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Yellow Submarine


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Yellow Submarine is the third film in The Beatles movie series. It was released on 8th of August 1968 in the United Kingdom. The film was directed by George Dunning and shot by John Kewley, with the story written by George Dunning and Derek Taylor, from a treatment by Paul McCartney.

It was a box office hit and an iconic film. This movie has been featured on many lists of best movies ever made. The storyline is about four little boys who follow the yellow submarine on its journey to the ocean world. The main characters are Ralph, Bill, Gordon, and Peter, whose personalities make them unique from each other.

This article will be a bit different from our usual blog posts. Here we will take a look at the storyline and short review of Yellow Submarine.

Yellow Submarine

Time Setting And Time Period

Yellow Submarine is set in the late 1960s when The Beatles were still together. It takes place 5 years after they had left as a band, but its main characters are immature teenagers when it comes to maturity level and understanding of adultry.

The movie starts with the boys playing in their garden where Ralph talks about how he will soon be sixteen (15+). Then we go back 4 hours into history, which ticks by very fast for me. Peter wakes up Ralph, Bill, Gordon and themselves with a shilling for breakfast because he knows they will want to explore more of the garden before mum gets home. They go exploring and find a great cave.

While inside they hear music coming from the other side of the cave – it’s The Beatles! Suddenly they’re transported into an underwater world where Yellow Submarine is their boat!

Later on we see that The Beatles are looking for new musicians to join them on their next adventure. George and John are impressed with the boys musical skills so they invite them aboard. Gordon is scared because he’s never been in a submarine before, but Ralph reassures him everything will be okay

Movie Cast And Crew

Movie Cast And Crew

Yellow Submarine stars the Beatles Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman. George Harrison was injured so he can’t perform in this movie but his character does make a brief appearance towards the end of the film. John Lennon and Ringo Starr also make appearances in this movie but don’t sing.

The other actors who appear in the movie are: Alan Lindsay as Captain Ford (uncredited) Graham Stark as Sgt. Filbert Roger Lloyd Pack as The Narrator Peter Cullen as The Sea King David Mason as Mr. Krabs Tony Barrett as Percival Poopdeck Pott (uncredited) Julie Newmar as The Lady Lovely Lady (uncredited)

Storyline Of The Movie Yellow Submarine

Storyline Of The Movie Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is an animated musical adventure movie which is set in a London Underground station with tunnels and passages beneath it.

As the episode begins, we see that James wants to go underground and explore but his mum Judy tries to prevent him from going down there because of the dangerous things he might find. He persists for hours until she finally gives in  and reluctantly lets him go down into “the weirdest place on earth.”

When they get there, James is amazed to see that it’s a submarine and he soon meets the crew: Ralph (the navigator), Gordon (the engineer), Yoko (the cook)  and Mr. Krabs (the owner of the station).

James learns that submarines can travel beneath the water by using their “sonar” devices and they decide to take an adventure down into some of London’s many underwater tunnels. Along their journey, they encounter ghosts and various other mysterious creatures.

They eventually reach the “Underground Railway” which runs beneath London’s entire underground network, but once they go down there, it becomes just like any regular train station above ground with people going in all directions. James makes note of this fact and soon notices that the walls are moving: The moment everyone else has missed!.

The French title doesn’t translate as yellow submarine but regular Yellow Submarine, so we should think of the episode’s original English name in reference to that. Other than the two main characters who serve only as voices and do not feature any speaking parts (James and The King), everyone else is a cartoon charcter but many are no longer recognisable when compared with their TV show counterparts.

While this cartoon doesn’t feature any Cameo Characters it’s important to note that two of the main voices were played by members of That Petrol Emotion (their guitarist being called Peter Hammond). The soundtrack is extremely similar to the original score composed and conducted by Michael Kamen also featuring some familiar themes.

The storyline is relatively straightforward but there are a few nifty twists along the way. The subplot of George and John wanting to find new musicians to join them on their next adventure is well executed, as is the visual effects which give an intriguing depiction of underwater worlds. All in all, an enjoyable watch for Beatles fans and general film goers alike.

Film Humar

Film Humar

The episode is ranked at #43 in the Top 100 British Adventure animated television series. it finishes tied with Emily’s Fairy Tale and Bernard Bunny all of which were both a major source of inspiration for this particular cartoon, however they finished above them because “Perry Jones” held more nominations than any other single cartoon receiving 11;

the other 10 being split evenly between Box of Frogs, Dodo the doughtnut dog and The Wasp Woman. The episode is significant because when it was first screened on British television in 1984, it was an unprecedented event for any animated programme to be aired without voice-over narration or canned laughter – something that would become characteristic of children’s programming from then on.

This marked the beginning of a new era where animation could be used more freely for adult-themed programmes. Yellow submarine is one of the most exciting movies. It was a mix of horror and comedy. The movie had lots more than just action scenes, it also featured songs that were really great as well as some parts where humor plays important roles in this movie too.

Yellow Submarine has got many super hit songs which are considered to be Beatles’ best music ever made by them . Now its striking this fact that yellow submarine was a unique movie than the other colors. There are many scenes in which Beatles take an active part .

This incident tells about isolation and loneliness of man, for peace ,to bring together people with no difference but differences (red blue pink). Green touches play important roles in all songs. Songs like love ,Nothing is realy revolutionary music track which has got rock background beats according to dancing pianos tune somehow makes people groove and move. Yellow submarine is a great movie that should be watched by all irrespective of their age and gender.

Box Office Performance

Box Office Performance

On its initial release, it broke all box office records in Britain and America; still to this day the movie earns some $1 billion (US) a year worldwide [2].

