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Walrus Island


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Welcome to Walrus Island, a place where the weather is always warm and the people are friendly. No matter what time of year it is, you’ll find residents outside enjoying the fresh ocean breeze, or inside chatting and enjoying a good book. The island is also home to a vibrant community of artists, who use its natural resources to create beautiful works of art. The locals are welcoming and always happy to teach you something new. So come on over and explore this beautiful island today!

Walrus Island


Walrus Island first came into existence about 15,000 years ago when a mountain of ash from a volcanic eruption spilled out over the ocean. The ash formed Blocks Island and Walrus Island, which gradually grew together as they were joined by pieces of driftwood and other debris. Today, Walrus Island is an isolated island that is mostly made up of solid rock.

The residents of the island are friendly and welcoming people who enjoy spending their free time outdoors enjoying the warm weather or inside chatting with friends. The locals are talented artists who use natural resources such as sand, coral reefs, and shells, as well as river rocks and driftwood to create unique works of art.

People are friendly on Walrus Island… Visitors and residents alike enjoy being hospitable, learning new skills or teaching others about their island’s culture. If you ever want to see what the locals do when they’re not working in the shop, just ask one of them for a lesson!


Walrus Island has a warm, tropical climate all year round. The temperature rarely dips below 70°F or so, and it seldom rises above 85°F. Even in the coldest months of winter (December through February), the temperature usually stays around 65°F. And on summer days (June through August), temperatures can reach 90°F or more!


Walrus Island is home to a diverse array of cultures. The locals are welcoming and always happy to teach you something new about their island’s history, culture, or art. So come on over and explore Walrus Island today! Transportation: The only form of transportation available to visitors is by “toddler” or dingy. There are no airports or airports nearby, so the quickest way to get there is by boat! Rental boats can be brought in from several companies on mainland Baffin Island who will take you out for a tour cruise at your convenience. Shuttles also ply their routes between towns across the southern Canadian Arctic and other destinations around Canada’s North. There are regular flights into Resolute Airport (called Polaris Airfield), which has scheduled daily service provided through Transport Canada (TC).


The people of Walrus Island are self-governing and don’t depend on the government for anything. They operate a small shop, using their earnings to support themselves and their hobbies. In addition, they have a few relationships with other islands in the area that give them some assistance when needed, but they handle all their own legal matters without any outside help.

Government services

There is no government on Walrus Island. The people are self-governing and their own legal system operates without any outside help. The people of Walrus Island can only rely on their own resources for any lawful government services. There is no police force, the numerous residents each take care of criminals and other activities on a self-governing basis with the help from neighbouring islands and each other. However they are able to share knowledge based legal systems that has been well proven to be effective at resolving issues without arson or violence as examples.


Walrus Island Tourism

Currently, there is no tourism on Walrus Island. The people of the island are self-sufficient and do not require any visitors to support their livelihood. In addition, the island is not easily reached by commercial airlines other than a small cargo jet.

The offer of tourists to Walrus Island has been met with resistance on at least one occasion due to assaults and murder committed by such individuals on society in general and their own home community in particular.

Due to this uncertain safety factor, there are no current plans regarding tourist activities or tourism office operations for Walrus Island at all.


Walrus Island Transport

There is no reliable form of transport on Walrus Island. The people rely on a small cargo jet to get them supplies and other assistance when needed, but this is the only form of transportation available. The terrain in the area makes travelling by land very difficult and dangerous, so there are no plans to install paved roads or even any basic infrastructure for such purposes.


Walrus Island is a small island in the middle of a large body of water. It has been home to a walrus population for centuries and is now a popular tourist destination. The walrus can be seen roaming around the island, feeding and socialising. Visitors can watch them from a distance or go close enough to get a good look.


1. What is the Climate Like on Walrus Island?

The climate on Walrus Island is temperate. The temperatures vary a little, but overall it is generally mild. There are occasional showers, but they tend to last for rather short periods of time and the temperature usually recovers fairly quickly afterwards.

2. What Type of Vegetation Can I Find on Walrus Island?

There are a lot of different types of vegetation on Walrus Island – some typical to tropical areas, others that are more typically found in temperate zones. You’ll find beach grasses and seaweed along the coast, while in the centre of the island you’ll find dense forest with some bamboo, mangroves and tropical fruit trees.

3. Is There Wildlife on Walrus Island? Do I Need to Wear Any Special Protective Gear When Visiting? What Clothing Should We Take Along for Sightseeing Purposes?

Unfortunately not! There isn’t anything particularly dangerous about Walrus Island, but it is a good idea to keep an eye out for wild animals once you’re walking around in case they come too close or make sudden movements towards your children (an example would be if a large rat comes running after them).

4 . What is the Walrus Island airport like?

The airport on Walrus island isn’t actually an airport – it’s more of a small airstrip used mainly for maritime traffic. The only way to get onto or off the island is by boat, so if you’re travelling by air then you’ll have to fly out from some other point in Alaska and take a connecting flight into Walrus Island National Wildlife Refuge.

5 . Can I Surf Walrus Island?

No, surfing is not permitted on the island.

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