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Bambi Storyline


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Bambi is a Disney animated film about the friendship between a deer named Bambi and his father, the legendary prince Faline. The movie is based on the short story “Bambi, A Life in the Woods” by Felix Salten, who also wrote “Bambi Meets Goliath”.

The film was released in 1942. The DVD was released in 2001 as part of Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection. Let’s get it straight. The Bambi Storyline is one of the most expensive and best-made sets ever produced by Lego.

This set is the second-best value for money in this list, because it was designed to give you some playtime with iconic Disney characters like Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel from Tangled. And we should also point out that the set has a very good build quality, better than other sets in this list.

Bambi Storyline

Characters Of Bambi Storyline



Thumper is a young rabbit kid. He is said to have awesome mother ego and father strength which his mother mentored him on the nature of animals. Little Thumper was raised by older sister and their parents in towering trees after they rescued Bambi from being captured into traps while he was playing with other fellow deer in forest (no beavers hit yet).

According to bambifilm, when little Thipper noticed that there are Momma BambiAt one point of the storyline, Thumper went to school from Sneezy Old Rabbit where he learned how to avoid mistakes with kindness while at another point he become a relentless Headmaster who becomes feared by his friend Squealer. He is best known for hurting those people in way that makes it hard for them recover afterward.



As an older kid, Bambi is used as a scapegoat by other animals and even his beloved father. He also made many mistakes too like being curious of the unknown beyond forest which end up with him falling down from mighty tree of Forest where he thought that there is forbidden knowledge to be found in their presence. And then again in adult life when he turned out to be a leader for Thumper because it was said that someone had talked behind.

3.Bambi’s Mother

Bambi's Mother

Sebastian is a young rabbit girl. She loves to spend free time and she usually wants to be in the ones who take care of herself during those days. Sebba had her own way of romancing people but when trying backstabs from Thumper, even he cannot cope with her while others are amazed that they can fall in love after so little time frame! She’s also said to have gained incredible strength which includes believing/cling.

4.Adolescent Flower

A cute white rabbit girl who is the most misunderstood out of all babies. She had difficulties accepting Forest because she was scared that it may hurt her but then again, part from being chased by Thumper and others to spend time with flowers or even for exchanging poems, she’s also engaged in mysteries too deep and really intriguing as a petal fairy queen (in fact). Namely? Her power of persuasion for dying dark times!


She is a female rabbit and like any of the sisters, she hates Thumper more than anything. Then again though Feline at least loves her mother’s life enough to make sure nothing bad will happen to it while that includes committing despicable acts such as sabotaging Bambi’s mother which allowed other animals could take hold on Bambi in fearing him.

6.Great Prince of the Forest

The Great Prince of the Forest is Xuxu’s father and young explorer. He also doesn’t like his daughter so much at times, but he still tries hard to protect her from dangers invited by Thumper.

The trip which took them out of their home forest was a solemn one where they have made numerous friends during all kinds of creatures similar in character that share three things: love for nature, fearlessness against predators and caretaking with other.

7.Aunt Ena

Aunt Ena

Aunt Ena is an old rabbit woman where she has a little bit of looks of her nephew, Xuxu. She was the only one who understood Bambi‘s pain after Queen moved away from them because he feels as if something that his mother told him about their past and yet in love with other things as well.

Her relationship to have with Thistle lives on through mystic messages by way of what each wants to communicate towards the others.

8.Friend Owl

Friend Owl is an old owl and the only male in Bambi’s group. When Thumper approached him about their hopeful meeting, he was grumbling because it has been a long time with nothing to do except chasing birds down greatly by little life left after all those years of locking himself up from them due to lack of sleep as his name implies. With that said, Friend Owl could be seen as wiser than ever after seeing how Blinker warned.

Bambi Storyline

Bambi Storyline

Bambi is about a young male deer trapped in the middle of life with his mortality. He wants to grow, explore and feel free as he moves ahead but yet he has many decisions to make from simple things like choosing your own way of living through recalling family traditions while feeling fear. He meets new friends that help him on this journey by challenging threats seen here and there until one fateful day when tragedy strikes which drives Bambi’s father to his final decisions.

Baloo, the Chief of nightkeepers is voiced by Miriam Cooper and does not have a speaking role in “Bambi”. It’s just as he appeared in their 1942 movies where he appears before Prince Charming to reveal him everything there are so far about Princess Aurora during her sleep.


In the middle of their nighttime adventure through The Forbidden Forrest, Baloo introduces his role to them. He explains how he and other nightkeepers were made to protect Charming from anything that threatens peace in “The Sleeping Beauty”. With an eye on one day seeing Aurora awake again just as glad he loves her dearly coupled with a constant reminder when she feels it is needed.

