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Ulvingen Island


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Ulvingen Island is located in the Baltic Sea and belongs to a municipality in the county of Kalmar in Sweden. The island has a total area of 1.1 km² and its highest point reaches a height of 374 meters above sea level. Ulvingen is a popular recreational spot for tourists, who come to enjoy the natural beauty of the island as well as its many sporting possibilities.

Ulvingen Island


Ulvingen Island first came into prominence as a place of religious pilgrimage during the Middle Ages. Saint Birgitta of Sweden is said to have visited the island in 1243, and since then it has been a popular destination for pilgrims traveling to her shrine. Ulvingen also played an important role in Viking lore, as it was where King Hjalmar is said to have slain the dragon Fafnir.

The original inhabitants of Ulvingen were probably farmers who exploited its fertile soils and abundant natural resources. However, over time the island became more heavily populated with holiday-makers and visitors. In the 1800s the town of Särö was established on Ulvingen, which had a population of over 1500 inhabitants at its peak during this period.

However most residents left their homes to newer towns like Kalmar in an area known as Norrtälje kommun by 1904- partly because they were facing discrimination by other Swedish communities due to low pay in agriculture or millinery as well as tax problems related to minority language usage that were generated between ethnic Swedes (of foreign descent).


Ulvingen Island has a temperate climate that is relatively mild for the latitude. Summers are typically warm and sunny, with temperatures averaging around 27 degrees Celsius. Winters can be cold and windy, but usually not too snowy. The average January temperature is about 4 degrees Celsius below freezing.

Flora And Fauna

Ulvingen’s forests are dominated by oak trees, though there are also stands of pine, larch and fir on the island. There is also a small population of rabbits and squirrels who inhabit the forest areas. The few animal species present on Ulvingen include deer, foxes and wolves. There are also many bird species that nest in Ulvingen’s forests, including black grouse and heron.

Overall moose have been spotted on quite a few occasions but these animals generally do not live as far north as Ulvingen Island itself.

The island is known for its large numbers of ptarmigan which can be seen during the winter months hunting along with river courses or rocky shores with their characteristic black “flight puffs” while they search through food items left behind by other birds such as mice.


Ulvingen has a rich cultural heritage that is based on the island’s Viking history. Traditional clothing and arts such as handicrafts, quilting and wood carving are still very popular today. There are also regular cultural events held on the island which offer visitors an opportunity to explore Ulvingen’s Viking culture in more depth.

Visiting the island is also an excellent way to experience rural Swedish life at its best. The winter carnival and local cookery festivals are particularly well attended, offering visitors a wonderful opportunity to sample traditional foodstuffs and meet locals from all over Sweden who have made their homes on Ulvingen for many years.


Ulvingen is a part of the traditional Swedish province of Uppland. The island has been governed by a municipal council since 1971, and elections are held every four years. The local government is made up of just nine members elected by proportional representation.

The current mayor of Ulvingen, Lars Huldén and the five other councillors are all members of The Swedish People’s Party (Sverigedemokraterna) which are currently represented in both Riksdagen – Sweden Parliament – and County Council as well as having 49 representatives on municipal councils nationwide .

Government Services

Ulvingen is served by the Ulvesund Municipality which has its offices located in the town of Ulvesund. The municipality provides a wide range of services including healthcare, education, social welfare and transport. Additionally, there are several commercial establishments located on the island which provide essential services such as grocery stores, banks and post offices.


Again, Ulvingen is very popular with tourists who visit for its natural beauty as well as its Viking culture. The island is home to several beautiful lakes which are ideal for swimming, fishing and boating. It also has many walking trails which offer visitors the opportunity to explore the island’s rugged terrain and historical sites.

There are regular cultural events held on the island which offer visitors an opportunity to explore Ulvingen’s Viking culture in more depth.

Visiting Ulvingen is also an excellent way to experience rural Swedish life at its best.


Ulvingen is connected to the mainland by a public ferry that runs every weekday morning and evening. Additionally, there are regular bus services that connect Ulvingen with the surrounding towns and villages.

Recreational Facilities

Ulvingen is home to several beautiful and popular lakes which offer visitors an opportunity to enjoy fishing, boating or just swimming. Also on the island are two golf courses, a bowling green and an outdoor skating ring which provide great recreational opportunities for tourists.

There are also numerous playgrounds available both in the main town of Ulvesund as well as outlying farmhouses accessible by car or foot trails amongst others. Just outside Ulvesund there is a skateboard park with city access.


Ulvingen is known for its delicious traditional Swedish cuisine which is served in a variety of local cafes and restaurants. The island’s main dish is meat stew which can be made with either beef, pork or lamb. There are also many different types of breads, pastries and desserts to choose from on Ulvingen’s menus.


Ulvingen Island is an uninhabited island located in the Ålesund fjord, in Hordaland county, Norway. The island is administratively part of the municipality of Ålesund. Ulvingen is home to Ulvingen Chapel, a landmark church which was built in 1927 and rebuilt in 1961.


Q1: What Is The Ferry Schedule?

Ulvingen has a public ferry that runs every weekday morning and evening.

Q2: What Are The Transportation Options Available To Get To Ulvingen?

The island is connected by a public ferry with mainland Norway. There are also regular bus services that connect Ulveingen with surrounding towns and villages. Additionally, there are car rental facilities available on-island as well as in Ålesund town center. Ulvingen can be reached by car, bus, and ferry.

Q3: Which Months Are Tourist Seasons On Ulvesund?

Ulvesund has a mild climate, even in the middle of winter. Flooring around the buildings is made out of wood, which makes it nice and warm when worn-worn with consistent sunshine. The island experiences terrible winters where ice covers most beaches between November to March while snow piles up on other months. Even though there are only three tourist seasons in Ulvesund – Summer ( May-June), Autumn ( September), and Winter ( December – February).

Q4: How Far Away From Ålesund Will My Cabin Be?

From mainland Norway via ferry, the distance is 6.3 km. Car via Ålesund town center, the distance is 3 miles and 20 min walking. From Ålesund, the distance is 12.7 km via car or bus.

Q5: What Kind Of Housing Visit Option On Ulvesund Will I Have? Is There A Place To Get Food Nearby My Cottage?

A1: There are 4 cabins and 6 tents available now but 5 new locations were closed in November 2017 due to visitors overstaying at one point, so more catering/amenities might be added later in 2018. Have sufficient water storage – including public toilets if staying in the cabin along with the capacity for local kids visits during school holidays) EAT AND DRINK, there is a (well-equipped) shop on the island that is open daily when tourists are visiting.

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