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Akin Island


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Akin Island is a small island in the Gulf of Aden. It has a total area of around 21 square kilometres and is approximately eight kilometres off the coast of Aden. Akin Island was named in honour of Prince Salim, the brother of Hashim ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Husayn, Ruler of the Habesh Republic. The island’s previous name (recorded by British explorers in 2000) was “Hassan Islands” after the ancient Arabic name for the island. Today, the main settlement on Akin is Yakoud, but it also has a large United States military base with 2,485 personnel.

Akin Island

A Brief History Of The Island

Akin Island used to belong to the United Kingdom of Aden until 1963 when it was occupied by Egypt. From 1967, Aidid declared the island a protectorate for Somalia. However, at about 17:00 on 30 November 1989 troops from the British 22nd Parachute Battalion landed without resistance during Operation Granby and captured what remains of Aidids stronghold backed up with sniper fire from an AC-130H Spectre gunship that is said to have killed Aidid.

During the operation, all of Aidids bodyguards were either captured or killed by the troops units. The troops then spent 2 days surveying and sanitizing the island before leaving under some international protest due to their alleged looting of local stores and civilians meeting them with weapons fire from several positions in Southern Yemen that was swarmed by Rangers attempting to stop these actions which resulted in three Ranger Involvement overseas deaths (2 Navy

Climbing And Hiking On The Island

For the island of Oahu, the best place to go hiking is in Kaneohe on the North Shore. There are many trails that you can hike like:

You can also find a few beaches where you can swim and snorkel. If you love swimming and snorkeling, I would suggest going to Kailua Beach which is only 15 minutes away from Waikiki. This beach has one of the best waves for surfing in Hawaii. It has white sand, great swimming areas and its close proximity to Honolulu makes it easy for people to visit this beach everyday! Hope this helps!


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The Flora And Fauna Of The Island

The flora of Hawaii is amazing and provides a lot of atmosphere for tourists. While the rainforests in Oahu include almost all types Koa, Maile Taiohae, Bishop Pine and Buckthorn trees as well as many other beautiful flowers like Pua Nui .

The Island has over four hundred native plants species including 16 mammals namely Opossums bats rats to two cats while there are eight reptiles so you might see geck

Life On Akin Island Today

The island is also home to many fish species and at least one plant, which are unique:

The most famous of these plants is Pritchardia rupestris. This tree has been given the name Hakalau Forest in part because much of its growth area lies on land owned by Father Damien de Veuster ” known as Saint Damien “.

There are several types or flowers throughout Oahu Some include Blue Corsias english Roses , Cockscomb , Hyacinths, Cockleburs Yellows.

One of my favorite is the Poa Oahuensis which are endemic species to Hawaii with pretty blue color and yellow cent as well as bright orange flowers. This flower has been given various names over time like “Lotus Blooms” or “Kamehameha’s Flower”. They can be found in many places on islands around the Islands . Many of these flower species contribute to the many pictures I have seen around Hawaii . Diving around there

My next picture of the Ritgracht Beach was taken from the MV Akina . During Christmas I went to Oahu and visited Kokua Kai Forest Service near Makapu’u Point. On my way to this place I had driven by a tour boat that turned its lights on while embarked on a coral reef ride through an area with several different tropical fishlife as well as three beautiful islands right below me

The US Military Base On The Island

Oahu is the home of many beautiful jungles which have many different types of trees. There are wide forests with a very dense black forest , and there are also areas that have big open spaces . One place I visited was called “Kokua Kai Forest Service” at Makapu’u Point  with y

Another interesting fact about Oahu is that during winter time lighting for a large portion( over one-half mile ) off of Kaneohe Marine Corps Base south of Waikiki and for Kalama Valley  are controlled by the military.

Tour in Hanauma Bay during Christmas Holiday is one of things I look forward to especially because you can see beautiful fish as well at this bay . There are multiple types of flowers that glow red such as hibiscus, lantanas , daylilies etc. These white rocks make it a great place to.


Overall, the environment in Hawaii is very diverse and picturesque with many different types of flora and fauna. The island state is known for its beautiful beaches, lush jungles, and crystal clear waters that are ideal for swimming, diving, snorkeling or just relaxing.


Where Is Hawaii Located?

Hawaii is a chain of islands  in the Pacific Ocean that lies on the archipelago of Polynesia. The farthest point from Hawaii to America is about 2,300 km away (1,4aer 14 miles )

  1. When did Hawaiians arrive there?

The first Polynesian settlers arrived around 300 AD and their descendants spread throughout this region now known as Hawaiian-Kanaka Maoli or Native Hawaiians by early 18th century.

  1. How old is Hawaii?  – Hawaiians say twelve thousand years, about two-thirds of those arrived on their own ships from other islands in 500 BC and 400 AD—though there may have been some travelers earlier in the millenniums -about 3 percent of present day native population can trace its ancestry to a third or fourth generation (most by direct genealogical surveys) of immigrants that came at about the time of European contact in 1778 and stayed to build, rehabilitate, maintain and develop their new home.

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