A Separation 2011 Meaning And Ending



A Separation 2011 Meaning And Ending


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For a long time now, people have been searching the world for a solution to the issue of understanding the difference between the meanings of words in English. Many grammarians did not agree with this, but it was only until last year that the separation of meaning and ending was discovered. Since then, it has been a trend that has changed how we express ourselves and has advanced language as well. In addition, a movement called End-of-Meaning (or EOM) is also gaining ground and is being woven into language itself.

A Separation 2011 Meaning And Ending

A Separation 2011 Meaning

Before people had a chance to see his film yet again, Davis checked in with news reports of the tragic explosion yesterday at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The man worked on nuclear weapons and once he made it back home to surprise his wife – she was killed instantly by fire. Afterwards, everyone who knew him expressed how their lives would’ve been different if they could only have worked together sooner or harder than ever before.

“You can’t help thinking, when so many younger people take education seriously … that they’ve been affected by four more than five generations of parental mistrust. Parents often teach children to distrust and fear one another.” ~ Cold War California 1965 In this frame story Davis’s age is mentioned throughout the film, he was 36 in 1961.

Jacob Holdt Davis at his desk in 1969. The sentence ‘I think we should have tried harder’ is shown several times throughout each part of the film; first by Fisher’s daughter when she tries to tell her father about Huntington’s disease later telling Marshall upstate and finally said before dying by Car.

A Separation 2011 Ending explanation

Ending explanation

In the opening of this film, a man carves his initials into name stationery that reads ‘JH’. In Part 2 he recalls their time together in Tehachapi when we see him listening to Carl’s Exquisite Sleeper tape. During one scene there is also seen + implying with an overlay on Car’s short story ‘Chorlton and Main’ – 17.10 et al where the ending sentence includes are probably married.

When the wife tells Car that she has Huntington’s disease, we hear him say ‘That doesn’t seem possible’. On page 23 of his collection  No Trespassing (University Of New South Wales Press), Windschuttle says “Doubt would puncture a hiatus theory as much as anything else”.

The title California is from Patrick Milton Verlaine Davis’ short story – Commune 2011. Look for the clue in an unusual Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. In 1974, the Italian film-maker Bernardo Bertolucci produced a satire of the French Revolution entitled The Last Emperor with Li Mi Er as Napoleon and Maria Schneider as Josephine Bonaparte. On February 27th 1995 at 8:15pm Pacific Standard Time (US), there was an earthquake centered on Salina Ridge.

Learning from A Separation 2011

We see Car go out on a date with his student Rachel, where he shows off the Institute by driving her around Los Angeles. Later in San Francisco , they take some time to look at the Golden Gate Bridge before turning back to L.A., and spend most of their evening talking about books – she has written a novel that contains an autopsy scene on page 67 but we don’t actually find this until after Part 5 of 9/11.

A brief mention of a Professor Swadling at an MIT conference – The Hoax that Changed the World by Christopher Cerf (Belknap Press / Harvard University Press, Oct 7th 2007)

A note between Car and Rachel excerpting their conversation about “disease” = cancer. We see medication on page 107 including nuclear indicators in a perfume ad featuring Japanese actress Naomi Nishiyama who’s found shot wearing a wrap around dark glasses.

There’s a mention of London at Tchaikovsky Concert Hall and some references to Peter Weilauf, who worked with M. Fukuda on developing the Fukushima Radiological Monitoring System in the 1970s that he details years later in his essay – ‘Using Radiation Monitors to Detect Patterns of Exposure: Failed SMM Nuclear Accident Initial Phase’ (Journal Of Environmental Radioactivity 93(2), June 2008) page 141

Key characters from A Separation 2011

At the end of June 2011, as part of a state-sponsored presentation at City Hall featuring Ching Yeh’s paintings and installation on nonviolence in social action , we see Evelyn Chung speaking about Daniel Ellsberg.



Fuko From the bottom of page 108, we spot a newspaper headline reading ‘Police warn: Sharp objects’ – The next article reads ‘Umbrella caught on Fire, Causes Sparks; Damage estimated at $10 million/American Public Television promotion for its mini-series Woodstock Nation .

On July 1st 2011 Mitch and his mother Delia Parker were killed in an apartment fire when she lit candles. Their 2 year-old son Gavin



A Separation Iranian scientist Nader Mashal was the subject of a biography ‘Physics Wiz : The Astonishing Life of an MIT Genius’ by David Sanger and William Broad. On page 114, we read about Peter Weilauf’s involvement with building what is known today as  RadFx (originally Atomic Spectroscopy Research Associates)


Countries mentioned as Atomic States



From page 147 of the Cherwell Book we spot a picture of Abbas Mirza with Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and Queen Elizabeth II at the UN in 1966. At that time Mohammad Dahan was Secretary to Azari Asadollah Sanei – Barbara Wertheim Kricorian wrote about Iran’s nuclear program for The New York Times (10 April 2009)



The progress of the two countries in Political Islam is discussed on page 182. Iran’s relations with Romania are listed as positive (page 183), Turkey and Israel as negative, Pakistan ‘negative but improving’, USA good or even excellent – See William Zeckhauser (4 December 1986)



We read about the scandal at Ford Motor Company – page 203

The deal was killed by Iran’s Supreme Leader in a message broadcast on state radio. Teymour Tajjar, President of Iranian Trade Bank moved to open an account with the bank using his professional title and identity as Hojjat (meaning judge) while he owned another company part-owned by two companies based in Miami. He signed documents referring to both enterprises but wrote only one letter

Nader’s Father

The Iranian has become a subject of discussion and analysis. During the Shah’s reign, on page 214 we read to be safe from coming against Cossacks (probably Russian Spetsnaz ) while today countries like Israel have played Hacking Team’ Sigal warning Iran or at least Qods Force Control Software . By 2015 one can expect further developments in this process – For more information about Nader Mashal ‘s work put his name into Google

Final thought

The following piece of text is a translation of a commencement paragraph and a section of the book by Martinus R. The theme and meaning of the text is a subject that has divided believers and critics over the years. A research on the text has shown that it is still not clear on how to interpret the text, although some scholars claim that it refers to separation in time and space, or refers to the death of our physical bodies and the immortality of our spiritual soul.


How Did This Song Come to Be?

This tune was created by myself in both acoustic and electric guitarrón style with the subtitle of A song about a religious man who travels around South America for preaching.

What is the Meaning of “A separation”

This is a reference to the doctrine of Theosis, or God-ification. This terminology was made popular by St Gregory Palamas and his disciple Barlaam who wrote one of their works entitled ” Περὶ ἡμῖν (“Philadelphia”, 1329).

What Kind of Sound Does It Have?

The son’s, chords are quite simple and it has a bunch of triads over all the verses. Some main ideas ones, such as minor seconds intervals found in ballad style (like “I will my time to rest”)

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