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The Hollywood-bound Ant-Man is a recently announced superhero venture, following the footsteps of the Batgirl and the Suicide Squad. As with these other title updates, the release date for Ant-Man has been pushed back due to script issues. When production for the movie kicks off, it is expected to hit cinema screens in 2015, 12 years after the release of the first Avengers movie.

But, till then, there is still a lot that remains unknown about this Marvel movie. The most interesting part is knowing what you can expect from it’s star cast, including an appearance from none other than Paul Rudd.

All About Of Ant-Man Story Line And Short Reviews

Ant-Man Story Line And Short Reviews

Ant-man Story Line

Ant-Man Story Line And Short Reviews

The Wasp Debuts As A Replacement For Ant-Man In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Come join the Cult with Madeline ( Link )  Social media sites Fan Sites and more The Ant-Man comic book started publication in November of 1963, and ran until June of 1969 with a total run of 40 issues (Marvel Masterworks Volume 9). The Wasp didn’t appear as her current name till issue. It would be another five years before the Marvel Cinematic Universe had begun she first showed up during Avengers Assemble, appearing on screen for six minutes or so looking very much like the original.

Original Wasp Ant-Man Super-Hero Costume  ( Link) Mojo Joins The Secret Avengers As A Lovable Hooligan/Crackhead – (Link to his site) This is where I found him. When you’re a biracial character, making the leap from comic book hero with black hair and eyes to movie villain in whiteface won’t always be easy but that’s not stopping this guy.

I know, you’re probably confused to find a non hero on this page and maybe the title was misleading but like Spiderman he can always be excused because of awesome hair! And in case my sarcasm wasn’t clear enough..Marvel Cinematic Universe Thanos Debut.


Now the scene plays out like this on a movie set in Atlanta, Georgia.Ant-Man Has just been introduced to his new teammates (the Secret Avengers), but has yet to meet The Wasp and only knows that she is Scott Lang’s wife who he met while they were both imprisoned at the Raft before their cell was hydraulically pumped full of poison gas.

They escaped lone and found each other again where it took everyone else some time to figure out what was happening.These teams have literally spent years together and are likely deep in camaraderie.

Rising Action

Rising Action

The scene creates a dramatic backdrop and pay off for The Wasp playing her first big moment in the big screen MCU.This is what had been missing from Ant-Man’s film career up till now.She exits the computer lab immediately after she talking shop with Scott (Probably writing up their mission statement) but before they even get to know each other on line very well via long hugs,handshakes and kisses hell breaks loose!

The world isn’t ready to accept a vibrant,power-crazy woman and her maleeva (pretty),with these two characteristics you are going nowhere.Antman must step up the action but in his likeliness of size..he can only loose patience or break down… or else face utter humiliation!


Whenever a hero goes into hyper-drive the moment of truth comes when it’s all on the line.She gives him a ride because she values his vulnerable kind heart right.Downfall The action hits its peak but only disappointment and exhaustion are left behind.

Her response is based off her character portrayal of being insecure about herself as well,Scott finally gets to explain everything and show that he has same feelings for her to,

Falling Action

Falling Action

Falling Action is the film’s foundation on which everything rests.That this relationship was built and should be not only successful but mark the future of what needed to come next.

Between Mission Post-Certain and this moment we see her recognize what she is capable of even without Scott by staking the next step in their relationship.This gives a great impact to Antman and Wasp’s future as a couple,the 4th wall breaks when he stops at said dance with Hope…peep out but then again be invisible.



And that’s the moment where a hero and hero are making gains even though Ad will always have a burden.Antman,and Wasp go from total strangers to having deeper bond than most couples can dream for.It gets them thru’ in their quest to be heroes…

Stay tuned as this is but a snippet of the film’s story. Hope and Antman as a couple is what makes this movie worth seeing again (maybe with shorts)!! A job well done!

Ant-man Short Reviews

Gravity – A Better way to Make an Ending… Ant-Man No One Bruises Gives Up on Community.

It’s no secret that Ant-Man was a cinematic let down of 2014, however it has not been forgotten as they were one of my favorite picks looking back at movies released two years ago from Marvel Studios and its blockbuster success in 2013 with Captain America: Winter Soldier.. Certain moments made the film more enjoyable than most their things.

After watching it on Blu Ray and looking back at the original trailer and bits here there were two positive notes of note: 1.Hayden’s character was fun in how she worked to pull them out of their shell 2. The way they used Scott’s powers without showing his hands or face equally made it more mystical!

Moving past that, Ant-Man plays like a watered down version of Spider Man 3 from 2002; This movie is essentially an origin movie for Scott Lang and his ability to shrink. Again there were two minor things Isaw that is why the film utterly fell short in my eyes: 1) characters who are good looking but worthless 2) how they made every aspect of Ant-Man’s life as mundane as possible .

Ant-Man Story Line And Short Reviews

Final Thought

The premise of the Marvel Universe casts the world’s heroes in a web of conspiracy and adaptation. The conflict and conspiracy that persists are all part of the story’s background, but those who have an insatiable hunger for knowledge could argue the story line, which coincidentally brings the Ant-Man into existence.


1.What is the Ant-Man story line?

Ans: In 2005 the comic book ” The Ant-Man” by David Micheline was published. In real life, Lang temporarily shrunk down to the size of an ant in order for him to infiltrate a Hydra base and rescue his ex-wife from subduement. Viewing them as redemption after his arrest 10 years prior under suspicion of trafficking heroine .

2.What is the story of Ant-Man?

Ans: In the Marvel universe Scott Lang, a professional thief has worked his way up from burglary to theft he’s been caught and arrested multiple times. His life falls apart after being extradited back to U.S law enforcement authorities in order not only return on charges but also while he wasnt convicted.

3.What is the message of Ant-Man?

Ans: Late in the film, when a flashback to Scott being arrested is shown, we hear Lang say ” I can’t believe this! Im guilty for something Id never done; Helping people. Its so unfair and unjust”. This statement touches heavily on many issues applicable today such as our society’s view of police brutality ,

4.Why Ant-Man is such a good movie?

Ans: The film follows Ant-Man’s origin story over an 8 year period. With the movie being in a superhero format Lang gets to interact with the greater super hero community , but also, he is able to establish some sort of continuity between himself and his father (who was absent until recently) while still dispensing facts and educating itself as opposed to side stories that bring constant attention on other characters such as Iron Man or Captain America.

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