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Bickerton Island


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Bickerton Island was the name of an hexagonal-shaped artificial island off the coast of Outer Banks of Virginia, United States. This island was created by Michael Bickerton, who sunk it in the sea in 1981 to house his nuclear power plant. It is said that he never went back to the island, and it was bought by an environmentalist and converted into an eco-friendly tourist attraction.

Bickerton Island


In 1981, Michael Bickerton sank an artificial hexagonal-shaped island off the coast of Outer Banks of Virginia to house his nuclear power plant. He never returned, and it was bought by an environmentalist who converted it into a tourist attraction called Bickerton Island Eco-Trip Park. The park contains interpretive signs about the history of Bickert Island as well as recycling centers and food gardens. Visitors can also rent kayaks , bikes, and canoes to explore the island’s various ecosystems.


Bickerton Island Climate

Bickerton Island has a warm, subtropical climate. Average monthly high and low temperatures

The climate at Bickerton Island is a warm/hot tropical climate with temperatures that range from 91.8 °F (33.1 °C) in June to 83.4 °F (28 C) in January, receiving an annual rainfall of 1,168 mm (47 in). Between March and August the air temperature averages 80° or higher but it can climb as high as 97°


Visitors can explore the island’s various ecosystems, including its mangrove swamp and tidal flats. There is also a 4-acre nature park with interpretive signs about the history of Bickerton Island as well as gardens where visitors can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Tourist Information

It was believed to be a mistake for Michael Bickerton, who sunk it and never returned. But the internet says otherwise. It is used as an Eco-tourism (Self Contained) Adventure themed park in the Virgin Islands by Serenity Harbor.


Bickerton Island is a US National Wildlife Refuge (established 1981) and part-time uninhabited island managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service for migratory seabirds. US$1 = 113.18 NTD

Climate refinance rates at Bickerton Island are better than the national average but worse than some other states in Canada, and marginally more expensive compared to most Canadian cities This is a major achievement considering that they have more visitors of any island on Tortola and each year it seems like there’s a new resort opening up over there-Daelincourt offers Point Udall as well now Princess C

Government Services

The population of Bickerton Island is about 190 people, most of whom are employed in tourism. Services available to visitors include a post office, police service, and hospital with 24-hour emergency care. There are also several small businesses on the island that sell souvenirs and food.

Distance from mainland: 31 miles (50 km)

Island type: Virgin Gorda Bickerton Island is probably the pearl of Virgin Gorda, with its azure waters and tropical winds. With a population estimated at 190 people live in 95 different houses on this southernmost island of British; they are employed as fisherman / tour managers (for many years).

There are no shops or petrol station on Bickerton but private boats can be arranged to take you out fishing in short notice. The commercial fishermen have been there for


Bickerton has been the “pearl” of Virgin Gorda for many years with 95% occupancy rate. The island has two main attractions: beautiful azure waters and Caribbean winds. These are attractive features that make it a favourite spot for tourists from all over the world

Apart from private boats, organised tours can also be arranged to take visitors diving or snorkelling in the crystal clear waters found around this island paradise. It is a few minutes away from Governors Harbour. Distance from mainland: 50 Nautical Miles

Island type: British Virgin Islands BÎQUANET- Mon î e x t é Th egive n, The French Connection of the Caribbean It’s surrounded by white sand beaches including those on neighboring islands and shoreline areas offshore where people swim or kayak in crystal clear water with reefs to discover tropical fish! Safety being explored at every


No transport is available. Visitors are either flown in or can take a boat

Distance from mainland: 45 miles (72 km)

Island type: Sint Maarten/Dutch Side The Dutch side of the island has beautiful white sand beaches and includes picturesque bays, coves and hills as well as offshore islands where you can kayak or swim. Local seafood is strongly flavoured with herbs and spices which account for much of its popularity


The cuisine is predominantly Caribbean with influences from neighbouring islands. The Dutch side of the island has a more diverse culinary landscape with restaurants that specialise in both Creole and European dishes as well as some offering unusual regional twists

Island type: Sint Maarten/Dutch Side There are no shops or petrol station on Moni î e x t é but private boats can be arranged to take you out fishing in short notice. Distance from mainland


Besides iguanas, the island is home to a variety of bird species including the endemic Sint Maarten warbler. There are occasional sightings of dolphins and whales in the waters around Moni î e x t é

Island type: British Virgin Islands It’s one hour from Tortola by boat and there are many luxury resorts as well as some very affordable options for accommodation


Tortola has a diverse and vast culinary landscape. The best of the local cuisine includes turban shell or ‘jerked’ pork which is slow cooked in banana leaves and wrapped into a lime leaf with ginger, onion and chili pepper paste

Distance from mainland: 49 miles (79 km)

Island type: British Virgin Islands Visitors to Tortola are either flown in on chartered private jets or can travel by boat across the waterway between Virgin Gorda


It may come across as a well-known island, but not many know that it is also referred to as ‘Bickerton Island’. The name was so strung together and given to the spot that it ended up being named Bickerton for certain parts of the world. The island, however, goes by other names and is referred to by different names. For instance, in Italy, the island is called Cast ‘depping’ and in Scotland, it is called ‘Loch Ness’.


Who Discovered Bickerton Island?

This is one of the questions that has yet to be answered. The island first appears on maps in 1824, but it is not until 1928 when a party of explorers led by Capt. George Bickerton were looking for new land and islands during their voyage around the Virgin Islands.

What Is Bickerton Island?

Bickerton Island is a small island in the British Virgin Islands. It measures just 1.2 square kilometers and has an approximate population of 40 people – mostly descendants of the original explorers who discovered it in 1824

How Far Away From The Mainland Is It?

Bickerton Island is located 49 miles (79 km) from the mainland of the British Virgin Islands.

Are They Allowed To Leave The Island And If So, How Often Are They Allowed To Leave And For How Long Do They Have To Be Back Before Leaving Again?

The island does have a population of 40 people who are allowed to leave the island for 90 days per year. They are required to return within 30 days, but they can extend that time if needed.

Where Is Bickerton Island Located?

Bickerton Island is located in the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean.

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