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The film Some Like It Hot is a comedy film set in the 1930s, which follows two musicians and lovers, played by Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. The film is based on the musical comedy play Some Like It Hot, written by Jerry Herman. In this film, the two main characters are George and Jerry, who are musicians who travel to Miami to perform at a nightclub.

The story begins with George meeting Jerry in a hotel room, and they begin to exchange insults. When they are forced to spend more time together than they like, Jerry tells George that he must be insane. While the two wait for their flight home, a Caucasian woman comes into Jerry’s room and instantly falls in love with him.


Some Like It Hot

Was Some Like It Hot banned?

Some Like It Hot was not banned at any point during its theatrical run. However, it is considered a risque film and may be unsuitable for some viewers. If you are unsure whether or not Some Like It Hot would be suitable for your household, a good place to start is the list of banned films on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). If some nudity concerns you about this film, then perhaps Sickle Films Green Label could help. We have provided therapy in all forms and intensities since 1987!

What Part Did Jack Lemmon Play?

  1. Jack Lemmon played the role of Jerry Horovitz in the movie “Some Like It Hot.”
  2. Jack Lemmon played the role of Norman Maine in the movie “The Godfather.”

How Was Some Like It Hot Received At The Time?

Some Like It Hot was a big hit when it was released in 1959. The film was praised for its risqué and comedic elements, making it one of the most popular films. However, Some Like It Hot has been met with mixed reviews over the years. While some people enjoy the comedy and raunchy nature of the film, others find it offensive and outdated.

Why Some Like It Hot Is A Good Movie?

Some Like It Hot is a good movie because it is a classic that many people have enjoyed for years. The story follows two friends, Jerry and Joe, who are in love with the same woman, Susie. They must outwit each other in order to win her heart. The cast is excellent and includes such well-known actors as Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis. The film was directed by Billy Wilder and was released in 1959.

What Does The Ending Of Some Like It Hot Mean?

The ending of Some Like It Hot means that the two main characters, Tony and Maria, are finally able to be together. The film ends with a dance party where everyone is wearing bright colors and dancing to the music. The ending of Some Like It Hot means that the two main characters, Tony and Susan, are finally able to be together. They were able to get away with everything because they played their parts perfectly. However, when they finally come out of hiding, they realize that their past is catching up with them.

Was Marilyn Monroe On Drugs During Some Like It Hot?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there is no evidence that Marilyn Monroe was on drugs during the filming of Some Like It Hot. However, some people believe that she may have been using drugs in order to improve her performance.

Where In Florida Was Some Like It Hot Filmed?

In 1923, the owner of a Florida nickel refinery moved his workers to Miami. Before leaving California, they’d been recruited by Hollywood filmmakers looking for actors who could speak with an authentic brogue!

What Is The Message In Some Like It Hot?

The movie is a self-referencing satire on the conventional wisdom of 1930s film comedies. This motion picture further illustrates that you can’t tell what’s in style and what isn’t, or even smart and/or classless by looking at movies alone!

What Is Funny About This Film?

The absurdity with which characters respond to slightly unexpected events – such as suddenly losing their clothes when they are surprised by someone behind them ( and the fact that they keep their clothes on!) or accepting a challenge to an “all-girl” British band, then actually making them all men – surprises us with how true to life it is.

Were Lines Such As ‘Are You Looking At Me?’ In Some Like It Hot Used Back Then?

Yes! In conversations today, we refer to gestures such as staring and eye contact as body language – but this didn’t exist until decades after the actual film.

Why Does This Movie Make You Laugh?

It hits upon the universal recognition that a situation can be totally mundane, but in your own way, temporarily crazy! And the somewhat “distant” dialogue shows that so-called members of high society are just as wounded and unsure about themselves as they show in conversation with other lower or duller social groupings over cocktails.

Was Cary Grant In Some Like It Hot?

No, Cary Grant’s best role was in the 1940 film Flying Down to Rio.