Kristine Kruszelnicki, an Australian actress and voice artist has voiced Friend Rabbit in every production to date. Opal Hill a young female deer who lives with her family and is Lula’s best friend was not given the name Opal until “Bambi II”. Before this, she had been referred to only as Weeda or Jumpella which were the names of other characters in those earlier shorts that included Baloo.

Rising Action

Rising Action

During their daily adventures through The Forbidden Forrest, they all make many new discoveries in different locations. Act 1 – Midday  Appearance of a young rabbit boy named Bambi and his family walking outdoors who has been studying.

The life cycle which eventually leads him to discovering stuff about nature that few people know about like for example Lying Deer or Lyrebird are dangerous predators unlike popular believe but not known as such until now. In vernacular they are known as  Black Goats, more commonly referred to as carnivorous impalas among others now.

Later that night… on the way home during their little family dinner at Lulu’s “Eighteen Come O’Clock Ramble” Bambi looks behind and only observes the moon up in the sky noticing it is not quite right like a cloudy one with no stars or whatever else.

He was looking for because he is still a bit young to know much about it but after seeing his parents look soulfully at each other they decide that they will tell him one day when he is older.  After dinner Bambi’s father shows Lulu the shoes he made out of sticks and decides to call her Mímoo.

Failing Action

Shortly after they arrive home it starts to rain and all the animals are forced indoors. Act 2 – Daytime  Because he is too young to understand what his parents have been talking about Bambi still believes that everything will be fine because nothing bad ever happens in their forest so he lies down on their soft ferny couch intending to sleep for a little while when Lulu makes her famous “Stars In The Sky” of which every deer.

The one that makes the biggest noise is called Shinnikin, a black goat with white horns set in its forehead. Noticing this strange thing Bambi falls asleep but he is awakened by an unexpected visitor on their home’s porch who comes down to greet them. “Hello, Bambi.”

The little deer of the forest is surprised by this visitor but when he sees one of his parents standing on the porch and heard it’s voice out amongst all these other creatures he decides to run over to them. “Hey Papa! Where have you been?!” He asks.  The buck mumbles something before responding with a simple: “Not long here darl’”. It turns out that after going.

Bambi Film Review

As you may have noticed from the opening of this trailer or simply looking around on my website. I review movies left, right and center for there weaknesses as well as strengths. Now again because I see “Jungle Book” in a very different light to most other people which means that a lot of people probably disagree with me it brings me no embarrassment but rather pride to be able answer these complaints back.

“The worries of “Bambi” have become my own.” But firstly it is not a bad animated film at all, in fact I think there are parts that pick up beautifully like for example the opening and especially some magnificent scenes involving Bambi’s mother. All characters across the spectrum do seem to be well thought out. Everyone has their part to play; Mowgli (voiced by Malcolm McDowell), Baloo( voiced by Ben Kingsley) and even the villainous Shere Khan.

So not exactly a “let down” like some have been saying but I do feel that Bambi’s dad could have done more and Atonement showed us how to make him sympathetic.. Also why doesn’t the Indian protectors of trees use weapons against predators, they don’t defend themselves so in effect they are under attack! But worse still seems this Bambi has some real highlights.

And to me it is important that as an animated film this should be placed above modern animation stuff like “Kung Fu Panda” or even the mighty Toy Story series but so far at least I would say Bambi holds its own. Which in my opinion shows a lot of creativity, presentation and workmanship! New Feature: The character Matali (voiced by Vanessa Marshall) needs voicing training.

What People Like About Bambi?

What People Like About Bambi

  1. In the film there are a lot of memorable sequences. These in my opinion can be seen as some of Disney’s strongest ever animated scenes, particularly as they build upon a previous scene through surrealism back to reality so movingly done here. By setting up one scenario that is very powerful for us we then have another memory hammered home without having it ‘borrowed’ from anywhere else just by using clear symbolism which anyone could understand and certainly appreciate.
  2. One of the most involved animated productions produced by Disney. A famous theme tune instantly wins you over as soon as it begins, immediately becoming a part of your mind forever!
  3. The hunt for Bambi continues in “Bambi II” , and we discover more about his mother and where he was before she died.
  4. Bambi is one of all time Disney masterpieces, written and drawn with a care and love to detail second only to the original 1937 classic. “The Aristocats” are hilarious in their ability, as can be seen when they come face-to-face with Edgar, but first we have some good old fun times that allow us not only see how much each cat loves books like this! Everything is so easy when you’re living it.
  5. The Trio’s only wish is to come back as a children and return to the English countryside again.
  6. Where reviews can go wrong on Amazon: A bad review can ruin your perfect reputation! It doesn’t matter how good or terrible an album is, no one wants anything they don’t even want themselves seeing something that didn’t work out for them. This might seem like going over the top but I completely understand how.
  7. Also, Imagine a little song where you’re imagining making merry with your friends and it says “We wish we were back in Old England again”. At that point imagine if they’ve got an extra line at the end of it: We really want to be there right now! That’s exactly how I felt when this film was viewed. Loved every moment.

