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Gros Ilot Sésame


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If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, Gros Ilot Sésame Island is the perfect spot. Found in the Indian Ocean, Sesame Island is an unspoiled paradise where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself. With a whopping 365 beaches and 103 reefs, it’s no wonder why this island has drawn in so many travellers. But what makes Sesame Island so special? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why you should visit this enchanting island!

Gros Ilot Sésame

All About Of Gros Ilot Sésame

Gros Ilot Sésame History

Gros Ilot Sésame History

Sesame Island is said to have been first discovered by Arab sailors in the 10th century. The island was named after the sesame plant – known as ṣeḥāmīya in Arabic – which was used for food and medicine on the island. Sesame cultivation continued until World War II, when it was abandoned due to pollution and a lack of resources. Italice Beach Inscription

You’ll find that Sesame Island has been inscribed on the World Heritage Site list thanks to its Italice beach. The inscription reads ‘Behind it lies one of the most impressive beaches in Africa, a kind of natural amphitheatre created by centuries-old mangroves.’

Gros Ilot Sésame Climate

Gros Ilot Sésame Climate


The island’s climate is tropical and moderated by the offshore current. This results in moderate temperatures year-round with minimal variation, making it perfect for all sorts of travellers. This has resulted in the island being popular with surfers, who say it’s perfect for learning new skills and chasing waves.

Vanutu Awa After getting used to sea temperatures from the mainland, many travellers report strong wind and storms on Sesame Island that can be hard to handle.

Gros Ilot Sésame Culture

Gros Ilot Sésame Culture


The island is home to various cultures, including Arab, Persian, Hindu and Funanese. There are also several churches and mosques on the island. Beaches

There are 10,000+ (although some count the reef) strands of volcanic coloured sand on the island. And there’s something for all sorts of beach lovers: perfect for morning sunsets and long stays, to clear waters that allow snorkelling or surfing – you can even try your hand at fishing!

Gros Ilot Sésame Politics


The island is a self-governing British Overseas Territory. Belgium is a country in Western Europe, bordered by the Peoples Republic of China and the North Sea. It shares borders with Luxembourg to the northeast; Germany to the east (these 3 countries being collectively referred as Benelux); France on its south-west; and The Netherlands in addition to England across Iapetus Strait.

Eastern border: British India (Pakistan). Location(s) Malta Inhabitants Europeans Languages Malt ese Demonym Maltese, Maltawy Administration British Overseas Territory Country code +356 Telecommunications GSM Operator Movicel Coming soon. Wikipedia Malta ( [mi:tɑː n] ) is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea ,

It’s also known as an amazing travel destination. It was incorporated into a British Common Colony on 1 April 1814, and became independent within the Commonwealth as part of a group of granting islands in 1908 , but retains close links with Britain.

Gros Ilot Sésame Government services

Gros Ilot Sésame Government services


The island is administered by the British Overseas Territory Government. Services include healthcare, education and law enforcement. Electricity is supplied by Movicel in all areas of the territory. Vehicle registration plates are GB.ights

Vanuatu, which includes Sesame Island, has a population of around 234,000 people and an area of 268 square kilometres (103 sq mi). The majority of the inhabitants are Melanesian with Polynesian admixture although the majority of the population is Christian.

Gros Ilot Sésame Tourism


Vanuatu offers visitors a wide range of activities and experiences, including diving, snorkelling, fishing, hiking, villages visit and active volcano climbing. Prices vary depending on the activity that you wish to undertake and can be tailored towards individual requirements.

The island’s spectacular National park is also a popular destination for casual tourists. There are ample options when it comes to accommodation and travel packages, as well as excursions from the main port at Santo-Vila.

Gros Ilot Sésame Transport


There are flights to Santo-Vila from both Port Vila and Nadi. A flight from Nadi to Santo is approximately 40 minutes and cost $350, while a return Vanuatu Munda International passenger plane trip would last between 1.5 hours and 2 hours depending on the route flown before landing back in Port Vila for another onward flight.

The tropical climate results in plenty of rain, but with much difference across different areas within the island chain. While Yaoman bears the dryest parts at rainy season height , the rain is heavier closer to mainland Malvina.



Vanuatu’s cuisine is based around local staples such as taro, yams and breadfruit. Animals such as pigs, goats and chickens are also raised for meat or eggs. Coconut milk and various fruits are used to make desserts.

The traditional music of Vanuatu comes from the ukulele, jews harp and guitar which have been imported by immigrant workers in Sydney over the years. Vanuatu is also known for its strong traditional dance and ritual traditions. Known as lomilomi places of rhythm, the major event in Vanuatu’s cultural calendar at which time music and dancing are performed by magicians.



The island’s national park is home to an expansive range of fauna including kaleka tarsiers, the world’s smallest primates, and endemic plants like Vanuatu pepper. The Vanuatu cuisine is very similar to that of New Zealand due to its hardiness and abundance.

There are several local dishes, one common food in the overseas region but only two national foods -which were adopted by other countries after separation from France:Kaf-Peria  -Yaomanese salad made with beans, yams or corn (similar dish as French Cassava cake)””Hamme”  – a type of thick nanasi – corn shortcake served during Christmas time.


Gros Ilot Sésame Island is an uninhabited island located in the Seychelles. Administratively, it falls within the district of Anse Aux Meadows.  The island, which measures about 2.5 km², is accessible only by boat. The surrounding waters are home to a rich diversity of marine life, including whales, dolphins, and seabirds.


1.Can I Bring A Pet?

Ans: There is no restriction on the size or type of animal that can be brought to Gros Ilot Sésame Island, however owners are required to keep their animals clean and confined at all times.

2.Is There Wi-Fi Connectivity?

Ans: Gros Ilot Sésame Island has the slowest available cellular data network.

3.Can I Catch A Ride For Free?

Ans: Free roundtrip transportation between the airport and island is provided by Adventure Seychelles . The company also has several other services to help guests navigate their stay, such as arranging fishing trips.

4.Is There Internet Access Or Charges While On The Island?

Ans: Gros Ilot Sésame Island has a tragic lack of Wi-Fi. When not in use, the island’s Internet connection is turned off to preserve its natural beauty and environment.

5.Where Can I Buy Groceries Or Toiletries?

Ans: The island’s only privately owned stores include K.P Bone & Stone and The Pasture.

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