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The Hunt 2012 Ending explanation


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The hunt 2012 is an episode of Hindi TV show, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein aired on 9th February 2012. This episode is about the meaning and ending of the episode.

Above all, it is also an introduction to the story’s content. However, as every scene in this show is crucial to the story’s flow, you really have to watch this to get a clearer picture on what’s going on in this show.

This blog is an interpretation of the spoilers, meaning and the ending of this show. Read this from the bottom up and tell us which point you were misled or misunderstood by our interpretation of the story.

All About Of The Hunt 2012 Meaning

The Hunt 2012 Ending explanation

The Hunt 2012 Meaning

Untended plants from the first season of yeh hai mohabbatein on display. Hunt 2012 carries, somewhere in its name says that it will be a hunt and so an important show for both Harshad and Sunita as they have to fight all their time with nayansan, who is usually suffering form severe depression or a mental illness since his childhood but has overcome this disorder through determination years .

The Beginning The scene opens with Aditya who stands at the doorway of his house in which he is mute throughout a drama. Then it witnesses Harshad and Sunita coming out from their car towards Mr. Verma’s office, where they are greeted by Mrs. Varma while nayansan (Amit Sadhana) was waiting there to conduct an interview with them .

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They are welcomed in Mr Verma’s office although Nayansan looks lot different than they have met before The atmosphere was quite awkward as Harshad couldn complete his sentence as what he wanted to say and

The Hunt 2012 Ending explanation

The Hunt 2012 Ending explanation

The story of Harshad and Sunita has changed lives, therefore people want to know the ending. Some media asked Aditya regarding his role in the show but he didn’t put much effort towards answering their question as it was quite hard for him to understand what they were asking about Home And Baadal follows Vikram Sen who decides that a city can be beautiful without flowers and goes where everybody seems ordinary .

Latest episode Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Ep.1) will air on 28th September at 8pm

With all of these the main story has been set up related in this article , YHM is taking its time and wants to finish it right!

Harshad and Sunita interview has ended. Harshas performance was looking too good and even though it was the day of recording his way to speak and express himself was as smooth, sweet. Actually after watching this all I felt that if they have given him something like this in show because he is one of the main characters

The show starts where Vikram Sen meets Dr Lokesh Sharma who motivates him .

Learning from The Hunt 2012

Mayank wouldn’t have been able to speak up without a little inspiration from the show India ‘s Raw Star. He and Nikhat not only got great compliments for their performance but also for the chemistry which immediately made them good friends .

Both of them love each other because they started thinking about Sunita after seeing her. But when he sees him in deejay stage it still feels like there are two different people.

But the best performance was Sunita’s . It had me so hooked that I couldn’t find any faults in her. She turned out to be a genuine and caring girl, who does every thing for love even if it costs her a lot. He is sensitive and humane , he wants to express his feelings all right but instead ends in one way keeping foolish things .

Key characters from the movie (list)

This drama doesn’t have a title yet. It will be releasing on Sony . I forgot this because the producer didn’t refresh or anything but now that it is confirmed there will not be any other titles to come in my mind .



Prakash Erinpaadam Sudhir Hasib Barot Pragya Hirani Ashish Kasur This year I watched a total of 5 movies . All of them had something lacking, most being the acting but there was one movie and it is Winner that stuck to me from the beginning until now.  This British Sci-Fi thriller has been inspired by ’28 Days Later’ , still even if anyone watching.



Another movie that got stuck in my head , still I want to review the kind of universe it is . Even if someone didn’t see this would not be much bothered since there won’t feel any resemblance with his own world. While reading the comments on Msdrama, I heard something about three timelines and how people change a lot until they reached their present state.



Not to be compared with any other movie.Winner has been released in VCD format. But third party is making it DVD since the next two episodes will release on November 1st “It’s a tense and thrilling ride.Winner is an attention-grabbing experience”

The Hindu Starving Sardaar actor Anupam Kher might replace screen legend Naseeruddin Shah who recently backed out of the project, which was supposed take off.




A local film for the Malayalam audience.For some people this may be true but in my country it is a Super hit on printed paper as I saw today from all Indian airports . The movie just released and even if they are not sold out , then this will only happen after giving them away with earnest (worth nothing.) People say that have plenty to look forward to in the way of cinema over the next few months.



Theo doesn’t have a special plot. A weak structure to support the story, without any initial indication that this is about lost love-its one of its kind but won t became popular due entry phase we only can see at his own unique movie release way movies were promoted to us in years past It starts with Vikram’s brother Rahul “Fall into Koko”.

Final Thought

The hunt 2012 is an online game that requires players to search through the maze and find a hidden diamond. A simple solution to a complex task, isn’t it? But this puzzle game is also an engaging challenge to your brain as you attempt to crush the seemingly impossible task of searching the maze, among other people. No wonder the game has been gaining publicity ever since its release in 2009.


1. What Does the Ending Of the Hunt 2012 Mean?

Ans: running my own business hacking website? Something tells me that this simplistic mindframe about computer security alone was written sometime before 2007-2010 time .

2. What Is the Message Of the Hunt?

Ans: Answer-tells how to play the game, qmand message of the hunt is they tell you that game starts in a way you are blindfolded and cant see anything till end but trust us thing is simple if use your brain hard enough u can quite quickly. as for normal people who just start watching/playing this movie after few days or months their reaction very much depend on its story line not all viewer understand what

3. What Is the Purpose Of Solving?

Ans: How to solve The hunt 2012 game? Reply Delete Our success as a team depends on our ability not only to find diamonds, but also how well we support each other. Any teammates who miscalculate will face being crushed by bricks and forced into oblivion, with their personal belongings left intact!

4. Why Did Klara Lie In The Hunt?

Ans: Questions you always wanted to ask about The Hunt Game 2012 Answers at this top part for latest on the hunt game .It is a super hit over national level True. coz there are many nominations in following categories :

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