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Pipon Island


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We all know the Philippines is home to some amazing islands, but what about the lesser-known ones? Here, we bring you Pipon Island, an underrated gem with stunningly clear waters and secluded beaches. Offering a range of activities such as swimming, sunbathing, snorkelling, and kayaking, this paradise is perfect for all kinds of travellers. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Pipon Island today!

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Pipon Island



Pipon Island was first inhabited by the Ati people, who practised their traditional customs and way of life until they were largely displaced by Christian missionaries in the 19th century. The island later became part of a coconut estate before being privatized in 2000.

Today, Pipon Island is home to a range of hotels, resorts and private villas. It is also regularly visited by travellers looking for an affordable getaway close to the capital city of Manila. Most who have been to the island are amazed by the beauty and seclusion, particularly during Boracay’s busiest time in late April and May (as well as during other peak periods.



The climate on Pipon Island is generally warm and pleasant, with average temperatures ranging from 22°C to 26°C in summer and 18°C to 24°C in winter. This means that it’s perfect for all kinds of travellers, including those looking for a getaway without the hectic crowds found during peak season on other islands. Attractions

Pipon Island is home to various pristine beaches. The best of them are all easy accessible, via a number of ferries that run between Alona Beach and the islands main church (San Antonio de Padua), an hour-long ride away on one side or two hours by water taxi from Tagbilaran City on the other.



Visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities, including swimming, snorkelling, parasailing and kayaking on the clear waters of the island’s many bays. There are also numerous restaurants and bars catering to all tastes and budgets. Notable sites Pipon Inn

The main attraction on Pipon is the Pipon Inn, which has been described as “one of Boracay’s most unique inns”. Built in 1977 by a group of immigrants from Italy and Australia who came with profits from their coconut business, it was one time also known for its poor-quality cuisine.




Pipon is politically unusual in that it’s part of the municipality of Malapascua, which was created from a merger of two provinces in 1987. This has led to some strange political developments on the island: for instance, there are two local governments – one for Alona Beach and Tagbilaran City, and another for San Antonio de Padua. Community and Economy

The local economy depends on tourism. There are numerous hotels as well as restaurants, bars and stores that cater to the many tourists who visit Pipon during various occasions.

Government services

Government Services

Aside from the two local governments, there is also a Regional Trial Court located on the island. The only current school on the island is a National High School (Santong Elementary School) with 60 students. There are two healthcare facilities available – PLS-MGC Regional Hospital and Carmona Memorial General Hospital.

In addition, Pipon has its own police station headed by one Staff Sergeant Cristoforo Hornas who also serves as San Pedro town’s chief of police in charge of maintenance issues at his precinct office located within Province 3 , Malapascua.



Pipon is a popular destination for tourists, who come to enjoy the natural and beauty environment. The island has numerous beaches with crystal-clear waters, including Alona Beach, La Pared Beach and Tagbilaran City beach. The island also has an underwater park that gives visitors a chance to view coral fish and sharks.




There is only one airstrip located on the island – San Pedro Airport. There are also two port facilities – Alona Port and Tagbilaran Port that serve as the main entry and exit points for tourists coming to Pipon. Fort San Juan de Nuevo Segovia

This fort is located at Barangay West Tombulo and was built in 1607. It served as the town’s central market, jail cells, soldiers’ quarters (used during Japanese invasions), church-school building and a relief center for victims of war. The structures were damaged after being hit by typhoons Kobunishima and Parma but they have been restored through citizen efforts . This historical site can easily be reached just by traversing the main road since you don’t need to go through a real gate.



One of the most popular dishes in Pipon is kaninawa, which is a type of fish stew made with sweet potato, corn and other local ingredients. Other typical food items include pipil-pipil (a pork dish), lumpia de gallina (chicken egg rolls) and balut (a boiled chicken embryo). The island is known for its sweet corn and cotton.

Bordadores, the local artists and vendors who sell their handicrafts at the small stalls of Plaza n 9 Mga Mata Banaq sa Agonohan: View in a larger map (shown above) could be seen lining up along East Bay where Malapascua Road branches into Cataraqui Highway just after Camp John Hay provides opportunities to see these renowned art forms in action.


macaws and parrots

One of the most popular destinations for wildlife-watchers is Agonohan Falls, where visitors can see different varieties of birds like toucans, macaws and parrots. The island is also home to spotted deer, feral pigs and monkeys. Castaways The Dalnegro Lloyd shipwreck, also known as the Puerto Princesa Lighthouse-Santiago de Palapag wreckage consist of about 30 skeletal remains found at a depth of 35 meters (114 feet) below sea level.

The captain and 11 crewmen died when their boat capsized in Typhoon Cobra on October 25, 1971 barely three days after the vessel left Hong Kong for Manila with still 126 persons aboard including children. Most remained lost while only 30 bodies were retrieved (the remainder recovered some years later) and buried at a naval cemetery in Manila’s Libingan ng mga Bayani.


Pipon Island is an idyllic place known for its serenity and beauty. Nestled in the Palawan province, the island is a popular tourist spot for locals and foreigners alike. It’s easy to see why: The white-sand beaches, crystal-clear water, and lush greenery are truly picturesque. However, what makes Pipon Island so special is its hidden history.


1.What Are The Main Attractions On Pipon Island?

Ans: The primary attractions on Pipon Island include its crystal-clear water and white sand beaches. There are also a number of activities available, such as swimming, sunbathing, snorkelling, kayaking, and hiking.

2.Is Pipon Island Accessible By Land Or Sea?

Ans: Pipon Island is accessible by land only. travellers need to take a ferry from the mainland to the island.

3.What Are Some Attractions On Land?

Ans: There are numerous places of interest in and around Pipon Island, including various churches and museums located throughout the province of Palawan.

4.Is It Possible To Do A Trek On Pipon Island?

Ans: Pipon Island is home to several hiking trails, including the Pawayan Historical Trail (which traces the footsteps of three Spanish explorers). You can also go kayaking and snorkelling in its waters.

5.Is It Possible To Get A Visa On Pipon Island?

Ans: Yes, travellers are required by law to go through the local International Office before they can enter the island.

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