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Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego Island




At Ushuaia, Patagonia Argentina

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Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego is one of the most remote islands in the world. Although it’s only a short flight from the mainland, it feels worlds Apart. The natural beauty of the island is breathtaking, and the people are some of the friendliest you’re likely to meet. As you explore this mystical place, don’t forget to check out our blog on the Top 10 Best Things to do in Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego!

At Ushuaia, Patagonia Argentina


Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego was first discovered by Europeans in 1520, but it wasn’t until 1775 that it was officially charted. At the time, the island was uninhabitable due to its harsh climate and lack of resources. However, over time some settlers managed to eke out a living on the island and today there is a small population living on Isla Grande d



Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego is located in the Southern Ocean off of Argentina’s coast. It’s a large island that stretches north and south, making it nearly a mile long. There’s no coast to speak of on Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, only a jagged mountain range that runs the length of the island. The highest point is located in its center at 2,680 feet (819 m).


Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego was first charted by Spanish explorers decades ago although none have ever claimed authority over this remote island since then, as none would be as crazy enough to think it’d make any sense . In 1775 , a group of English sealers established a fort along the island, which would eventually become Armada Argentina. In 1811, they built an even better fortress and in 1888 the first permanent settlement was established , but this quickly fell victim to another brutal Argentine winter.

A new community formed on Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego in 1886 and remains today with almost 200 inhabitants all told. Activities revolve mostly around tourism with special attention paid to local diving operations thanks to its miles of pristine coastline fringed by lush cliffs .


Climate of Belchin rock

Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego has a temperate climate with long, cold winters and short, hot summers. The island is also subject to frequent fog and high winds, meaning it can be quite difficult to get around. Summer temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius and during the winter, only a few days max over freezing point; December is the coldest month on record at 0°C (32°F). In contrast, in mid-January 2014 , high pressure swept across Argentina with clear skies generating high temperatures up to 38ºC.



The culture of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego unsurprisingly revolves around the island’s natural resources, with a heavy emphasis placed on fishing and seal hunting . Local crafts include traditional woolen garments, baskets, jewelry , and bone carvings.

While Spanish remains the dominant language spoken on the island, there are also sizable populations of German and English speakers. Several islanders are also of English and German descent.

To the west, Argentina and Chile share a 3 km long, 61 m high mountain (Rio Bueno) on their border. The exterior angle is 76°28’46” W , which makes it 1887 ms east of Rio de Janeiro , 2010 mi north-northeast eaast off Punta Arenas where the Chilean town lies in this position; exoclimatologically excellent with an annual rainfall estimated at 3450 mm, extended winter to midsummer growing season as well´ s over 2 months; mean altitude 1425 m; climates mild, maritime subzone without oceanic influence (2ºC eaast) of the North Patagonian steppe .



Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego is represented in the Argentine Senate by two senators. The island also has a governor and a provincial legislature. The island’s capital, Ushuaia, is the seat of government. The island is divided into fifteen districts, and a number of small geographical sub-units, which are: Fregenal Cordillera, Los Alerces, Atuel (district limit), Lago Escondido and Corcovado Wildlife Refuge.



By the Spanish census of 2011 , there were 594 inhabitants on island. In 2010 by government estimate was 602 citizens which means a decrease from 3 years previous year . The first British World War I garrisoned in 1917 at Ushuaia disappeared to time proceeding introduction of state sovereignty over the region.

Next census Argentine in 1991 shows population for that same 100 persons and between 2001 until present a decline occurred through loss of most islanders through decrease population, Spanish immigration and emigration. Then, in 2006 a new census data was released showed the island’s official number had dropped to less than half its mid-1990s total. The Falklands War:

As an archipelago Ushuaia can be considered as a city known by that name since Victorian times but with no legal definition nor municipal seat of power .

Government services

Government services

There are no airports on the island; all travel is by boat, ferry, or land. There is a small airstrip on Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego for use by private planes only.

Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego has its own postal service and telephone system. Electricity and water are both produced locally, with diesel power used in Ushuaia. Internet access has been available since 2000, but reliability can be variable due to ongoing repairs to the island’s aging infrastructure caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes (particularly in 2007), landslides, and the Falklands War.

There are a total of two hospitals and three clinics on Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, with one located in Ushuaia and one (of four) on Perito Moreno island. Services are similar to mainland Argentina, but provisions may be limited by recent storm damage or disease outbreaks; provision is also made for evacuation from island if necessary due to epidemics such as influenza.



The island is a popular tourist destination for Argentine anglers, who come to the island in pursuit of Patagonian salmon, seabirds (including southern royal albatrosses), and cougars. The Falklands War:

In October 1982 an invasion force of about 1,500 British soldiers under Admiral Michael Le Fanu landed on South Georgia after a covert operation lead by Lieutenant Colonel Peter Young using MV Endurance as a supply vessel. The islanders were surprised when the military personnel began landing from helicopters; many hurriedly left their settlements thinking that Argentina had sent reinforcements.


Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego is a large island in the southern hemisphere, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The island has an area of about 2,190 square kilometers and a population of around 3,000 people. The main town is Puerto Williams.


 What Is The Currency In Isla Grande De Tierra Del Fuego?

The island uses the US dollar as its primary currency. However, some businesses may use other currencies, depending on their location.

What Time Is The Best Time To Visit Isla Grande De Tierra Del Fuego?

The island has a temperate climate, with temperatures ranging from around 10 degrees Celsius in winter to about 25 degrees Celsius in summer. The main season is between November and April, although there are occasional visitors throughout the year.

What Are Some Of The Top Attractions On Isla Grande De Tierra Del Fuego?

Some of the highlights include hiking trails, White-Water rafting trips down river rapids, whale watching tours and volcanoes such as Es a Plateau.

What Is The Best Way To Get A Local SIM Card Or Phone Number?

You can buy one before you arrive, and most of the islanders have either GSM cell phones (that may be compatible with other mobile networks), or personal mobile stations. You will also likely find public phones along every road in Puerto Williams, as well as around half of Caleta Olivia beaches on Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego.

Is There A Currency Exchange Office On The Island?

There is not, but most banks can convert US dollars into local currencies.

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