Zave Island – Everything You Need to Know!



Zave Island-Everything You Need to Know!


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Earth’s atmosphere is like a delicately created piece of art. Every species in it are handcrafted by the brilliant hands of Mother Nature to be in accordance with human needs.

One such piece of art is the Island Zave. Behind the name, lies an undenied fact about its importance to humans.

In this piece of news, we are going to rationalise the importance of this small yet significant island with you and its importance behind the architecture of human civilisation.

Zave Island-Everything You Need to Know!

Zave Island History

The first inhabitants of Zave were the Andalusian fishermen.

The harsh and unforgiving sea conditions made it difficult for them to survive, so they turned their attention towards the land in search of resources.

One such resource was salt, which they found on Izave and started extracting it. In spite of this initial setback, the community gradually grew stronger and more successful thanks to their trade routes that spanned over many different parts of Europe at that time.

The island’s importance increased even more when the first reference to the construction of a Tower of Heresy was made in 998 AD, five years after the community had started extracting salt from Izave.

The tower served as a place where heretics were incarcerated and tortured until they either recanted their beliefs or died.

Zave Island Geography

Zave Island Geography

Island Zave is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and is just 6.5 km long and 1.7 km wide. It has a very rocky terrain, which made it difficult for humans to settle on it permanently.

However, because of its strategic location, humans have been using it for various purposes since ancient times.

The first inhabitants were the Phoenicians who sailed to Zave from present-day Lebanon. They mainly used the island as a trade port and it became an important hub for their industry.

The Romans followed suit and started settlements on the island in order to control trade routes in the Mediterranean Sea.

Zave Island Ecosystem


Island Zave is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Some of the notable species found on the island are:

-The federally protected monk parakeet, which can be found in many parts of coastal Europe but is mostly abundant in Island Zave.

-The endemic Libyan hare, which can only be found on this small island and was once thought to be extinct due to hunting by humans. Thankfully , it has now been saved from extinction and is slowly being reintroduced to its natural habitat.

-The Mediterranean monk seal, which is the only species of seal found on the island.

Apart from these mammals, there are also many bird populations including:

-The red-footed falcon, which can be found all over Europe but is most abundant in Island Zave.

-The barbet, a small bird that can be found throughout the Mediterranean region.

-The hawfinch, which is a common bird in Europe but can only be found on Island Zave.

Zave has also been home to a wide variety of plants including:

-The endemic thyme basil, which only grows on the island and is used for medicinal purposes.

-Violet sage, a rare plant that can only be found growing in this particular location and was once used by the Romans as a medicine.

-The endemic spiderwort, which can only be found on Zave and is used for medicinal purposes.

Zave Island Population


As of 2016, the population of Island Zave is unknown. However, due to its protected status and the fact that it is difficult to access, it is thought that there are very few people living on the island.

Zave Island Economy


There is no formal economy on Island Zave, although there are a few small businesses that operate in the area. The main source of income for residents is likely to be tourism, which has been growing in popularity over recent years.

Zave Island Climate


The climate on Island Zave is Mediterranean, with warm summers and cool winters.

Zave Island Culture and Religion

Culture and Religion

There is no specific culture or religion on the island, although many residents are Catholic.

Zave Island Languages


There is no official language on the island, although most residents speak a variety of languages.

Zave Island Education


As of 2016, there is no formal education available on Island Zave. However, a few residents are likely to have received some form of secondary or tertiary education in mainland Europe.

Zave Island Politics


As of 2016, there is no formal politics or government on Island Zave. However, the majority of residents are likely to support the socialist political party in Europe.

Zave Island Government Services

Government Services

There are no government services available on the island, although a limited number of residents may have access to health care and other social services.

Zave Island Tourism

Isla Quiriquina Island tourism

As of 2016, tourism is the main source of income for residents on Island Zave. There are a limited number of tour operators that operate in the area, and visitors can explore the island by foot or by boat.

Zave Island Hotels and Resorts List

Hotels and Resorts List

There is no specific list of hotels and resorts available on Island Zave, although there are a number of small guest houses that may be able to accommodate travelers.

Zave Island Attractions


As of 2016, the main attraction on Island Zave is likely to be its natural beauty. The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters, and there are a number of scenic trails that can be explored.

Zave Island Transport


There is no specific transport available on Island Zave, although most residents are likely to use bicycles or boats to get around.

Zave Island Cuisine


As of 2016, the main cuisine option on Island Zave is likely to be seafood. There are a limited number of restaurants that serve traditional Italian and French dishes, but most residents are more likely to cook their own meals at home.


Located off Atacama’s coast, archeological observations have shown that this land was first inhabited about 2,000 years ago by the Huaman tribe.

They call it the ‘Land of Youth’, and this is not surprising because here houses are built without walls, the natural climate is very suitable for relaxing, and the presence of a volcano and a hot spring attract many visitors.

But what gave it its name was the discovery of a cluster of 12 islands nearby. Today, these mirages known as ‘island’, are a major tourist attraction as they are now home to two cities.

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1.Is It True That The Island Is In A Remote Part Of The World And Will Not Be Affected By Rising Sea Levels?

Ans: The island is located in the Atacama desert, one of the driest places on earth. As a result, it is extremely unlikely that Island Zave will be affected by rising sea levels.

2.How Can I Immigrate To Zave Island?

Ans: There is currently no specific way to immigrate to Island Zave.

3.Is There Any Way To Get Money Out Of Zave Island, Such As Through Investments Or Bonds?

Ans: There is currently no way to get money out of Island Zave.

4.Are There Any Rules On How Long You Can Stay In Zave Island Before You Have To Leave For Good?

Ans: There are currently no rules on how long you can stay in Zave Island before you have to leave for good.

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