Storyline And Review Wallace & Gromit The Curse Of The Were Rabbit



Storyline And Review Wallace & Gromit The Curse Of The Were Rabbit


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The classic British animated film has a villain that is just as popular today as it was when it first came out. The world of Wallace & Gromit has become an endless playground for the imagination, with YouTube videos and apps to keep us entertained. Here’s a look at how this franchise is so timelessly loved by generations.

The film is a family comedy that tells the story of a talented inventor, Wallace (Peter Sallis), and his dog Gromit (voiced by David soundalike A.A. Milne). The two come up with a brilliant idea to create a machine that will help them solve their creative problems at home. However, their invention goes terribly wrong when they accidentally invent the world’s first time-traveling machine.

Storyline And Review Wallace & Gromit The Curse Of The Were Rabbit

Time Setting And Time Period

The film is set primarily in the early 20th century, but it also features scenes that take place in the present day. Wallace and Gromit accidentally travel back in time and end up discovering a secret world controlled by theWere Rabbit, who is looking for revenge on Wallace.

The duo must use all their ingenuity to outwit the rabbit while trying not to alter history too much. Along the way they meet memorable characters including Mrs. Piggle Wiggle (Lynne Anderson) and her daughter, Jane (Lauren Lomas).

In Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit, Wallace and Gromit accidentally travel through time and end up with a curse placed on them by an evil witch. They must use their inventing skills to undo the spell before they are banished to another dimension forever.

Along the way, they encounter classic Wallace & Gromit characters and creatures, as well as new enemies who are out to get them. The Curse of the Were Rabbit is a fun family adventure that is perfect for fans of all ages. The plot is simple but entertaining, and the characters are likable and humorous. There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments in this movie, making it a great pick for any evening entertainment.

Cast And Crew Of The Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were

Wallace and gromit are popular character in this animated movie.They are very inventive and adventurous, who loves to play tricks on each other. Wallace gets upset when gromit always beats him in trick catching so he creates a special rabbit suit that allows gromit stand out of reach while being able to catch the same prize time after time.

Wallace and Gromit are conducting their daily chores when they notice a small black magic box. The two make up the plan to defeat it by making it deliver everything that’s needed within minutes.

To overcome their obstacles, Wallace and gromit use the magic box to discover a series of mysteries in this magical world. In other words we can say that the were-rabbit is an evil creature named Polynesia who founds things buried in secret places. What’s more she turns objects into her physical shape when challenging them by unveiling its desires like silver.

They are have a company and company name is Anti-Pesto. They are the fronted organization and have been dealing with industrial machinery plants around the globe. Their main priority is building as much burrows underground to replace any/ most of them.

Through all this they rely on old machines, ones which should not work anymore but actually do via osmosis by gromit working his magic hacks into these iron beings in many alternative ways (season 2) Gramaphone was an American idea machine.

Character of wallace


Character of wallace

This is the famous secret service agent who appeared in all of his movies, he has been protecting and delivering state secrets from lunatic creatures from time to time.

In other word wallace plays very practical role within these animated adventure films. He will always prefer to discover new objects than play tricks as gromit thinks.

Gromit also finds that wallace would punch him for jumping into long forgotten pipes which fears Wallace every now and then so they usually whisper to each other about it. To make this happened, wallace always has hidden his pointy nose and even he can’t change it by any means.

His bravery was love by all of the characters in those films so they were finally saying god bless sir walter WALTER AVSECRACKAVIEST. flowers fell everywhere on people without ignoring them to walk over a horrible place as Billy no-mates but then again that is only in movies.

The quality of life is a subjective concept. It represents characteristics of life that are believed to be valuable, such as food, clothing and shelter. Quality of life also can refer to the degree of well-being in which people feel they live their lives or how much satisfaction they derive from them; this perception may differ across cultures and over time.

Character of gromit

Character of gromit:

This is the main character that made all of these adventure films, being him a lovable giant intelligence with strange taste in food. First gromit was best when he featured as infant and rather than look cute but not so nice anymore by child age because he’s grown up way too much now (according to kids).

Gromits life usually consists of looking over industrial areas performing his duties like inspecting machinery or managing mining operations in mines/ tunnels/ abandoned underground bunkers. He is often a skilled climber as well because there might be sensitive information that was hidden throughout the many old unexplored caverns, but only he knows about it.

Most of gromits life have been consumed by his work everyday and having to notice several ruined and deformed machines which are eating away at them from the bottom up. The unique thing about him is that even though. He’s a very talented at inspector he sometimes gets lost and is thus easily able to get lost in tunnels.

Gromit would of be spotted way earlier if the items were dropped on his head or last him whole scene but no, it seems that gromit carries out plants with him so everything will still work fine even when being transported underground.

