When Harry Met Sally (1989) Movie Storyline and Short Reviews



When Harry Met Sally (1989) Movie Meaning and Ending Explanation


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When Harry Met Sally (1989) Movie Meaning and Ending Explanation

On first glance, it may seem unimaginable that the term ‘Harry and Sally’ can have a movie. Why has it taken so long for someone to take the cue and make a movie? The answer lies within the bizarre, complex, and bittersweet love-hate relationship that two young romantic misfits endure. After losing the one they loved or maybe trying to win her back in their own way, our duo finally faces reality amidst their own notion of success. As the story progresses, they gradually drop down all the ridiculous notions of what love is really about and get quickly back to the basics of life.


Harry (Billy Crystal) is a typical dorky guy who worships at the altar of Sally (Meg Ryan). The two meet and fall madly in love with each other. They spend hours on end discussing their interests, sharing secrets and communicating through winking glances and innuendos. All goes well until one fateful day when Harry comes to find out that Sally has already started dating someone else. UPSET over losing her , Harry ends up insulting her in front of everyone at the café they frequent. As a result, Sally rejects him and the two never speak again.

Flash-forward ten years later, and Harry is still unmarried with no prospects (despite numerous job interviews). Fed up with his own life, he takes out his frustration on Sally in an old journal entry where he mercilessly criticizes her for abandoning him. One day while cleaning out some old files, he finds an old picture of Sally and is shocked to see that she has finally gotten married. Now in his eighties, Harry makes the trip down to Florida to apologize and maybe patch things up with Sally.

However, as it turns out, Sally is now a bitter old woman who has no use for Harry other than as a memory token from her past. The two inevitably end up arguing until one or the other gives in and leaves. In the end, Harry learns a valuable lesson about life and love: sometimes things happen for a reason and it’s best to just move on.

The climax of the movie

Harry, now an old man, returns to Sally’s home town after many years of being away. He visits her at her retirement home and they finally reconcile. They spend the day reminiscing about their past and Harry learns that even though things didn’t work out between them in the end, Sally still loved him deeply.

Short Reviews

-Good story with a satisfying ending

-Some predictable elements, but overall enjoyable

-Some humorous elements

-Nicely paced


The directing was good overall. The scenes were well shot and the camerawork helped to create a immersive atmosphere.


The acting was satisfactory, though some of the characters felt particularly one-dimensional in comparison to others. Overall, however, it was decent enough for a movie like this.


The plot is good but can be predictable at points. However, it’s still enjoyable and worth watching through to the end.


This movie has not been awarded any awards.


Since the release of this movie in 1989, it has remained as one of the greatest love stories in American history. When Harry and Sally are introduced to each other, they have little memorable connection between them. But, with a little bit of imagination, this movie portrays the same scenario of what it really feels like when we meet someone for the first time, when we share the same interests, and how we fall in love and develop a relationship. This is one of the many reasons why this film has been and will continue to remain a cult classic.


Is It True That When Harry Met Sally (1989) Was Based on a Play Called the Big Night Out?

No, the story of “When Harry Met Sally” was not based on a play called “The Big Night Out.” The story was actually inspired by a real-life encounter that Harry and Sally had in New York City.

Why Does This Movie Make Me Cry Every Time I Watch It?

This question was about a movie called Up which is the story of an old man who has lived his life with only one regret, to never have had children. He tries to find out what happened to his wife after he had a heart attack and goes on an adventure in the clouds with a boy that he met. This movie made me cry every time I watched it because there are some things that can’t be explained by anyone else but you know deep down inside yourself how you feel like sometimes when something bad happens.

It’s just not fair!

Hope this answers your question!

Who wrote When Harry Met Sally (1989)?

When Harry Met Sally is a romantic comedy movie that was released in 1989. The film stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as two friends who meet by chance. They quickly realize they have a lot in common, but that love can be complicated.

This is my answer to your question!

What is the best part of When Harry Met Sally?

The best part of When Harry Met Sally is the humor and it is shown in a subtle way. The whole movie revolves around the theme of “Do you want to know what happens when you get old?” The two main characters, Harry and Sally, go through a lot of troubles with each other while they are trying to figure out if they should stay together or not. This makes them realize that even though people change, there are still some things that are always the same.

This question relates to many different types of situations and I will try my best to answer it accordingly.

In this case, I believe “When Harry Met Sally” shows us how one person can influence another person’s life in a positive way by making him/her feel better about himself/herself. It also highlights the fact that age doesn’t matter when it comes to relationships because sometimes love conquers all; especially true for Harry and Sally!

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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