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Benten Island


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Benten Island is located off the coast of Kyushu, in the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s Okinawa Defense Command.

It is a 140-square-kilometer (54 sq mi) island with a population of around 1,000 people. The island is famous for its giant pine trees, which can reach a height of 68 meters (223 feet) and a diameter of 2.5 meters (8 feet).

The island has a tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 21℃ to 33℃ (70℉ to 91℉).

Benten Island

Benten Island

Benten Island is an uninhabited island located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It is about 440 kilometres long and 280 kilometres wide. It had been used as a military base by the United States during World War II.

After the war, it was used as a research and testing site for a number of top secret programs. Today, it is still used for such activities, but the public is not allowed to visit it.

This island lies to the east of Minami Daito Jima, off the southeastern coast of Okinawa. To reach it from Naha by helicopter or landing craft, a direct route must first be followed before arriving at Ryūkyūshima’s Nakijin Island Airport and then boarding a military aircraft that deposits you on Benten Island.

The airstrip is located in an area called Mura Zaki (Mura Abaru ), on the southern coast of Benten Island.

Benten island is relatively close to Okinawa City and can be reached all year round with available flights from Naha Airport, Okinawa’s main airport in south-west Japan. Buses are also operated that connect the island to Onna Bus Stop (the starting point for planes carried by ‘Onna Zaki Ohukaze’ which depart every 10 minutes). In an information.



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It needs shade, it grows best in a semi-shade location and is not very useful in areas with high temperatures or excessive humidity.

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Benten Island Pine Trees

Benten Island Pine Trees

If you are planning on growing these aorund, – do it In Spring time (usually they will be potted up to 6 months before being planted out in the ground);

Growing Erythrina : Canopy

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History of Benten Island

History of Benten Island

Intan Islands & Ticket Prices There are no ferries from the mainland to Bintan. It is just a 20-minute boat ride from Batam island and an hour’s ferry trip from Sentosa Island in Singapore for you to get there.

Throughout most of this season, expect crystal clear waters on Bintan as it gets more swimmers and tourists coming there every year– hence its nickname – The Scuba Dive Capital Asia !

Being a secluded Bintan Island, you will find only luxury and budget accommodation here– with a good selection in the area.

There are mist-shrouded hills as well; making it look like a green desert on top of rusty red soil. Through your outing to this island, make sure that you catch up all its must-see activities—such is climbing Mount Medang, bike riding through Lelia Valley or swimming at Sunset Bay.

Transportation on Benten Island

Transportation on Benten Island

It’s definitely a perfect spot for the individuals who wants to travel across Asia and Indonesia in their 20s or even 30s.

Mount Medang (also known as Mount Nanasan) is most renowned preserve on Bintan Island! It boasts impossibly large number of butterflies every year totaling over 5,000 species, although it is mostly popular because you will see them by sitting at this resort-like viewing point overlooking Medang Beach instead.


Benten Island is probably the best destination in Indonesia. It has a great history, natural beauty and awesome people that love to swim – what else can you wish for?

Boat ride from Batam or Sentosa to Bintan Island– begins your stay over there with all its treasures on Benteng Bay—the sunsets at Barrakudo Beach, riding through cool Lelia Valley biking trail , enjoying amazing scuba dive sites (.


1.What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Bintan Island?

Ans. Benten Island is located in the north-western part of Kyushu, Japan. It is a small, uninhabited island that has been nicknamed the ‘Island of the Sacred Trees’.

The island has been declared a Natural Monument of Japan and is home to many rare and endangered plants and animals. The island is also known for its traditional Japanese architecture, including the Benten Temple.

2.What Are the Must-see Activities on Benten Island?

Ans. Benten Island is a small island located in the Inland Sea of Japan. It is known for its long history as a sacred place for Shintoism, as well as its many temples and shrines.

The island also has a beautiful landscape, and contains a variety of forestry and nature preserves.

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