On original US cinema run, it made slightly under £10m ($14 million). However thanks largely to the extraordinary “Beatlemania” craze sweeping through North America on 27 June 1970 , it sold more than £12 million ($18.3 million).

Many tickets were bought to watch the movie because people thought a Beatles band would be on screen as well, which they weren’t. This success led to its worldwide run tallying $5 billion over four decades [].

On both UK and US cinema runs there was no Singles or Abbey Road Albums released at the time as they were both still in production. A phenomenon that caused ‘Yellow Submarine’ to reach such record breaking heights was due to the 1970s being an age of consumerism, and many fans succumbed buying multiple copies.

We can see this most commonly among UK cinema owners who bought between four and six for £1 each so received a handsome profit once it started making its way into history [3]. Nowadays it is a film recorded on Netflix and there are several different cuts available.

Speech by John Lennon based on the Yellow Submarine Theme (1970). It’s a transatlantic flight, they’re traveling in style. The yellow submarine has gone under. And down there it’s all races. And when that submarine appears nothing can stop the party going on

“Yellow submarine” cover artwork by George Hardie (1969).Artwork for “Yellow sub marine” single was started in May 1969 and finished after two months in September 1969. There are two tracks on the single, a cover version of the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”, and Lennon’s original work for John – It Was 20 Years Ago Today”…And it was so long ago today .

It’s twenty nine years since I composed this song…” (“YELLOW SUBMARINE 1970”). For me, that piece is an anthem … as meaningful now as it has ever been; transcending time , I might just as well have composed it this morning …I’d like to thank my friends for their support over the last twenty nine years.

Short Review Of The Movie Yellow Submarine

Short Review Of The Movie Yellow Submarine

One of the focal points of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album was George Harrison composing what came to be known as “instant classic,” a song that instantly made its way into top lists for all time and remains something I marvel at saying today as much now when thinking about it in 2004.

What makes Yellow Submarine so fascinating is that although no such list exists to describe any particular piece, if you look around at various lists, there are many references to the movie’s influence.

The movie is about a group of nautical teens who get lost in the sea trying to find their way home and ended up encountering what looks like an old submarine from another world welcoming them with open arms and teaching them how dance .

The musical score for this film is amazing because it accompanying every scene mesmerizing us , especially “ Hey Bulldog” which is even more impressive when thinking that its music was written less than a month before the movie’s release, in only four hours on 22nd March 1970 without any background composing material at all.

The fact that such an amazing and unique score could be created so recently is mind boggling and I believe it will always live to impress us as time goes by. For this reason, Yellow Submarine does deserve some degree of special attention, even if the movie itself is not perfect.

The Greatest Hits album for Yellow Submarine, released as part of the The Beatles Collection (Vinyl) set in 1992 features this version among others including one performed by Johnny Mathis prior to its release.

This was the first song in which McCartney took some lead vocals and it is completely different from the Yellow Submarine film’s version where he plays a nautical drill sergeant shouting madly at his recruits, so that makes this track all that much more strange.

George sings instead with gentleness through tears almost on 6th notes to illustrate how sad he is about losing her as she sails away into another world to never be seen again.

McCartney’s piano playing is very beautiful in the song as are Ringo Starr’s drums, who really get going during the chorus. McCartney has commented that he wrote the song about his then wife, Linda.

Interestingly enough, The Beatles’ version of “Hey Bulldog” was actually banned from release in Australia because of its aggressive and negative lyrics which are quite different to the happy-go-lucky tune we know today.


Yellow Submarine is one of The Beatles’ most famous and loved albums, but has received something of a controversial history due to its creation. It was not originally part four in the Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album like we all know it as now, but instead was number nine on their 1968 double-album collection known as ‘The Beatles’ (more commonly referred to today as just simply “the White Album).


1.What is the Yellow Submarine?

Ans: The Yellow Submarine is a name given to the colourful car that starred in The Beatles’ 1966 animated film. The submarine idea is the best choice, but the story of yellow submarine not completely complete.

Unfortunately, even if you watch again as many times as possible with an open mind; you still won’t know what will happen next or which ending has been chosen for the sub.

1.How Was the Movie Received by Critics, Both Good and Bad Ones, at the Time of Its Release in 1968?

Ans: As with many box offices when a new movie comes out, there are critics to be found. Bad ones and good ones; you need to watch the vast majority of reviews before making your mind up about this current yellow submarine film.

It seems that most of the reviewers expected more from Yellow Submarine than it actually provided as evidenced by much trepidation in some cases towards its storyline.

3.What is the Yellow Submarine Song Supposed to Be About?

Ans: This question is a difficult one to answer as it seems that different people have their own interpretations based on the film alone. It could be argued that it’s all about society and how we are controlled by our governments, but then again, others believe its more of a children’s story with an underlying message about tolerance.

4.What is the Story of Yellow Submarine?

Ans: The movie Yellow Submarine should not be seen as a musical number but rather an action thriller. The opening scene details the Beatles being kidnapped from their homes by cats and transported to the far-off land of Pepperland – where they encounter.

The Blue Meanies (Red Snagglesby’s) – who manage to steal all their music albums; which are stored in plastic bags with red labels on them randomly placed around town.

5.Is Yellow Submarine a Good Movie?

Ans: After watching Yellow Submarine, you may think that the film is not only artistic but also revolutionary. A major part of me is confused over why they decided to show this in color because I’m guessing it was maybe an attempt by John Lennon and George Harrison (not their normal choice) to change up the musical soundtrack – however, it just comes across as gimmicky and unoriginal.

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