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Big Stony Petrel Island


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Big Stony Petrel Island is one of the most beautiful places in the world. With stacks of granite towering high into the sky and a never-ending supply of fresh water, this is one place where you can find peace and tranquility.

Unfortunately, this idyllic island is also home to a unique bird species that is quickly disappearing. If you’re curious about what makes Big Stony Petrel Island so special, read on to find out!


Big Stony Petrel Island



Big Stony Petrel Island is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and was first discovered by Europeans in 1602. At that time, it was known as Juan Fernandez Island because explorer Ferdinand Magellan happened to spot it while he was traveling through the area.

As more people started sailing through this part of the world, they began exploring and naming various islands around them.

In 1775, Big Stony Petrel Island became famous to the world when Captain Cook spotted a large colony of Big Stony Petrels on it.

He described its appearance as many islands, peopled by immense flocks of petrels that made their nests in great numbers and fed upon countless fish which they expelled from their stomachs into the water.” Due to this description alone, everyone knew at that time how rich were these birds’ diets.



Big Stony Petrel Island has a temperate climate that is characterized by mild temperatures and plentiful rainfall. In fact, Big Stony Petrel Island receives almost two hundred inches of rain annually!

This heavy rainfall makes for lush vegetation and plenty of fresh water sources which the petrels depend on to survive. Big Stony Petrels are renowned for their ability to adapt quickly and find sources of food all throughout the region.

For example, some colonies can survive on almost any type or size of fish even if it is only one species in existence at the time!



Big Stony Petrels are incredibly social and intelligent birds. Researchers have found that the reproductive success of a colony is almost completely dependent on how well it can communicate with other colonies of Big Stony Petrels nearby!

In fact, one person’s petrel may very well end up as another sea bird’s property purely by accident without any signs of aggression whatsoever.



The culture of the Big Stony Petrels is one that is deeply connected to their environment. They are known for being very conservation-oriented and have been working hard to protect their natural resources for generations.

For example, they have successfully lobbied governments not to build any new roads or settlements near their colonies in order to help preserve them as a fragile ecosystem!

Government Services

Government services

Today, the Big Stony Petrels are classified as a vulnerable species and receive substantial conservation support from many governments around the world.

In addition to this financial support, researchers continue to study these birds in order to better understand their natural behavior and ecology so that we can help preserve them for future generations!

Due to the society and ecological issues these birds face, you can help support this proud species by participating in a colony conservation program like BPBASM (Bird Protection Through Bird Attitudes for Sustainability).



Sadly, the Big Stony Petrels face a number of challenges in their natural habitat that can negatively impact tourism growth. For example, these birds are very territorial and often clash with other sea bird colonies near their habitats.

This can lead to decreased visitor traffic as people fear potential confrontations or get discouraged from visiting because it is too difficult to get close to the colonies.



One of the main ways that tourism can impact sea bird colonies is by negatively impacting their transport. For example, if there are increased shipping and wind farm projects in close proximity to a colony, this could make it difficult for these birds to get access to food and shelter.

This would ultimately lead to declining populations as the birds become increasingly susceptible to disease or predators.



Thankfully, the Big Stony Petrel is not yet extinct and you can help support their conservation by eating some of their delicious seafood! These birds are known for hunting in shallow waters nearshore, so they typically consume a wide variety of prey including fish, seabirds, squid and crabs.

Different regions of their range do have different food preferences, but they are typically considered a pelagic species and mostly eat fish during the winter months.



The Big Stony Petrel is a very important bird for both conservation and tourism. Their territorial behavior, strong hunting ability and interesting flight patterns make them an exciting tourist attraction.

Additionally, their food choices are varied and delicious, so you can help support their conservation by eating some of their seafood on your next trip!

It’s worth spending a bit of time watching the Big Stony Petrels so you can see their intriguing behavior and even witness one take flight!


Few people know about Big Stony Petrel Island. Set in the middle of the Great Lakes, it is a place where wildlife flourishes and so does nature-loving tourism. You can visit the island to see the pretty seabirds, such as the Big Stony Petrels, or to take a walk on its shores.

The island is also home to many different types of trees and plants, which provide shade and beauty to its surroundings.


What Is Big Stony Petrel Island?

Big Stony Petrel Island is a small, uninhabited island that lies off the coast of Michigan in the Great Lakes. It’s known for its beautiful scenery and abundant amounts of fresh water. The island also has several interesting bird species, including Big Stony Petrels, which are quickly disappearing due to human activity.

How Big Is Big Stony Petrel Island?

The island is approximately 150 acres in size.  It’s Australia sized, but feels more like the Caribbean of America!

Is Big Stony Petrel Island Appropriate For Children?

There are no buildings on this island, there aren’t even any roads or paths – so it would be very hard to let a child fall into water as they only have small puddles off the beaten path if you decide to go near them. However I think your child would love to take a walk along the two lovely sandy beaches, which are also ideal for kids.

Is Big Stony Petrel Island Safe? Will I Be Scared There?

Big Stony Petrel Island is very safe and appropriate for people of all ages and has no risk of injury or even loss; moreover it’s cleanest island in Michigan! It feels like stepping on an exquisite little bed-in-a park. You ‘re on a backwater island, so doesn’t get any bumpier than that!

Is Big Stony Petrel Island Expensive?

Big Stony Petrel Island is extremely cheap – enough said. It’s $12 per person each day and not only are you essentially paying for the boat ride over but also the free guided tour they provide: ie it’s super value (and great fun).

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