12 Angry Men 1957 FAQs



12 Angry Men 1957 FAQs


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From the Academy Award-winning film starring Henry Fonda, John Wayne, and of course, an amazing script by Reginald Rose. Here’s a list of questions that we get asked often about this classic movie. Before we get into the film, let’s discuss what it is, who makes it, and how this important work came to be.

12 Angry Men 1957 FAQs

What Was the Purpose of 12 Angry Men?

This piece was created for the US Supreme Court to watch and analyze when a death penalty case is called. It was meant as the teaching tool of an acting film class that included first-year law students from Harvard Law School in 1951. Reginald Rose was the screenwriter of this story.

He originally submitted it to producer Sidney Lumet who passed on it. The project then went to director Henry Fonda, who brought his A-list stars John Wayne and George Kennedy on board. In order to make “12 Angry Men” as realistic as possible, many real courtroom scenes were shot in a San Francisco courthouse

What’s the Story of 12 Angry Men?

The plot focuses on jurors deliberating over their verdict for an innocent man accused of killing his wife and her lover. They take turns questioning each one another and discussing the evidence until they reach their ultimate decision to find him guilty or not guilty in what opposition argue.

Additionally, the jury is made up of twelve people, which makes the plot a more realistic scenario.

Is the Boy in 12 Angry Innocents?

An 11-year-old boy, who lost his mother to a blizzard outside their household. This happens before you see the guy walk in and save him from falling out of the house. Upon arrival, he quickly assumes it’s just another bad situation (boundary conditions) as described: 13 houses were destroyed by fire – 8 boys injured, two were killed – one with critical head injuries; no adults are anywhere to be found; nothing.

How Many Remakes of 12 Angry Men Are There?

There have been many, several dozens in fact. Some are very successful and still hold up today: North Shore (1960) – 19 the Century New England all-boys military school setting Oceans of Fire (1961) A story about a young man accidentally committing arson after being unknowingly exposed to nerve gas while diving The Juror (1999) An intimate look at the jury who reveals their frenzied arguments; as they deliberate.

Why Did Juror 3 Change His Vote?

What none of the others recognized was his mistake. Juror 3, being a civil servant has some policy concerns about convicting an innocent man. As a result, he expresses to all that this case really “may be more than legal and moral decision at stake.” (4) Considering the fact that under international law it is possible for a person to be tried in absentia (“in loco et tempore”) if there’s no reasonable way.

What Language Did the Conversation Take Place in?

You might not know, but they spoke Southern English (traditionally) which is like a dialect of American English with some words taken from Spanish and French taking up roles as pronouns or adjectives. [1] They also uses Italian words regarding religion and spiritual matters: “saints,” “spiritual redemption, “holy Mother.”

What Did Juror 8 Prove About the Knife?

After Juror 8 tried to convince the others that his use of a knife test disproved this boy’s story, Cardinal Ricca ends up exposing himself as someone who once used such tests in real life: “do you remember back then when we gave each other knives? Those were not just exercises for us. That was a kind driven decision.”(12)

Is the Boy in 12 Angry Men Mexican?

The book notes that he was born in Colombia. And that pretty much sums up my googling experiences as of late, which is more fun than boring, but unfortunately, I can’t type at all anymore but take good care and thank you for reading! No, the boy in 12 Angry Men is not Mexican.

Why Did Juror 7 Change His Vote?

Juror 7 retired after being called up to the foreman. Right around that time “he went down on his hand, so weak and puny” (102). Then he announced: “You know, nobody gets out of this town safe these days. I had an idea once.” He rummaged in his pockets for a nickel – it was green leaved money not yet torn into pieces by other hands than those which intended turning.

Which Juror Grew Up in the Slums?

Relevant to the previous question, Juror 1 (the one who once lived in a slum) began his adult life as an insurance agent. And now he’s working for someone else but still pulling scams and trying to direct others’ actions: “And besides, “I told you we’d both do better if—.” To which Juror 8 winked discreetly [Coke gesture]”(74).

Why Did Juror 2 Change His Vote?

Juror 2 is largely pathetic. “His innocence had become a blamelessness that was empty inside as well.” Okay, I am going to stop now before he’s killed off and we have less character development in the future (114). List any other characters who turn out very different than you thought they would be when the book starts.

Who Was the First to Vote Not Guilty?

