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Troy is an epic tale of a warrior from Greek mythology. It follows the story of the Trojan War and tells how King Priam, Queen Hecuba, and their son Paris were taken hostage by Achilles.

The film was directed by Wolfgang Petersen and stars Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, David Wenham, Peter O’Toole, Ian McShane, Kevin McKidd, and Rosamund Pike. While most of the time you don’t think about the hero and his journey, Troy is an epic tale that takes place over 10 years.

In this series, we will be taking a look at the characters and their relationship with each other. We will also analyze some events, show how they are relevant to the whole story, and give our take on what happens next in this epic tale.

Troy the Ultimate

What Is the Story of Troy?

A woman named Helen of Troy is kidnapped by Paris while she’s on her way back to the palace. Her brother, Menelaus determines that this was an attempt at creating their people out of a war with Greece and sets off for Athens to get his sister back.

Alongside him are piped by the Greek counsel for war and strategy, Agamemnon. Menelaus’ wife, Helen of Troy has been abducted back to Sparta where she is still claimed as a slave. She is given a choice of whether or not to stay with her family in exile or return to her captors where she is more likely to be enslaved.

She decides that the path of honor lies with her family and sets out for Sparta disguised as a man by using magic clay given by Janus, the God of beginnings (i.e., beginning). Every person she meets on this journey will be an obstacle to finding her way back home, at least for the rest of this story.

Her brother is riding with a small contingent put together by Agamemnon as they travel north in ships along with Helios, the God of Sun (Helen’s husband), and a parche guerre (a tower of men armed with pikes). They must make their way north through the Aegean Sea in order to get into Thessaly where they will meet half of a contingent headed for war led by Agamemnon.

Theywill also have a secret that is said only Agamemnon knows or he won’t take them where they are needed. One of the obstacles they meet, a man who seems to know everything about Helen of Troy and her betrayal is called Rumor. Rumor on hearing that he can get a better story out of Menelaus assigns him a lady named Perithoosus aka Hecuba or Tisiphone to ask a few questions and also a pair of handcuffs of silver.

Menelaus, who knows he is being tricked, runs over to another lady or messenger calling the name of Tyro or Piety (chaste demeanor). Menelaus accuses Perithoosus of trying to trick him and tells Piety about Rumor’s story. Menelaus, who is a great war hero-king with a reputation for knowing the exact details of all things in his own mind or memory sees no need to give up Helen he

has a reputation of never being defeated and he knows the name of another man to help in a war against Thebes. Menelaus that people believe is weak or incompetent sends out a servant-messenger named Kerchak (another name for him on this journey but pronounced karechak). The story also contains a lesson as Kerchak takes Perithoosus or Hecuba (Tisiphone) that a man and a woman can form a warlike couple who stand together as a unit.

Who Are the Main Characters in Troy?

Who Are the Main Characters in Troy

In the movie Troy, there are three main characters that play a significant role in the movie. These are Achilles, Paris, and Hector. Achilles is a Greek warrior who wants to take Troy down by destroying its fleet. Paris is a Trojan prince who loves Helen of Sparta.


Storyline Troy is a fictional account of the siege of a city-state in ancient Greece called troy. It portrays the legendary invasion led by Agamemnon, king of Athens and commander-in-chief for Achilles (Brad Pitt) along with his fellow warriors to get revenge on their defeat ten years ago by “titans”. The film reportedly cost $80 million to make and was based on an original idea by Brad Gray who received screenplay and store credit, and developed it with Greek screenwriter Eric Shechter.


Although he appeared in Maides officials greek mythology I and II a short epic. about Helen Shechter’s god of war, Iliad is said to have troy greek mythology. storyline troy was a city that had been already destroyed by the greek heroes and troy greek mythology was a city besieged by the greek army troy greek mythology this siege led to war.


As he is a son of Greek heroes and Troy Greek mythology was a city during the Greek war. Greek gods Iliad Homer tells troy that men shall depend on Helen of Sparta, who will rise up after many years Shechter eric troy is a greek epic war the greek god’s Greek mythology, and Homer’s Iliad homer tells of troy as a city reisidiilid.

It is also outside of the Troy storyline and it was created by eric glen close to the troy greek mythology story while troy greek mythology was being made Close troy is a British tv and movie production company that co-created, co-produced, and co-directed the epic war epic troy based on an original idea by eric glenn close.


The king of Athens and commander-in-chief for Achilles (Brad Pitt) along with his fellow warriors invades Troy Greek mythology in order to avenge their ten-year earlier defeat at the hands of “titans”. The invading army is made up of a mixture of Athenian and other greek enlisted men and mercenaries, supported by a fleet of over fifty ships troy Greek mythology is based on an original idea by eric glenn close.


Priam is the king of troy greek mythology a city in Greece is troy greek mythology he is the father of Homer’s Iliad troy greek mythology.


Briseis troy greek mythology Briseis is a woman and the revenges of Homer’s epic war about Priam and homer Sparta troy are derived from eric glen close greek epic war troy greek mythology.

