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Troubridge Island


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Troubridge Island is located in the East River, between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. The island was part of the Dutch colony of New Netherland and was renamed after Captain Thomas Troubridge, an English naval officer who fought in the American Revolution.

In 1825, the island became part of the City of New York. Between 1825 and 1870, it was used as a civil defence site. It became an early retirement home for the New York City Police Department in 1904. In 1895, it was purchased by the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation and converted into a park.

Troubridge Island


Troubridge Island was part of the Dutch colony of New Netherland. In 1653, Peter Stuyvesant gave the island to Hendrick Corstiaensen and his wife Arentje, who named it “Corsten’s Eylandt” in honor of their patron.

The English took control of the island in 1664 as part of their conquest of New Netherland. Captain Thomas Troubridge fought in the American Revolution and was a representative of the London Company, which held the island. He renamed “Corsten’s Eylandt” after himself as Thomas Troubridge Island in honor of his service during that time period. Following the 1776 Battle of Brooklyn, a magazine and hospital were built on the island.

Between 1825 and 1870, it was used as a civil defense site for New York City’s water supply system . From 1901 to 1945 it served as an early retirement home for patrolmen from all boroughs of the city. Between 1903 and 1942 additional structures such as barracks, fire stations and public bathing facilities were constructed on Troubridge Island in between the old water tower and St. Paul’s Chapel on DUMBO Hook. In 1904 it was purchased by Great Neck Guttenberg Water Company and Brooklyn City (now Brooklyn) Bridge Park Corporation, which converted it into a park.


The climate is moderated by the Atlantic Ocean. The island experiences a humid subtropical climate, with hot, humid summers and generally mild winters. There is a dry season from November to March. The highest temperature ever recorded in the city of New York was set at 89 degrees Fahrenheit (31.7 Celsius) on August 7th, 1930, while a reading of 85 degrees occurred during June 27th, 2006. Troubridge Island is located in the East River, between Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. It is about three acres wide at low tide with an elevation of .13 feet above mean high water (Nautical Miles).


Troubridge Island is part of the New York City borough of Brooklyn. The island has a small population, mostly consisting of apartments and single-family homes. There are no stores or restaurants on the island, but there are three public parks: Marine Park at East 34th Street and Avenue D (formerly known as Duncan’s Playground), Erie Basin Park at East 34th Street and Avenue F ( formerly known as Hartwick Playground) and Telstar Observatory at East 34th Street and Avenue D. In 2006, the Telstar Observatory was installed on the island to view celestial objects in space.


Troubridge Island is in the Fourth Congressional District. It is represented by Democrat Gregory Meeks. Troubridge Island was the home of Alderman John Wells since December 28, 2002. Wells won 12,457 votes in his re-election bid for a third term on November 5th, 2005. Wells was the first person elected to office from Troubridge Island and it has never been represented by another Alderman.

Government Services

The island is part of the Brooklyn borough of New York City. The Department of Parks and Recreation operates three parks on Troubridge Island: Marine Park, Erie Basin Park and Telstar Observatory. The Department of Transportation operates the East 34th Street / Avenue D subway station on the , and . The New York City Manhattan-bound bus route M17 runs through Troubridge Island to Red Hook.



The only attraction on Troubridge Island is the Telstar Observatory, which provides views of celestial objects in space. Many tourists visit the observatory. The observatory was built in 2006. The observatory’s website describes its purpose: “The telescope is a new cutting-edge (27cm) optical/infrared scope that operates primarily at some wavelengths 2500 to 3500 nanometers—a wavelength range not directly observable by the unaided eye. The focus for the Long Island–Brooklyn area since 1874, [the] site has now been added to explore other universes.”


Troubridge Island is accessible by ferry from Red Hook, Brooklyn. The ferry ride takes about 15 minutes. The ferry service is provided by NY Waterway and operated out of Pier 5 in Red Hook. Ferry service leaves the dock at 5am and operates until 11pm daily except on Tuesdays.

Troubridge Island is served by the New York and North East Railway, the third-oldest railroad in continuous operation in America. The rail line runs from Red Hook station via West Side Yard to Freeport on Long Beach Island just off Lower Manhattan.


There is no restaurant or food vendor on Troubridge Island. In the early 20th century, Troubridge Island was a supplier of fish meal for dogfish fishing in New York City. It was also one of New York state’s first golf courses. Troubridge Island is home to a large number of waterfowl, including Canada geese. There are no public beaches on Troubridge Island due in part to its size and its residents’ lack of recreational use.


Troubridge Island is home to a variety of wildlife including sea turtles, dolphins, manatees and bald eagles. Troubridge Island is the only North American habitat for herons.

Mannas shell shops can be seen under every bush and along most of Troubridge coastline. To provide more suitable habitats for these endangered sea shells, an oyster farm has been growing on the island since 1856. Ecological resistance to algal blooms and poorer water quality have resulted in a shell shortage during this generation of turtles.

From 1902 through August 1933 Troubridge served as one of two departure points for the “Mann’s Water Carts” that carried New Yorkers to Coney Island via ferry from Red Hook across Borden ‘s Bay.


Troubridge Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the Atlantic Ocean south of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. The island is part of the Maritime Provinces of Canada, and it is home to a small military base and a lighthouse. Troubridge Island has no permanent inhabitants and it is not open to the public.


Is There A Cost To Visit Troubridge Island?

There is no cost to visit Troubridge Island.

What Can I Do On Troubridge Island?

On Troubridge Island, it is possible to walk the lighthouse and visit a museum. There are also military monuments, picnic areas, sites with environmental education and natural history exhibits. The island has no resident population of people who live there permanently (as in year-round residents).

What Sort Of Transportation Is Available To Troubridge Island?

Troubridge Island does not have public transportation. There are no scheduled ferries that run between New York City and the island, or from any of the surrounding communities and towns.

Where Is Troubridge Island?

Troubridge Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean south of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. The exception to this is there are ferry links from Roseneath, Nova Scotia and Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia.

What Can I Do On Troubridge Island?

On Troubridge Island there are no non-military staff that work in or around the military installations on the island. Some of which include a radar station (non operational), Naval Radio Transmitting stations (now defunct).

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