I think it was Juror 3. “When the jury returned their verdict, he cried out: ‘Not guilty.’” (114) And now we know that no one got off without a punishment (116). he last thing anybody on earth would want to ask from when I started writing it.” Stephen does focus on seeing other things in a given time and location but also speculating about what’s around him.

Why Is Juror 8 a Hero?

Juror 8 changes his vote because he wants a better (he means potter) life. Before the trial, it seemed impossible to get freedom from parole and emancipation, but not anymore! He’s going to become a lawyer fresh out of law school whom “no one had ever heard of” two weeks after being turned away by four firms…. Of course, there are also fewer opportunities these days.

What Did Juror #2 Bring Up About the Knife?

Juror 2 “He was waving it in front of my face. He pointed at the machete and grinned: ‘You saw that guy. Which one do you think would kill a girl if he had to? I’ll tell you which one – the short fat one.’” (117) But how old is Juror #2 anyway? And did he cut off someone’s finger with his choice of tools, or was there another person.

Why Did Juror 4 Change His Vote?

It seems that Juror 4 became emotionally attached to Norrie and therefore was no longer objective about her guilt. But what does he do instead of stop being a hero? Is the use of tics really such an evil thing, or only when spoken aloud out loud. “The black guy, you’re wrong. He’s the one that got away.” (118) In a way, it seems like he’s just trying to justify his vote but what is he saying here? Why does he want to protect the other jurors from seeing how stupid they are for thinking Norrie was guilty?

Why Does Juror 9 Think the Old Man Lied?

In the letter he received from his lawyer, it said that he wants to kill for money which makes Juror 9 think the old man is lying about being innocent. “It wasn’t like this last one…This was different.” His statement could be considered a conversation with himself rather than referring to anything at all in particular, so we don’t have any idea what’s going on here.

Why Is Juror #4 So Convinced That the Woman’s Testimony Is So Persuasive?

She had what she thought was a logical answer for nearly every question and his gut told him that she was telling the truth about her first husband. “There were witnesses [to prove it], but I’ll let you in on something because this is just my opinion, unless he’s guilty then there should be other people who can pick out Dean than they have so far.” (119) If Norrie didn’t kill them all then why think immediately.

What Does Juror Eight Say Bothered Him About the Boy’s Trial?

He replaced his cash that he won on the lotto in 2012 with another one. “…I almost started buying into a lie…He was lying, but I kind of did believe him.” (120) He tried not to take it seriously because no other juror thought so, but suddenly changed decides that now isn’t the best time for this find out. He could be thinking that the boy was lying about not knowing what happened, but it’s hard to tell without more information.

What Time Did the Murder Occur in 12 Angry Men?

It started before 9:00 AM (1st hour of the movie) and it ends at around 6:30 PM. Why does it seem unlikely for an adult to have beaten someone so severely in such a quick time frame? They would need more than just their hands, wouldn’t they? 1. Juror 9 is convinced that the old man is lying about being innocent because he says “It wasn’t like this last one…This was different.” This could suggest that juror 9 thinks there’s something wrong with what happened in the last trial, which may be a reference to how graphic and brutal it was.

Why Is Five Convinced That the Boy Did Not Stab His Father What Makes Five an Authority?

He thinks “that people who stab…kill some of the time, but especially a man…” (118). He’s talking about strangulation and he says that they almost never kill in stabbing scenarios. However, he does think that Dean did not stab his father, but instead strangled him. He’s not sure what to make of it. “…I didn’t want to believe it because I just couldn’t picture it” (111). He’s worried that this might taint the jury’s perception of events, but he also says “The truth is always better than a fairytale.” (116) This suggests that he believes that more information is needed

Did 3 Finally Believe the Boy Was Not Guilty or Did He Vote Just to Get It Over With?

He voted to convict the boy because he thought it was “everyone else’s” guilt that made him feel guilty. But later in the movie when they find out Carp framed their son, his former innocence re-surfaces and he thinks: We’re all scared of our own skeletons – I mind less than most people. 3 starts to question his own guilt.

Why Does the Foreman Ask the Guard to Bring in the Switchblade Knife?

The switchblade is the weapon that all of these murderers used – they stabbed their victims.

What does ghost 9 refer to similar knives as? (For example, 1) cooking knife; 2) letter opener/scissors; 3) bolt cutter; 4) gun cleaning tool or 5 etc. [See here for a summary] What did ghost 9 say would be his choice to use if he were in jail during 12 Angry Men?

He slaps 8 because he wants to see her “disappear completely from the face of the earth” (125).

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