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Amund Ringnes Island


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Amund Ringnes Island is one of the most beautiful places in Oslo, Norway. It’s located in the borough of Gamle Oslo, and it’s just a few minute’s walk from the city center. The island was originally bought by Norwegian shipping magnate Amund Ringnes in 1888, and he used it as a summer residence.

Today, it’s a popular tourist destination, with a wide range of activities available for visitors. Some favorites include cycling, hiking, swimming, sunbathing, and fishing.

Amund Ringnes Island


Amund Ringnes Island first came into the ownership of the Norwegian shipping magnate Amund Ringnes in 1888. He used it as his summer residence, and over the years it became a popular tourist destination. Today, it’s a beautiful area with plenty to do for visitors of all ages.

Some favorites include cycling, hiking, swimming, sunbathing and fishing! When To Go There is a limited number of visitors at any one time, and if you’re looking for an experience full of nature, culture and active days out then Amund Ringnes Island is the destination for you!

One of the many great things about Amund Ringnes Island is that it’s a top destination for birdwatchers, as there are over 350 different species to see in just one part of the island. This includes puffins nesting on the cliffs surrounding us! There’s also an abundance of wild animals including deer, foxes and rabbits. In-between now and then enjoy working off all those calories climbing up to Great Hallfortet (Norway’s highest point) where you’ll be able look down at Oslo below you while basking in sunshine amidst breathtaking views.


Amund Ringnes Island Climate

The climate on the island is mild and temperate, with average daytime temperatures of around 22 degrees Celsius. At night it can cool down to about 10 degrees Celsius. In comparison to the rest of Norway, there is a moderate amount of rainfall.

Mean precipitation on Amund Ringnes Island ranges between 500 and 1,500 millimeters per year! Summers are very warm and humid due to Oslo’s proximity – around 15 degrees Celsius in July (0-100 mm rain). Winters can be wetter than these numbers suggest but they tend not get too cold. Temperatures reach as high as about -4 degrees Celsius but average around 3 degrees.



The culture on Amund Ringnes Island is largely based around fishing, hiking and cycling. There’s also a number of museums located on the island with exhibits about Viking history and Arctic expeditions. Visitors can find good restaurants serving local cuisine or make their own meals by buying food from the many stores situated in walking distance from each other.

Transport & Communications


Amund Ringnes Island is connected with the greater city of Oslo by a regular bus service and runs 2 ferry services to Gardermoen, Trondheim (Norway’s second largest city) in Norway. Kjerkverftet Damm also connects the island with Grorudveien S-train station (12 minutes walking time).

In Amundrød we have several car rental companies. There are no airports or seaports on Amund Ringnes Island but there is an airport between Lyngdal and Sandvika which is served by Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norwegian) but there are no direct connecting flights because Airport Oslo is fully booked.

The local roads on Amund Ringnes Island as well its rail service make it a very easy place to travel around Norway and hopefully bring back wonderful memories of your own holiday !



The island municipality of Amundrød is located in the county of Hedmark, and it has a population (2015) of 7,982.

The mayor is Arne Dahle. The unicameral Parliament of Norway is bicameral. The lower house, or Storting, has 169 representatives who are elected to four-year terms by direct election; 30 represent the islands electoral district which covers Amund Ringnes Island as well as parts of Lillesand and Elverum municipalities on mainland Sogn og Fjordane County.

The upper house , or Lagting, has 32 members who are elected by the Storting from single-member electoral districts; eight of which also represent municipalities in Hedmark county.

Government Services

Government Services

The island municipality of Amundrød is governed by a mayor and a municipal council. The municipal council has 10 members who are elected to four-year terms.

The area of the municipality is 945 square kilometres, and its population (2015) was 7,982.



The island municipality of Amundrød is a popular tourist destination. The main attractions are the Ringnes peninsula, which is surrounded by powerful fjords, and the rugged hills and valleys that characterize much of the landscape.

There are several hotels on the island, as well as campsites and hostels. There are also boat departures to various islands in Øygarden archipelago.

The local economy is based largely on tourism; fishing plays only a minor role.



The island municipality of Amundrød is served by the Transport service on Sogn og Fjordane county. The main transport links are with Molde and Lillehammer, both in Telemark county.

There are also regular boat departures to various islands in Øygarden archipelago.


If you’re looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, then Amund Ringnes Island should definitely be on your list. Located in the middle of Oslo Fjord, this island offers a tranquil and rustling environment that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

With a wide range of activities to choose from, it’s no wonder this place is so popular among urban explorers and tourists alike. Here are five reasons why you should add Amund Ringnes Island to your travel bucket list!


What Are The Prices For Tourist Attractions On Amund Ringnes Island?

The cost of tourist attractions vary, but typically they are cheaper than in city centres. For example, the price of a boat trip to Øygarden is around NOK 350 per person. Trips to lagoons, mountains and glaciers also varies in price so you might need to shop around.

What Décor Does The Island Have? Do You Go There For Peace And Quiet, Or Is It More About Party-Going?

The décor is a mix of nature with old buildings. All museums and attractions are free of charge so this does not affect costs if you want to visit them. There are also various cafés where visitors can meet other travelers to mingle friendships.

The main ship quay on the east side has bars at both ends, catering for all sorts of tastes while keeping these establishments close together makes access easy without having to venture into seedy parts that could easily attract the wrong crowd.

What Are They Like At Night? Is It Good To Bring A Tent And Camp On Amund Ringnes Island?

If you prefer not to get lost in dark alleys, then there is no need for tents as electricity outlets and security exists everywhere so your accommodation will be more than what would expected at landmark destinations such as Sky Beach (Samba Beach) or Vaterlandbeach. This island also provides ample showers which can help avoid water-proofing before bed making them comfortable if worn out after traveling hard on land .

Do I Have Enough Time Here ? What Are The Key Sights To See?

Yes, it is easy and normal to spend a lot of time here as there is no civilisation on this island. It also has a bigger history than most destinations in Norway so you can experience these historical aspects such as bunkers, various remnants from wartime operations during World War II given that Germany occupied Norway for two years back then.

Amund Ringnes Island also offers many sites well known throughout Scandinavia including Vaterland Church which opens onto an imposing view over Oslo with its slanted roof rising into several towers along with balconies.

Q – What Are The Headline Events In Oslo During My Stay?

A – If you’re looking to experience Norway’s most vibrant city while also having plenty of time off, there are many cultural events and festivals that happen each year which should be on your list. Highlights include the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, Jazz at Rockefeller and Opera Open House where visitors can gain a backstage view of famous opera productions being performed in prestigious venues all around the city.

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