Tangled Movie Frequently Asked Questions



Tangled Movie Frequently Asked Questions


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Tangled is a 2003 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It was directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, with Kevin Harlan serving as the film’s music composer.

The film follows a blue-haired princess named Rapunzel who is locked in her tower for years until she meets a thief, Flynn Rider, and they attempt to escape the castle.

Tangled is a movie about love, friendship, and life’s adventure. It explores how tangled relationships can make you lose your way. In this way, it is also about finding your own identity and learning to trust yourself. This movie has a simple story but there are several characters who share the story of their lives with the audience.

Tangled Movie Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does This Film Teach Any Lessons?

The filmmakers of the movie didn’t specify how they wanted to promote good behavior, but it is a known fact that children behave badly sometimes.However, in most cases those bad behaviors are not caused by characters’ wrong actions or comments; they simply come from innate reactions and tendencies within every child. Adolescence often becomes more distracting than beneficial as every person tries out different ways of expressing his or her identity and ideas.To help parents realize that, a movie such as this one helps children to understand the consequences of their actions.

2.Why Do You Think The Characters In This Movie Are So Different From Real Life People?

Very few unique characters such as those in Tangled are exactly like real people.In fact, the only one of even several single fictionalized personalities holding up on reliable mental health is that wide difference between Rapunzel and Flynn’s mother (after all this does seem to be a pretty dangerous lifestyle).

Overall though any story needs realistic methods acceptable for each character with intelligence traits which could be taken more from reality .Watch them closely and something about many people’s thoughts and behavior will reveal themselves. For example, the various differences between Rapunzel and Flynn’s mother were shown a few times throughout.

4.What Is The Average Age For Kids To See This Movie?

Contrary to a commonly held belief some people prefer family films rather than those of wider appeal. Without an obvious sophisticated theme good movies for children could be too upsetting or even boring as is often true in lighter fare .

We don’t label any film unsuitable, merely unable , neutral, or perhaps able and only wants an open mind towards their potential worth if selected by you personally. This movie is rated PG-13 for mild thematic elements including a threat of action and peril.

5.What Are The Benefits Of Watching A Movie Like Tangled?

The main benefits of watching Tangled would be its entertainment value and teaching children valuable life lessons.Such positive benefits from watching this movie are helpful when considering the selection of a film or television program for your own children.

For example you will find that many kids won’t sit through long periods of drama but prefer more captivating ideas; like those something about Rapunzel looking at clouds once in awhile.Strategies and adverse effects over such things can be found on our entries associated with Tangled dialogue – critiques, lyrics , soundtrack, actors and actresses .

6.Why Is The Movie Called Tangled?

Apparently, the film used to be called Rapunzel of course and this was apt when considering that its whole story is centered concerning a female who grows up in captivity but manages to escape.

Christian views would probably consider it as strong end -of-the-world material , however many stateside people just refer to Tangled without any specific theme or emphasis given on whether they are Christian. They simply like the movie for itself regardless of its biblical undertones.

A group of self-described anarchists who use the power of tangled to fight against the kingdom have been captured by king garth and now it is up to Pascal to save them.

7.What Is The Movie Tangled All About?

The movie Tangled is about a young girl named Rapunzel who was taken captive by a wicked witch. She spends years in captivity until she meets a prince and they escape. Along the way, they have to fight against the witch’s minions. It tells a story of how they finally break free, find love and experience true freedom.

8.What Happens In The Movie Tangled?

As seen on an official Disney website, this Pixar film is inspired by a classic fairy tale that has been around for centuries – Rapunzel which was first published back in 1812 under the pen name “Stella.”

The plot revolves around a young girl whose father unwittingly cuts her hair and keeps it when he’s accidentally imprisoned inside canines who turn into people . Thereafter several years, she possesses a magical talent for spinning hair long enough to climb out.Rapunzel becomes one of the most popular Disney princesses because her story resonates with girls and women everywhere who have been in similar situations.

9.What Is A Tangled Setting?

The backdrop for the movie Tangled is a fairytale world that feels magical because of the Disney magic woven throughout it. The characters live in a kingdom where they are free and simple, except there is one big difference: Rapunzel’s hair has been enchanted by a witch to spell her troubles.

Where we truly see this incredible power at work lies down inside Pandora’s Tower which was constructed inside an enormous tree as per wishes of the witch.In order to escape their mistress, Rapunzel and her horse Maximus have been in search of magic .

10.Is There Anything Scary In Tangled?

The movie Tangled is about a struggling princess who finally finds her prince, who was believed dead for 14 years. There are some scenes and particular parts of the story that are scary so parents should watch out.

So many emotions have been brought up throughout this film, especially love, loyalty and devotion to one another which in itself has always given us goosebumps on what real relationships between men and women could be like if they aren’t messed up due to the constraints of society.We definitely can’t forget the part where Rapunzel is locked in her room for her own good and a witch comes to scare away the prince.

11.What Is The Climax Of The Story?

The climax of the story Tangled is when Rapunzel finally escapes from her tower and meets up with the prince. They flee to another kingdom and eventually have a child together.

Every cartoon character can be interpreted with different characters personalities and ages which is shown when they voice their part, they bring everything to life through their delivery and also portray emotions onstage specifically voices depending on if it’s above or below the mark of confidence.

The animator Francesco Bruni who ruined his own wisdom of showing a young woman’s emotions by making her speak.

12.Was Tangled Successful?

The movie Tangled was a hit not just in the United States but all over the world because of its distinctive characters and spectacular animation.

It’s hard to find movies with such great and flawless art design especially when it wasn’t created by Miyazaki or Disney.

However this artwork that they did made without disrespecting any other artists living before them except for one who even proved himself more talented than his peers through his remarkable style of animation.

13.What Happens At The End Of Tangled?

The end credits are shown once the story is over and because it’s animation doesn’t have a right or wrong way to end without being tedious.So some filmmakers give you every view even if they seem simple but they aren’t boring. You get to see what happens in the lives of 3 characters by using different perspectives.Along with great editing that ends on suspense generating an emotional roller coaster ride before leading up like your favorite comic book or action movie.

14.Why Is Tangled A Good Movie?

The fact that you might not like it at first but after you watch all the movies in an anime series consistently, if your favorite character dies then it’s a good move. The last movie I watched was Studio Ghibli’s Castle. In The Sky and every character died except for one which is what makes tragedy believable even though they are just saving budget to save time with makeup. Because realistic looking dead people would be expensive.

15.Where Do You Think Rapunzel Is Found?

That’s a good story. Rapunzel is found in another tale that would be as long as A princess. And the frog which is at least 100 years from when Rapunzel was first told this story to her peers versus how they made it seem like thousands of years gone but their lives are always lived together by different people throughout history.I think she currently exists somewhere on earth not sure where just because there may have been more versions of her tale told to multiple people over generations.

16.Why Was Tangled So Expensive?

I think the reason why it cost so much is because of Grant Morrison. He wrote stories that were more intricate and deeper than any others I had read before him. And his writing style is understood by many people in various avenues such as TV shows/movies, comics, etc. It really made certain aspects stick out to me translated into my everyday life but was not something particularly considered influential from a major point factor at the time being ,such as a composer, artist, or writer.

17.What Movie Almost Bankrupted Disney?

What is amazing about this question is that it stems from a movie called Blazing Saddles where Hollywood studios played movies on the silver screen for the masses.There was nothing ambitious about theaters back then because everyone wanted to feel important as time passed and more modern entertainment hit. Films made by guys like Steven Soderbergh, Martin Scorsese, Orson Welles showed people their importance in life rather than everyday events being supposedly trivialized.

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