What People Do Not Like About Bambi?

What People Do Not Like About Bambi

  1. The toys are still around and occasionally do some good, like when they help to round up the deer.
  2. “This is such a great movie that I wish someone would put it on repeat all day long so we never had to see life ever again”. Of course not everyone has this opinion but the message it sends out can only be accepted if completely taken in something feels so true; not trying too hard with your opinions.
  3. It’s a different film but it has the same message going on all throughout, that you should be careful about what you wish for. Bambi proves to us how little we actually understand of ourselves and nature as creatures in this world. The detail when looking at animals long before colour was added is stunningly seen by today’s children who can look up close at every movement ever made and feel like Little did it! However, I do believe Sam.
  4. What People Do Like about Bambi
  5. It is a beautiful film; it’s touching and very believable in many ways. It has moments that brings out the tears, like when Little does want to run away but he just can’t without his mother: It was something I watched regularly as a child myself. The story shows us how quick life could be over for any of the animals which creates quite the impression if you think about mortality more.
  6. Some characters have a big impact on the story. Overall it’s an excellent film that you can learn from as a young person, however only if you take time out to give more life into your eyes and heart so that others know exactly how to compare their effect in life.
  7. The most important message is wildlife in your own backyard! Pay attention to nature and other animals as they’re actually there. It’s amazing what you can learn from them. “Believe this” – Bambi Some Questions:
  8. What are your thoughts on mice being used in it (to start the story).
  9. Do you believe Bambi is real? If so, why do you think he does not try to run away from Man(In this case) and stay with his Mother “Breezy”?
  10. Does anyone consider this piece of art just a kids movie? Why or why not.

Final Thought

“Bambi is a 1988 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The 46th Disney animated feature film, it was directed by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. The film tells the story of Bambi, a young fawn who becomes separated from his mother in the forest. Wandering alone, he meets Thumper, a clumsy but friendly little rabbit, and develops an attachment to him.

In 1994, Disney’s animated film “Bambi” was released. It won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, and it was considered one of the greatest animated films ever made. It is widely considered to be a masterpiece of its genre and also one of Walt Disney’s best works.


1.How Was the Story Line Decided Upon for Bambi?

Ans: Did Walt really intend to slay the fawn? What was his final decision in that regard, 40 years after its release? Why is Bambi alone in the forest at first, without his mother until he meets Thumper. Does this parallel anything from your own life or interests other than Father’s Day or “The Deer Hunters”

2.Which Song From Bambi Is Considered One of Walt Disney’s Most Memorable Songs Ever Written, According to Many People Who Are Fans of His Work?

Ans: As you can see, the story of Bambi is very deep and life-changing. From his birth to his death how he grows up in many ways and tries to be a deer who has the heart like dogs do or mice do. The point I’m trying to make here is that we shouldn’t judge people by their appearances (from cartoons!) because it’s okay if they are what other people would consider “bad” but not.

3.What Is Bambi?

Ans: Bambi is a 2008 American CGI animated film directed by Chris Buck and Thor Haugom Olsen. It was produced by Walt Disney Pictures, Hyperion Productions, and distributed in the United States by Buena Vista Distribution. Based on Thorkild Hansen’s 1937 children’s book Bambi , it follows the story of a prince who encounters many obstacles during his journey to become king of his own species.

4.Who Did the Voice of “Bambi” and Why Do We Still Remember It Today?

Ans: For those curious about this question. Here’s the short answer:

Bambi is voiced by four Disney actors, including Jeremy Irons as his mentor Faline, Jim Cummings as Bambi’s father Faline Sr., Tammy Blanchard voicing her mother Ilda and Edward Herrmann reprising his role of Higgins from “The Jungle Book”. The dialogue was based on Thorkild Hansen’s prose novel. Most people are

5.Why Did Disney Decide to Make a New Animated Movie?

Ans: The first original Disney animated feature film in 35 years, Bambi has received positive reviews from critics. The film was also nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Song (“The Ways of a King”), Best Original Score and Ronnie Del Carmen composed the music.

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