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Umnak Island


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Umnak Island is one of the most beautiful and pristine islands in Alaska. It’s almost impossible to find a bad view from anywhere on the island, and the serene beauty of the place is a huge draw for visitors. With untouched beaches, crystal-clear waters, and towering mountains all around, there’s plenty to explore on Umnak Island. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy nature or you’re planning on hiking, biking, or fishing, Umnak Island has got you covered.

Umnak Island


Umnak Island is a hotspot for archaeological discoveries. The island has been inhabited for over 10,000 years and contains evidence of ancient Native American, Inuit, and Russian cultures. It was the site of a Russo-American fur trade post in the early 1800s before being sold to the U.S government in 1867 as part of Alaska’s purchase from Russia.


Umnak Island remains largely unspoiled thanks to its remote location and lack of commercial activity. You can explore its forests, beaches, lakes, and peaks by foot or bike , or you can use Umnak Island Air Taxi to explore the island’s sights by floatplane. On a clear day, it’ll be easy for birdwatchers and sightseers alike to spot whales swimming off-shore from here as well, making this one of Alaska’s best places for a whale watching cruise.


Umnak Island has a temperate climate with a marked seasonal variation. Summers are hot and humid, while winters can be bitterly cold. Although the period of time from mid-May to late June is considered a high season for Umnak Island, lodging and commodities are usually more reasonably priced during this time. The island does experience some dense foggy conditions near the end of August through September as well however you should schedule your visit accordingly if you want ideal weather when exploring in these months.


There is no permanent population on Umnak Island, with the only inhabitants being researchers and support staff who come to conduct archaeological investigations. The island’s aboriginal peoples continue to live in small villages throughout southeast Alaska. In the summer of 1999, an Arctic research station was opened on Umnak Island for a month by researchers from Alaska State University. Their studies include gathering information about impacts to fish and birds from oil drilling in the nearby Nushagak Basin as well as microbial life at depth undersea volcanic vents that are found along Russia’s Far East Sea Coast. The research team is studying how processes similar to those observed here have maintained themselves over millions of years ago during Earth’s history when volcanoes were much more active than they are today.


Umnak Island is administered as part of the Sarah Palin National Wildlife Refuge. Sarah Palin and John Hucak made first contact with the natives in 1995. Norway controlled Umnak Island during World War II, after which it was given to US by chief Thomas Akulik of Prince William Sound. The United Kingdom relinquished its claim to Umnak on July 29, 1950 when Alaska became a state, leaving the land under unified American control from that time

Johnson Point is one of three small populated settlements on Umnak located on northern portions of East Beach at 9 degrees north latitude (157th meridian).

Government services

The United States Postal Service operates one post office on Umnak Island. Media, internet and cable television

The Island has two radio stations. One is broadcast on AM 1100 KAGO in Juneau and the other one is an internet streaming station that broadcasts to residents of Umnak Island using a satellite dish built with funding by Johnson Point’s postmaster Joe Navielski.


Umnak Island Tourism

Tourism on Umnak is modest, with visitors coming from Juneau and the surrounding area. There are no hotel rooms or other lodging facilities on the island. Visitors come for recreational fishing, exploring the island’s natural attractions (such as hiking trails), viewing wildlife (e.g., caribou) and birdwatching, photographing glaciers or looking at stars at night using a telescope

The only way to get to Umnak Island is by boat operated by Johnson Point Pilot Service or charter via outfitting.


Umnak Island Transport

There is no public transportation to or from Umnak Island. Tax status of Johnson Point and other lands on Umnak, Alaska is: land fee, in the U.S.; land lot tax is set at $15/year but property taxes and other fees such as road use charges go on top of that

Johnson Point photographs can also be accessed there: Johnson Point – Umnak Island Photos .


There is no restaurant or food service on the island. However, there are a few general stores and bait shops that sell groceries, ice cream and refreshments.


Umnak Island is located in the Bering Strait and is part of the Unimak Island community. The island was part of a land swap between the Russian government and the United States in the early 1990s. The island has an estimated population of about 60 people, most of whom are employed by the Department of Defense. About 10% of the island’s land is used for military purposes.


1 .what Are the Accepted Forms of Payment?

There are no specific accepted forms of payment on Umnak Island, but most visitors use currency or credit cards.

2 .is It Safe to Travel to Umnak Island?

Umnak Island is a very safe place to visit, and the local police force are always available if you need help. There is no crime rate on the island, and visitors rarely experience any problems.

3 .how Long Will It Take Me to Get From Anchorage to Umnak Island?

It will take about two hours by plane from Anchorage Airport to Unimak Island airport, which is where you will then transfer to US Air flight 692 for a quick one-hour trip to Unimak Island. The total journey is about four hours.

4 .what Are the Weather Conditions Like in Anchorage? How Does It Affect Umnak Island?

The climate onshore from Anchorage is near identical, and there can be minor variation due to site location (Umnak Island has higher altitude than most of Alaska), but cumulonimbus clouds are not known as much with respect Umnk island. During rain or mist skirts across the land rapidly here between May through June may not just be awesome, it can also make things messy.

5 .are There Places on Umnak Island Where Alcohol is Not Allowed?

No alcoholic drinks are permitted in any of the public areas regarding use or possession of them. Binge drinking on Umnak island may also not be advisable due to limited space and safety concerns at times from harassment from overly intoxicated persons who become belligerent towards other visitors or staff members as well as damage to facilities such as buildings being looted for themselves private property for their personal use caused by others intoxication will have no excuse but turn into a civil crime.

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