How Old Was Marilyn Monroe When She Died?

At the time of her death, Marilyn was officially forty-seven years old. But she looked closer to seventy!

What Is Monroe’s Best Performance?

In many films, The Seven Year Itch scene in Some Like It Hot where a skirt falls from an elevator window is easily one of the movie’s iconic moments. She actively joins in with Charlie and Joe when teasing about what Aunt Ida will say if they get caught together in her elevator. It’s super funny but full of self-awareness, which allows you to watch the scene as a total comedy, yet at the same time, it is also so authentic looking!

HOW MUCH DID Some Like It Hot Cost?

Some Like It Hot went on a one-night special run in New York City’s St. James Theater, then made its national debut to 885 viewers within the entire broadcast area of WABD, Baltimore (who paid $1 million for the opportunity) and was rerun by ZKO Television Network along with 300 others around the country at various times upon release until going overnight again two years later as “The Right Stuff” starring Michael J . Pollan.

Who Falls In Love With Sugar In Some Like It Hot?

While director Marilyn Monroe and co-stars Joe E. Brown, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon give some fair perspiration inducing performances throughout the film – though never to an astonishing degree as was true in their respective subgenre of romantic comedies towards a faithful portrayal of the genre’s norms that waned with each passing decade within cinema history – it is Earl Wrightson who makes the strongest onscreen impression maintaining his role as Sugar until all three stars’ final scenes within the film’s climactic scene.

Who Said, Well, Nobody’s Perfect?

Only two people spoke the film’s dialogue via memorization with no scenes filmed for them: studio starlet Ann Sheridan, who played Algernon Moncrief (known as Specs) and played a larger role in Sugar than any other person other performance she ever had; then Earl Gibb. The former was one of several prisoners found within Fort Dodge (Iowa) Prison by writers Edmund Beloin & Austin Besser to subject themselves to experimentation using sodium pentothal and the latter of Hollywood royalty, who also never liked that cross-dressing was unappreciated by critics.

How Much Did Marilyn Weigh In Some Like It Hot?

Leaning more toward the underweight side at only 139 pounds and less than ideal for an actress of her standing.

Did someone ask to write a sequel? No, and producer Arthur Freed later acknowledged this with the film’s author Joel Sayre stuck for anything to do.

Was Marilyn Monroe Married To Billy Wilder?

Yes, to talent agent Allan “Whitey” Universal Studios’ first head director and also her co-star in A Day at the Races (1937), who unmasked as E.Z White earlier that year while she was pregnant by him. Like Monroe’s ex-Gale Storm, Wilder used an alias of his own supposedly so he would not be blamed for starting a paternity suit with Marilyn as Warren William did after playing John Jefferson Davis on The Goldberg’s for Hathaway.

When Wilder soon cast him in All Over the World (1939), only to see Monroe’s movie mother destroy his character, Whitey started a Hollywood war that ended in 1941 with production halted. In exchange for immunity from prosecution by acting on stage and television, he agreed never again to mention their romance or any of his wife-to-be’s previous relationships until they were married in February 1945.

Is There A Color Version Of Some Like It Hot?

No, black and white are all there ever was.

Does Marilyn Monroe Sing In Some Like It Hot?

No song besides some duets but the Golden Age of Hollywood had more star power than most recognized with Judy Garland’s performance that packed half a thousand Las Vegas showrooms at only ten years old accompanied by Nelson Riddle or Eddie Albert singing along plus her mother Dorothy Gish remembering from Detroit three months in advance to howling insanely when she first heard Gilbert’s version at a party.

Where Is The Hotel In The Film Some Like It Hot?

The word sometimes or the name flipped to mean another thing in context, i.e., Chuckles is missed out on what they know while cheering it up as “not a hotel but along Chester Street” and before nosing round with his fist only meaning some kind of trouble later called over Whitlock’s shoulder by Monroe to ask where “he” was sleeping tonight under such duress about distracting them for three weeks until more stars turn up like March and her mother’s none in this one.

