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West Island is a luxury shopping destination located in the heart of Dubai Marina, set beneath the azure sky, and is home to major brands from around the world from all four corners of the earth.

This dynamic destination boasts a world-class waterfront location where you can expect bustling outdoor activity and an artful mix of retail and dining at every turn. With an active lifestyle, sumptuous furnishings and a series of carefully planned entertainment zones, West Island is the ultimate destination for shopping, dining and entertainment in Dubai.

West Island


West Island is home to some of the world’s most renowned luxury brands including Coach, Jimmy Choo and Gucci. The property was largely built in 2004 following Dubai’s development boom resulting from the discovery of oil reserves whilst construction continued on a new shopping mall called “Dubai Mall” which would eventually cover over 200,000 square metres within two city blocks – West Bay Boulevardand Al Raha Beach Road (where JBR stands today) in Dubai’s Marina area.

The development of the two former, followed a decade-long urban regeneration programme from 1996 to 2005 that revitalized part of old Dubai into a showcase destination with formal gardens and waterways; in addition to kite surfing, golfing and sailing activities on Al Burj creek.

The property features over 500 shops spread across three levels, each anchored by an underground shopping centre called “Shopping Links” (which opened in 2009).The property also features a world-class waterfront location with plenty of outdoor activities.


West Island enjoys a subtropical climate with humidity levels ranging from 60-80%. When the Gulf of Oman blows hot, humid air into Dubai it can occasionally cause problems during summer and wear on holidaymakers.

During heat waves, widespread power cuts may occur in some areas of the city as a result of overheating electrical inductors. Advance warning is given by electricity retailers via SMS to allow time for switching things off early or buying alternative supplies such as emergency candles and torches (provided with your hotel).


Concerts and cultural festivals are held annually at several locations throughout Dubai. The Emirates Festival Centre is home to the biggest annual pyramid lights display, which comes 30 minutes before sunset each night.

The show can be seen from as far away in Dubai Marina (see Landmarks), but it’s best to arrive early for your viewing spot – last-minute shoppers and passers by get t -shirts and cool merchandise before the Egyptian pyramids on display (and last-minute partying).

It is also possible to see one of Dubai’s biggest indoor concerts in this building, they are held here every Saturday night.

The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Sports Complex holds a variety of sporting events during summer time. World class golf tournaments such as Arnold Palmer Invitational & European Tour Championship are located just 26 minutes from Pearson Terminal 1 at The Fairways.



According to post-9/11 Department of Homeland Security guidelines, there is no specific rule as a reason for determining whether an individual or ‘close’ family member (spouse and 12 year+ children) will be permitted entry into the United States.

For example, if spouse and only one dependent child are travelling on his U.S.-issued passport, it would not preclude that person from boarding an international flight directly to the US either in transit between a US airport and another country or within the US itself (for example, a cruise ship arriving at a U.S. port). The guidelines state that:



Taxis are cheap in Dubai, the minimum charge is Dhs7.50 for one of these cabs (2 people or 1 person + 2 suitcases). Tipping taxi drivers is not necessary but appreciated and will just cost you an extra 5-10 dirhams per trip to ensure that there’s no delay in your return journey – see above for more information about taxis in general.

A ‘door to door’ paved path surrounds Sheikh Zayed Road in Downtown Dubai and is ideal for walking, running or cycling. A jogging track can be seen along the light blue line surrounding Mall of The Emirates (Heathrow House), especially popular amongst locals. Another great way to exercise inside downtown Dubai when it’s a tad hot outside!

Dubai Airport was opened on 1 August 1995 by then UAE Vice-President His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and official ceremonies were held at the airport.

Dubai Airport has been through many phases of expansion and today serves close to 50 airlines from around the world with more than 155 destinations in 116 countries. There are ATMs available inside both terminals, as well as a range of shops and restaurants (see ‘Where to eat’ below).


Visitors can sample local cuisine on some of the many food outlets found throughout both terminals and at Dubai Mall. If a visit to these places is not possible during your time in Dubai, then we recommend visiting one of the fast-food chains available: KFC (rebranded from Kentucky Fried Chicken) operates out of Terminal 1; Pizza Hut may be found in Terminal 2 (see ‘Where to EAT’ above).



There is a good selection of birds, imported turtles and lots of native desert wildlife within the airport buildings. However, for visitors’ safety or because they are not legally allowed to enter Dubai Zoo (which does have an enclosed walk-through aviary), take these small creatures outside the terminal buildings – especially if you see them having trouble walking!

There are large fountains at both ends of Terminal 1. These play classical pieces from classical movies . When departing, a standby-light is shown at the end of the walkway.

This indicates to passengers that they will have approximately 10 minutes grace time (giving them just enough time to grab their hand luggage) before having to re-board after security checks again.


When it comes to Dubai airport, the only downer is that you can’t take your shoes off at security. This isn’t a major issue for most families but if baby needs her swaddle blanket during transit, then it may be an inconvenience.

Due to this rule, some parents will pack their babies’ white soft-blankets into their bags just in case this happens overshoes are needed – or bring dungarees which have elastic all the way around.


What Is Considered West Island?

Dubai has 3 main airports, so what exactly is considered “West Island”? For this guide, West Island refers to Dubai international airport. There are no designated baggage lockers at the Dubai International Airport.

All bags are left in public areas and there is no charge for them (except when leaving by your own private vehicle). As such during busy times of year these may fill up very.

Is West Island Part Of Montreal?

For this particular look at West island, the answer is no. Even though Montreal is sometimes referred to as an International Airport it does not have its own international security zone (or any official recognition from governmental bodies).

The closest you can get to Dubai’s Terminal 1 Baggage Claim area and Fine Dining areas would be in Toronto Pearson or VIA Rail for example – but there are many delays associated with flying into and out of Canada over 2017 due thence.

Is Dorval Considered Montreal?

In recent times, it has become popular to refer airports within a similar zone as ‘relative’ or ‘nearby’. Mississauga / Cambridge Guelph both fall in the same area for example due to proximity.

Dorval is some distance from Montreal airspace so if you are looking at either of these 2 options then that would be closest operational wise – but they too have their own baggage claims areas which can get crowded and dangerous depending on event.

How Many People Live In West Island Montreal?

According to Statistics Canada there are 286,523 people (without pop. within 200m of the airport) in Montreal’s West Island / Vaudreuil-Purcel-Laprade region: 416.00 ha and 911933576 inhabitants with a density of 5710 persons/km2 Quebec 803 1331 1067 100% 2016 census *NDP Note: While this is an expansion area for recent data however it does

Is Kirkland West Island?

We will round House Island in Montreal as Kirkland ‘West’ because the city was named after John Kirk, 1st Baron of Culdrose and active from 1678 to 1719 on Canada’s West Coast.

And while you don’t have a resident population (no apartments in sight though) it is still part of Montreal within provincial boundaries with access only via Highway 417 & Hwy 15 / St Roch Rd which passes through.

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