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Weston Island is a small, uninhabited island located in Puget Sound, just north of Seattle. It is part of the City of Seattle’s King County Park System and is managed by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Department.

The island is noted for its natural beauty – including its wildflowers, grasslands, and secluded beaches – and was designated a National Monument in 1984. The island is also home to a population of bald eagles and is a considered a critical habitat for this species.

Weston Island


Weston Island was first explored by Capt. George Vancouver in 1792 during his voyage of discovery across the Pacific Ocean. He named it for Earl of Weston, auburn-haired son of Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger and Lady Hester Stanhope Poyntz. In 1851, Captain James Riley discovered coal deposits on the island and began mining operations until 1860.

The mines continued to be used intermittently into the early 20th century but were abandoned permanently in 1914 due to declining production rates and labor disputes.

The island remained uninhabited until 1912 when a group of investors paid for an access road and a gate to be constructed. A hotel was built in 1916, but it succumbed to the Great Depression when coal from Whidbey Island became less cost-effective than Seattle’s boomtown economy during World War II (1942–1945).

In 1948, Saul Kleinberg purchased land on Weston Island as part of “Fish Broker Farm”, named after his wife Dora Fishman Kalmenoff who oversaw its early development.


Weston Island Climate

Weston Island has a humid continental climate. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of . The warmest month is July with an average temperature of .

Annual precipitation averages , which falls mainly in the form of rain from November to March. The Northwest Islands Wilderness committee has designated Weston Island as one of the last quadrangles in Washington State threatened by habitat loss.

The 16,000 acre island is part of a larger 49-square mile area that covers much of midsize King County, including those portions located west or north (or east) and south (west) from here: Weston Island is located southeast of Downtown Seattle, a half-hour drive away.

The island’s interior is oriented roughly east/west and south to north with its southern portion sandwiched between the wooded slopes of Beacon Hill rising up from Puget Sound to the southwest and Black Diamond Bay sliding off in front.

Due to changes in topography there are neither bays nor islands on this end facing Whidbey Island across Dollarton Passage but rather just five offshore masses shaped by beach ridges continuing out over Greenwater Harbor which itself faces further into Fidalgo Strait at Anderson Point.


Weston Island retains a strong Scandinavian heritage. In 1984, the area became known as “Island Landing” with development centered around businesses and services catering to people of Scandinavian descent.

The island has been home to the Asanti Cultural Center for over 25 years presenting world-class performing arts events year round including its annual Sámi cultural festival, now in its thirteenth year.

The culture of Weston Island is preserved through private organizations likeKIWI Productions which creates theatrical productions by engaging amateur actors from throughout Southwest Washington in staged readings or full plays produced on Immersion Theatre’s main stage located on the north end of Island Landing.

In 2010 KIWI Productions moved its production studios herelocated between Blare Street and Porter StreetAvenue where they have a wooded waterfront park that fronts Couchon Creek along with stage areas used to produce plays since 2012 accommodating up nearly 150 members each year who join in on rehearsals every week which is generally a cast much larger than 15 actors.


Weston Island is a stronghold of the Democratic Party with many voters registered as independents, although it has never been completely immune to Republican victories.

The current Mayor of Weston Island is Jeff Hickman, who was first elected in November 2017. The island also has an at-large City Council member and three positions on the Charter Commission (which sets policy for city government). The island is currently split between two school districts, South Kitsap and West Sound.

The population of the town of Weston Island as estimated by United States Census Bureau in 2008 is about 5,239 people with an average family size being 2.8 according to the same report during that same year period.

Government Services

The Island is policed by the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, which also provides fire protection and emergency response services. The town of Weston Island has its own utilities, including water and sewerage systems. The island also operates its own trash collection service and maintains roads, sidewalks, a municipal golf course as well as public parks (including a swimming pool).


The island is popular for its fishing, boating, and kayaking. The town of Weston Island also offers a number of visitor attractions including restaurants (including the Driftwood Grill & Pub), a general store/post office, art galleries and jewelry stores. Current events

The island is home to the Kitsap County Fair, which exhibits agricultural and crafts shows that take place annually on “Kitsap” (Weston Island). The fair also features a carnival, live music and rides. It takes place at various locations throughout West Sound; however most of these parks have road access.

East Tacoma High School hosts its own annual Beef Festival after school in July or August lasting for one week before students move onto summer vacation. Historic town with houses dating back to 1880’s all located along Daniels Street has interesting business shops like art galleries & a local market. Weston Island is one of the most populated islands off the south end of Whidbey.


Weston Island is a small island located in the Strait of Georgia, just south of Vancouver. It has a permanent population of about 50 people who reside in a small number of dwellings, including a post office, store, Anglican church and school. The island has been uninhabited since the 1960s.


What Is The Population Of Weston Island?

The population of Weston Island is 50 people.

How Many Dwellings Are There On Weston Island?

There are only a few dwellings on Weston island – a post office, store, Anglican church and school.

What Are The Main Businesses On Weston Island?

The main businesses on Weston Island include a post office, store and school.

What Are The Main Attractions On Weston Island?

The main attractions on Weston island include the Anglican church and school.

Do I Need A Passport To Visit Weston Island?

No, you do not need a passport to visit Weston island.

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