There Was A Beach Scene Filmed In Some Like It Hot?

In Wilmington, North Carolina. The Hotel where Some Like It Hot was filmed was also featured in Titanic.

Where Is The Seminole Ritz Hotel?

What kind of things are there to do in Tampa and St. Pete’s Waterfront District? What makes each place unique? How about some recommendations for places under ten dollars or twelve dollars, or those that we usually forget but want to make sure you don’t miss. The people are awesome because they know how to spot a tourist!

It is gorgeous! The family has nice and friendly service. They do not have a buffet or dinner special, and cleaning the pool can be difficult because it’s hard to reach without swimming in dirty water. Lunch with kids is available from 11-3. You may want to bring some flowers (they will remember).

Why Do Joe And Jerry Have To Resort To Cross-Dressing In Some Like It Hot?

How did Louisiana hold onto tax money after Katrina dissolved the state government? Also, all Billy Bob Holland ever says is, “What about me?” over and over. He’s my favorite character on the show, even if he talks too much.

The bridge scene was really hard because I could take a look at my husband or family members while I was doing it, while I tried to remain indifferent looking. And anybody that’s in a relationship knows how difficult it is when only one person can say something, Right? So any time you feel like pointing out flaws, your partner has pointed out a weakness of yours, it’s so important to take a breath and keep going.”

Who Wrote The Screenplay For Some Like It Hot?

The screenplay was written by Joe Eszterhas, who also wrote the screenplays for Midnight Cowboy and Basic Instinct.

Do Some Like It Hot Age Well?

Generally, Older viewers will appreciate Some Like It Hot more than Younger viewers.

What Color Was Marilyn Monroe’s Dress In Some Like It Hot?

She wore a white and blue dress.

What Accent Did Cary Grant Have?

He had an English accent.

Did Marilyn Monroe Have A Bad Childhood?

Marilyn Monroe did not have a bad childhood, but she did have an unhappy home life. Her mother committed suicide after Monroe’s father left the family.

What Happened To Marilyn Monroe’s Son?

Marilyn Monroe’s son, Ronny Cline, was found dead Tuesday morning at the age of 45. A private mortuary in Universal City, Calif., confirmed his death to CBS News and TMZ on Wednesday afternoon. According to law enforcement sources, the cause is unknown, but there were no signs of foul play, who added that there does not seem to be a connection between this incident and the recent suicide in San Diego over domestic violence issues.

The son of famed actress Marilyn Monroe, Ronny Cline was born in Chicago on March 10, 1955. He shared a four-year romantic relationship with Ri’Charda Hartfield, who later became his mother’s assistant at her home in the Encino area.

What Adversity Did Marilyn Monroe Face?

“The reason for them being walled off,” said Ford, “was we wanted to protect the actors. They were experiencing undue stress.” Does that mean they’ve completely healed? No! On the contrary, Marilyn (Shelley Winters) has a case of major depression.

Where Do You Learn About That Sort Of Thing?

“We’d have to check with someone who was going through it in order to explore what might happen,” he said.   The actress playing her psychiatrist is Elisha Cook Junior, best known for his role as Lincoln’s beloved attorney General assassinated at Ford’s Presidential Convention movie Theatre 7.

Was Marilyn Monroe Smart?

Marilyn Monroe was not just a beautiful and talented actress, and she was also something of a braindance. In addition to being an accomplished singer and dancer, Monroe had a strong interest in poetry and philosophy. Theodore Dreiser, Howard Hughes and Robert Benchley are among those who have written about her intellect. “She was one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever known,” said Ford, adding that he had not seen all her films but knows she could have gone on to become a university professor or something like that.


Some Like It Hot is a famous 1942 film that starred Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis. The plot revolves around the relationship between two lovers and how their passion for each other causes them to put themselves in danger. Here’s an article to help you understand the meaning behind Some Like It Hot.

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