Due to him being a lovable character, he is famous by kids who are also in danger of losing their parents when they grow up and/or falling into these underground tunnels.

Gromits is also famous for his book series and movies, each made after a previous movie about industrial machinery. Outreach organizations tell kids that the only way to save themselves from mother nature’s will is through education related to keeping their job skills sharp.

Review Wallace & Gromit The Curse Of The Were Rabbit Animated Movie

Wallace & gromit is a animated movie. And it was get a first silver screen. The whole story is pretty funny. you will watch the movie through a mustache animated character kids love Wallace Gromit. And they like to trick gromits just like when he starts moving in which he got tricked by carrying away only his tail! that can be very dangerous.

If it caught on fire or something then yes this will burn down an entire town . Even today we’re after some of our classic shows everyday and all thanks to cable providers, so it’s a level playing field. That being said the mustaches are great touch and well executed.

Its a educational movie for child. Although there are alot of scary scenes which all kids enjoy and this is how they learn. In fact its really funny that growtheft come back to see if he can steal again!

The gromit franchise started when Wallace was freed from the were rabbit trap in his house and decided to go back on filmmaking. Gromit is after all a man’s best friend but he usually doesn’t stand up for himself. I guess that’s why he finds it hard to speak out whenever someone insults him like they should’ve never been born, because deep inside me downs, there would always be others who agree with them.

Movies quality is really apritiate.  But it would be the best if they can make better furry film next time. It is my wishful thinking that some good things done in Hollywood will change no matter how small and short, we as an entire community should keep on to support all movies because this movie not only entertain you but made a culture into something corporate.

Movies are hilarious. It’s so funny that Gromit doesn’t know what to say when he go find mouse in bungerland and growtheft run away from him with a mustache on it thinking its still grossing guy and everyone has their noses deep into the popcorn boxes (sniff sniff). Growhefts are awesome! I normally ignore films about growing things but this movie is one of the best for evolution, natural selection.

It’s scripted, voice and editing quality is very funny and enjoyable. It is a very enjoyable movie. I watched it two decades ago and all i got to say for this, keep going Axwell!

The bottom line of the movie is to debilitate and confound our sense in a very fairytale that is more identifiable to us than the average adaptation. We know it’s not real but we have time for dream, until reality makes you blind.

Film Humar

It is a great story of love. Wonderful film, amazing voice acting and fun characters to cheer for (or don’t 😉 ). Other than that: my favorite movie as kid!

Funny animal comedy Film-movies make us laugh so hard even our stomach runnig up into the spasms.. This time they managed something extraordinary. Movies like these are in unlimited number nowadays but this one is surely an original creation that has few


There are some funny things in the film, but I have to say that it is a very enjoyabe movie. It has amazing animation and an interesting story line.

It’s a great movie with a lot of funny moments and enjoyable characters. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Box Office Performance

It was released in the US on July 23, 2009 and recieved a very good but not exceptional opening weekend gross. It is unknown whether or not there will be back to back weekendsgrosses like other recent Pixar films such as UP!!

It has sold 320 000 ticketsex after 13 days while they needed all of that time to only push 200000 theatre ticketssales last year. The reason this movie doent have more people coming out to see it is becausethey havent heard of it and because its an adult movie.

The Box Office Gross Per Theaters Shows It’s A Dominant Film On The Domestic Scene

This film will probably make a lot of money. It’s one of Pixar’s most popular films, with good reviews and high box office totals.

The box office performance of this movie suggests that it is a popular film with audiences. It has sold 320 000 ticketsex after 13 days while they needed all of that time to only push 200000 theatre ticketssales last year.


The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is a classic animated film. A witty and hilarious take on modern day life, it takes the audience into a world where everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is a film about a mysterious creature that terrorizes the village of Dungavel, Scotland. It was released in the year 2005 and was a huge success.


Which character would you like to have seen in Wallace & Gromit?

It’s no point of having a character in his movie. The characters are quite enough and they’re funny you know. I can’t blame you. Growheft’s voice is the best though – I could hear it in my head throught whole series (and not just this movie). Those who is a growheft lover can have their answer approved, even if it’s little nothing.

How does he help her achieve this goal?

In a book that her father read to all his children, of course! She also finds toothbrushes growing in the garden. The third part is when she meets Boris and Bulgy (two owl who are very nervous beings).

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is an animated film produced by Aardman Animations. It was the first stop-motion production for Dreamworks Animation, which had a sequel with Wallace & Gromit’s Great Grandson released in 2009.

How does he do this?

He makes sure that the carrot goo is really eaten by the monsters, who are hungry for it. He also tells her about singing mice who do many pranks such as hiding his snuffbox and making him fall on a cake all covered in icing!

This film has received negative reviews from critics but was an improvement of some animations produced earlier (such as Chicken Run) according to several fans.

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