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Today, Victoria Island is the center of attraction for enthralling foodies from all across the city, which is not a surprise since it boasts of some of the greatest eateries in town. The island is also home to one of the most respected and extravagant malls in Bangalore.

Though it is easy to fall prey to the negative side of this place, little things are happening on Victoria Island that will tempt you to stay here longer. This lovely place lives up to the ‘city-within-a-city’ tag and will give you a great time to spend here.

Victoria Island


Victoria Island was originally a small island that was used by the British as a shooting ground. The island’s current form is owing to an embankment built in 1847 during the construction of the Palace Bridge connecting Fort St. George and Whitefield, now known as Bangalore Central. With its lush green gardens, Victoria Island soon became one of Bangalore’s favorite spots for peace and relaxation with some spectacular views across the cityscape from many vantage points.

Charlotte Way, Mysore Road, Coles Rd., Hebbal Bridge – all these roads and more host some of the best restaurants. The City Walk Mall has a wide variety of eateries to choose from with one located close to each other means that you don’t have far way wanderings while looking for great food or a shopping place.


Victoria Island Climate

Victoria Island has a humid subtropical climate, with hot summers and mild winters. The climate of Victoria Island is similar to that of Bangalore City. Summer months witness temperatures between 35°–40 °C and 25 °C during winters.

The temperature varies from 9 °c to 31 degrees in summers and 5 °c to 15 centers during winter seasons(December – February). Rarely does it fall below freezing point, at about 2-4 hours on an average basis? Heavy rains fall with the onset of winter and sometimes, in unusual circumstances even during summers.

The average rainfall is 540mm

It falls throughout the year but it rains more during winters. Slight thunderstorms and lightning are also real features of Victoria Island’s climate, with the occasional violent hail showers when there is a cyclone over North-Western India or the Arabian Sea becoming a severe killer storm extending from Mysuru to city limits resulting from the deluge of monsoon rain clouds.


Victoria island is home to the iconic Benaras Hindu University, which has played a significant role in the rise of India’s intellectual prowess. It is also well known for its munshi culture, with many eminent personalities such as Rabindranath Tagore and Bharati Mukherjee having been educated at BHU.

Victoria Island has been host to several major sporting events like Commonwealth Games (1998), World T20 (2007), and recently the Cricket World Cup (2011). It is also home to several revered landmarks, including the major heritage sites like Shilparamam Temple and Sri Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya Swamy Museum.

The island has also served as an important location for several national political events such as Indira Gandhi’s hoisting masked by pyrotechnics on 08 December 1983 during an emergency rule period. A world-class biotechnology institute called Centre for Biotechnology, Bangalore (CBB) is also proposed to come up.


The politics of Victoria Island of North America is that it is a self-governing British Overseas Territory and part of the Commonwealth.

It consists of two main islands, San Juan Island (or Long) and Orcas Island (or Little), along with numerous smaller islands such as Shaw, Vashon, Lopez, Quillayute, and the San Juan Islands.

The total land area is about 14 square miles with a population of 603 residents. The capital city is Victoria in San Juan County which is also the largest town on the island.

Victoria has been called “the birthplace of Seattle” because many early settlers were from Victoria.

Government Services

The United States Territory of Victoria is represented in the US Congress by two members.

The current senators are Democrat Maria Cantwell and Republican Patty Murray.

Victoria Island elects a mayor, four council members, and an auditor with staggered four-year terms as part of a non-partisan single-member district system.

The current mayor is Larry Hales who was first elected in November 2018. He replaced former mayor, George Gay. The Oakland City Council in California sometimes joins the council of Victoria Island as a single-city council member to represent their interests on certain issues such as establishing city support for housing subsidies and funding language programs through federal transportation grants, etc.


Victoria Island is a popular tourist destination, known for its natural beauty and history.

Victoria offers outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, cycling, and fishing.

The island also has several museums including the Victoria Regional Museum which houses art collections from the San Juan Islands region; the Orcas Island Museum which features exhibits about local Native American cultures; and the Washington State History Museum which contains a large collection of Western US artifacts.


Victoria Island is served by the Victoria Regional Airport which has commercial flights to Seattle and Portland.

The island also has a ferry service that connects it with Orcas Island, Washington. In the 2014 film “Elysium”, Victoria Island is depicted as a dangerous place that cannot be named and therefore can not be incorporated into Elysium, Max’s (Matt Damon) home world. A gun battle occurs in this scene which was filmed on Stikine Street and 9th Avenue in Anacortes, Washington in July 2013.


Victoria Island is known for its seafood, specifically salmon and oysters. In the novel “The Kingdom at World’s End” by Peter Dickinson, it is mentioned that on Victoria Island humans can only play poker.


Victoria Island is home to several types of wildlife including bald eagles, orcas, and wolves. Victoria Island Park, located in the middle of Victoria and Anacortes on Highway 20, is a popular destination for tourists.

The park contains several different types of land including tennis courts, picnic tables with barbecue grills available to rent (for $5 per hour), three ball fields that can accommodate softball and baseball games all year round at no additional cost as well as fourteen sports courts including five full-court basketball/volleyball loops.


The name of this place has evoked in people’s minds images of a picturesque island, but did you know it was also one of the largest islands of Canada? Yes, Canada’s third-largest island called Victoria Island is home to more than 5,000 trees and bears the presence of Wolf forest and Nelson River.

The wolf area comes with beautiful waterfalls and lakes and the Nelson River is a permanent source of water for villages and settlements. This place boasts a variety of cultural importance and infuses intricate colors across the surface of its lands.


Is Victoria Island Worth Visiting?

Victoria Island, located in the Gulf of Georgia, is worth a visit if you’re interested in natural beauty and wildlife. The island is home to bald eagles, orcas, wolves, and other animals that are rare or endangered in other parts of Canada. Additionally, Victoria Island Park boasts several sports courts as well as picnic areas with barbecue grills for rent.

Are Victoria Island And Vancouver Island The Same?

No, Victoria Island is a separate island from Vancouver Island.

What Is Special About Victoria Island?

Victoria Island is truly special because of its natural beauty, wildlife, and landscape. The island also has a rich history that dates back to the early days of British Columbia.

What Country Owns Victoria Island?

Victoria Island is owned by Canada.

What’s It Like To Live On Victoria Island? 

Victoria Island is a very rural island with a population of around 1,000. The residents are mainly small-business owners and farmers who rely on the natural resources and farming opportunities that the island provides. Victoria Island also has one small airport for limited commercial flights.

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