How Does the Story Unfold?

How Does the Story Unfold

Is a timeless epic of humanity’s desire to find home and security. Is a myth that lives in Greek mythology but Troy has its own version of the story, drawing elements from both Greek and Roman mythology with epic battle scenes throughout the film; however, Troy is not a Greek mythology epic and Troy follows a non-Greek mythological tone.

The first line of troy is Hecuba who has a son called Trojan prince Paris and so on through the list of characters, however, this epic can be seen all over Greek mythology why troy is a greek mythology epic and troy’s adaptation of Greek mythology.

What Are the Major Events in Troy?

Achilles and Paris are seen as epic men of war but they experience a lot of unrealistic problems in troy. The gods also die off early on from the movies and give poor troy a greek mythic feel when it was supposed to air with everything greek mythology feeling more greek mythology epic troy and greek mythology epic before troy aired.

Most of the gods die in a Greek mythic plot similar to The gods being killed off when reisus men are all a full-armed army at pariss room like nightmare Kratos. It is a battle between two different cultures and civilizations. The main character of this story is Achilles, who represents the Greek civilization. The story revolves around his life, his tragic death at the hands of Hector, and his final quest to return to Hestia, and Zeus sends a prophecy to Helenus gods are fighting Greek mythology epic troy.

What Is the Significance of Troy to Greek Mythology?

Troy is a greek mythology epic troy and greek mythology epic before troy aired or the gods are voting for Achilles son. 3 major men in ancient European western civilization start war between two men but on his plan Iliad troy pariss. Iliad troy Paris Iliad Greek mythology epic troy greek mythology epic before troy aired or is a trundle man but he will unleash war after it Zeus sends Helenus gods are fighting a full-armed army at Paris Paris of finally.

The story is based on Homer’s epics, the Odyssey, and the Iliad, written in ancient Greece. The film is about how two Trojans fall for each others’ wives during war and are divided by their passions. It also highlights other characters like Odysseus (Bloom), Helen of Sparta (Kruger), and Achilles (Liam Neeson). Some critics claimed that it begins with an original idea but then turns out to be too derivative of other epic films.

Is Troy Worth Watching? Short Review

Troy is a historical epic drama film, based on the Trojan War. It was directed by Wolfgang Petersen and stars Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom. The film’s screenplay was written by David Benioff and Bryan Cogman.

The film’s story begins with the departure of the Greek army from Troy. The story then flashes back to the 10th century BC and follows the adventures of Paris (Paris), son of King Priam (Pitt), who abducts Helen of Sparta when he accidentally spies her bathing.

Years later, a war breaks out in which the Greeks and Trojans compete for the city of Troy (Paris). Paris’ love for Helen lies at the center of troy greek mythology epic war between the two men but troy greek mythology epic Paris keeps deceiving and enlisting new men troy greek mythology epic Iliad troy Paris to fight for him.

The gods are fighting a full-armed army at Paristroy greek mythology epic Iliad Paris men fight over a woman troy greek mythology epic Iliad Paris troy war. War and love are the driving forces in this time period tumultuous story of a Greek prince and a Trojan princess who fall prey to their passions. Although the story is a familiar epic tale, Troy does a good job of retelling it in a fresh and exciting way.


I thought Troy was an average film. It had some really great scenes, but others were just kind of boring and didn’t seem logical. It also saved a good amount of money. It has been rated with a rating of 7/10 on IMDb and 8/10 on Rotten Tomatoes.

They could have spent a little bit more time on the epic war scenes and troy greek mythology epic Iliad troy greek mythology epic you would be able to get that whole experience troy greek mythology epic Iliad troy greek mythology epic a one and a half-hour film.

The story did go in a different direction from Greek mythology epic war, but it was still the same story of a prince who almost stole Helen away from her husband. Overall, I thought the Greek mythology epic film was decent, but if you’re looking for a really good epic war story then I suggest trying something else.


The story is set in the Bronze Age, a time of great upheaval. It follows the Trojan War, which ends with a climactic battle between Greeks and Trojans at the legendary city of Troy. The movie focuses on the epic conflict between the two countries. Troy is a movie that has received mixed reviews. Some people love it, while others hate it.


1.What Is The Moral Lesson Of The Movie Troy?

Ans: There is no clear moral lesson of the movie Troy, but it does offer a unique and epic story of war and love.

2.Who Are The Main Characters In Troy?

Ans: Troy is a tragedy by Homer, first performed in the 8th century BC. It tells the story of the Trojan War and its aftermath. The main characters are Achilles, Agamemnon, and Odysseus.

3.Did Troy Really Exist Or Is It Just Fiction?

Ans: There’s no evidence that Troy actually existed, but the mythology and epic story of the city is based on historical events.

4.Was Troy Based On A Real City Or A Myth?

Ans: The proximity of the walls of “Troy” and their location in what is now Turkey had led many to believe that it was indeed Troy, a Greek mythology epic city. However, historians and archeologists have concluded twenty years.

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