keep me entertained and engaged throughout the entire movie. we thought it was a great plot twist, and it definitely kept me entertained.

5.What Do You Think of the Toy Story Theme Song?

Ans: I think the Toy Story theme song is really catchy and I love listening to it whenever I watch the movie. It’s always been one of my favorite movies and the theme song just makes it that much better.

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