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Weeroona Island


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Weeroona Island is one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka. It has a long and rich history, and it is well-known for its natural beauty. The island was once part of the kingdom of Kandy, and it was here that King Anula Ratnayake made his home.

According to legend, it was here that the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara appeared to Anula, leading to his conversion to Buddhism.

Today, Weeroona Island is a popular tourist destination, and it is home to a number of important temples and monuments. If you’re interested in exploring the island, be sure to read this guide first!

All About Of Weeroona Island

Weeroona Island



The island is mentioned as early as 988 AD. The original name of the island was Namamaliya, which means ‘mahlaya girl’. According to legend, Sripurisigama brought an image of Mahalakshmi right on his vahana, or vehicle: a peacock!

Thus the emblematic bird became known as Weeramunu Kukkala (ති රෑම් කෙ). However, it wasn’t until 1220 when the story of the bird was finally written down by Siri Upari Seggama, who is also known as Isurama.

Generally considered as Sri Lanka’s oldest historical document and “” “the first literary work that deals with a king and depicts his court in 421 pages”, It chronicled Sin halese rulers and their deeds.



The climate is tropical, with a mean temperature of 27°C. There are two seasons: the wet season (March to May) and the dry season (October to December).

The wet season allows for frequent rainfalls. The dry season is marked by abject heat, humidity and low precipitation. Most rain falls in the form of showers, which generally lasts one to two days.

The south-west monsoon season is also famous for its torrential downpours accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning. There can be a difference between temperatures on land and sea depending on what month you are in: from as low as 30°C during November – December to 35°C during July – August.


Weeroona Culture

Island culture is characterised by its traditional music, dance and art. The style of music has a strong connection to the Hindu religion, while the dances are associated with various festivals and celebrations.

The island’s main deities include the deified monarchs – kings who have been transformed into gods – such as Vijaya (the first king of Sri Lanka), Parakramabahu I (Rajaraja Chola II’s son) and Chithiraiya Vibhushan (Chola’s son). The deceased monarch is generally depicted lying on a bed of gold, surrounded by courtiers.



The politics of Sri Lanka are heavily influenced by Buddhism. The country is split into 13 provinces, each ruled by a governor appointed by the central government.

Parliament is unicameral and has 225 members, who are elected using first-past-the-post voting.

The judiciary is independent, but one court – the Supreme Court – has appellate jurisdiction over all other courts in the country.

The judicial system is the same in both English and Sinhala (the country’s two official languages). Corruption has been eradicated, but remains a serious issue.

Government Services

Government services

The government provides a number of services, including health care and education. Healthcare is free for citizens aged over 18 years, and the country has a well-developed system of hospitals and medical centres.

Education is compulsory from the age of six to eighteen, but there are also several private schools available. Culture

Sri Lankan culture has been impacted by various external nations – India and Britain are identified as the most important, followed by present-day France. Buddhism is an incredibly popular religion, but other cultures such as Hinduism have also had an impact on current beliefs and customs.


Weeroona Tourism

Tourism is a major industry in Sri Lanka, and the country has become known for its beautiful beaches and lush vegetation.

It is also popular for its historical sites, such as the Sigiriya rock fortress and Kandy city. Sri Lanka is relatively unknown in Western countries, however. Cost of living

While food is relatively cheap in Sri Lanka, other goods tend to be expensive. The country’s tourism industry has made a big contribution to growth in the global economy, as well as boosting trade between both countries and neighbouring states.


Weeroona Transport

Sri Lanka has a well-developed transport system, which includes both road and rail links. The country also has a number of ports that can handle large ships. Sri Lanka has an efficient postal service. Travel

Visitors to Sri Lanka need a passport. It is not necessary for citizens of the European Union or countries which have signed a free-trade agreement with Sri Lanka to obtain visas, but they will be required when entering the country.


Weeroona Cuisine

Sri Lankan cuisine is typified by its use of spices and coconut milk. Dishes such as rotti (a type of roti filled with vegetables or meat), pani cushi (flatbreads made from fermented rice and lentils) and kottu roti (potato dough filled with spiced mutton, chicken or fish) are popular across the island. Language

The official language in Sri Lanka is Sinhala , spoken by nearly a quarter of the population. Tamil, along with several other languages such as English and Hindi are also widely spoken in this country. Shopping

The currency used in Sri Lanka is known as the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR). The exchange rate at which these can be bought or sold has fluctuated considerably throughout history, going down to almost zero after 2010 and then rising again until 2016 when it fell significantly once more.


Weeroona Wildlife deer

Sri Lanka is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including black and white tailed deer, elephants, sloth bears and leopards. Sri Lanka is known world-wide for the leopard and Sri Lankan cockroaches are among some of the largest in that species. The country also contains several reserves which have a high concentration of wildlife, including Yala Wildlife Sanctuary , Wilpattu Forest Reserve , Kuda Malwatu National Park and Rambukkana .


Weeroona Island is a private island located off the coast of Kangaroo Island, in South Australia. The island is currently owned by Perth millionaire and property developer,

Tim Gurney. It is named after Anula Ratnayake, who served as the king of Kandy. Today there are three separate islands on Weeroona: Little Island, Big Island and Middle Island.


1.What Is The Meaning Of Weeroona Island’s Name?

Ans: Weeroona Island was named after Anula Ratnayake, the king of Kandy. According to legend, it was here that the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara granted Anula a boon – namely immortality and invisibility.

2.Why Was Weeroona Island Bought?

Ans: Tim Gurney purchased Weeroona as part of an investor’s property project called “tidal river”. Because most of these properties were in Port Lincoln or Kangaroo Landing (the location where Geoscience Australia is located),

Tim didn’t really get much use out of the property itself, but he still wanted to buy it.

3.Which Area Is Weeroona Island?

Ans: Weeroona Island is a private island off Kangaroo Island’s coast. It can be accessed via two ferry shuttles during low tide (both of which drop you at Middle Pavilion).

4.How Many People Live There?

Ans: There are about 60 permanent residents on Weeroona Island at any one time (most of them, current residents of Port Lincoln). About 40 guests may live there over the course of a year as well.

5.What’s It Like Living On Weeroona Island?

Ans: It can be either endearingly claustrophobic or suffocatingly hot and humid during summer – depending on where you’ve come from and where you’re heading after landing your plane/ferry.

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