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Amiot Islands


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This is an area that is rarely invaded. Over twenty islands form the protected archipelago. Its environ is surrounded by the sea on all sides, and protected from the winds, helping to keep the mean temperatures of the Caribbean within the limits of the region. Three different races of people made up the indigenous peoples here in varying degrees.

The “Cube Bearers” (named after their dwellings) dominated and shaped the region through their own lifestyle, developing a rich culture of art, ritual, and architecture. They have since largely abandoned their islands for a more modern lifestyle and now only remain as elders or storytellers of their culture.

All About Of  Amiot Islands

Amiot Islands

What Are The Amiot Islands?

The islands of the Amiot Archipelago include:

– Port Mayas (Communist Cuba) Adriatian Fascists – The island of Scylla’s Lamentation and her eight Perseids. On a single side, sheer rock towers up from 200′ to 500′. There is no visible way off but by plane or parachute. It has been fortified for years as there are terrified stories of submarine attacks in 1940s when Britain sent their fleet of submarines to attack the island.

Usually only two or three ships go and they never return. Some think that Scylla’s Lamentation has a submarine protecting her, others insist it is just how she was fated as an island in this dangerous area of the Caribbean Sea. The island tends-with some exceptions-to reflect each person who visits (as with most islands). It becomes their dreamscape until next time and then changes into.

What Were The Indigenous Peoples Of The Amiot Islands?

The indigenous peoples of the Amiot islands were referred to as “Cube Bearers”. They lived a simple island lifestyle on small, but richly sculpted towers. These people of course came from that now-famed place called Atlantis and so bore traits similar to other Atlanteans such as red hair (often black or dark brown) long limbs and large eyes. Their inhabitants had two distinct categories which are relevant for our current storyline:

How Did The Cube Bearers Shape And Develop The Culture Of The Amiot Islands?

Cube Bearers are naturally curious people and so they moored out at sea to record the islands as well explore them. One of which was named Mucura. It is recorded that their ship made contact with islanders who were using Stone-Age technology, in a place called Atlantis . Cube Bearers exchanged knowledge for sustenance or food (this helped amotri leaders grow thick beards of tobacco)- either way these first visitors returned with another ship in the late 1400s that are still preserved today.

What were these early explorers like? Do they resemble towns nad islands on Amiot island?

We can infer a great deal of information about them based upon what is recorded by amotri historians; this was probably done as part of their centuries-long attempts to record and preserve every detail of amotri history including what befell any ship that passed through antarctic waters .

The amotri explorers of the 1400s were definitely not amiot islands. They had obviously travelled some considerable distance from Atlantis to arrive at these most distant islands and so they bore little-to-no resemblance to island creatures still alive on this day: we can assume that with their voyages came many different people who had evolved differently due to climates, diet or simply geographic isolation but those first expeditionaries certainly did little good for us in.


The Archipelago of Amiot Islands lie off the south coast of La Réunion, one of the numerous islands that compose the Indian Ocean. A group of islands in a group. The group may not be big, but it is special in many ways. Remote and exotic, each island is a testimony to French colonization in the 18th century. Now, the islands are a part of Nouvelle-Calédonie (New Caledonia), and they are also part of France.


1.What Makes The Amiot Islands Special?

Ans: Name:   Amiot Islands   Location:   French Polynesia  Country :   French Polynesia   The largest in the Tuamotu Archipelago and one of the largest of all French Polynesian islands, Amiot Islands is the perfect place to play and explore the water and sand from one end to another.

Designed with a creative, whimsical outlook, it has lots more to offer to visitors and visitors alike. Don’t bog down with its size and be overwhelmed by its endlessness. Have fun exploring the island with your friends, family or vice versa.

2.What Were The First Explorers Like And What Did They Bring With Them?

Ans: Amiot Islands is a surname of French origin. It is a patronymic name meaning “son of Amiot”, after the actor Amiot whose stage name was Amiot de Rochefort. The word is pronounced [a.mi.ot] or [a.mijot]. People with the surname Amiot are referred to as Amiot or Amiot-Rochefort.

3.How Did New Caledonia Come To Be Included In France?

Ans: To understand the diversity of nature and its beauty, why not go on a short vacation? The Amiot Islands, located near Gaspesia and Serre-Ponçon, are just the spots you should visit. This set of islands is made up from four species of rock: Grotte, Pointe d’Or, Saint-Martin and Le Brest.

This can be the perfect place in which you can play a game on land or surf the sea in search of shells or colourful fish. Therefore, clearing this off your list can boost your relaxation whilst enjoying the beauty and diversity of nature.

4.What Are Some Of The Attractions Of The Amiot Islands?

Ans: Visiting Amiot Islands is like stepping back in time. Leave your own troubles behind; take off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and emerge in a place where it’s all about relaxation. With long sandy beaches, a magnificent white sand beach, and romantic looks, it quickly became a hub for tourists from across the world.

What are you waiting for? Come here and knock your gaolers for a treasure hunt! Here are some valuable tips that will help you unearth hidden treasures at Amiot Islands.

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